My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



16. Chapter 16

  The movie loaded on the screen. I sat on the couch with a bowl of green grapes and decafinated green tea. Only thing that I could think about was what Niall told me. I couldn't belive it. I have a choice! I already know what I'm going to do when it comes down to deciding. I do not want to be a monster who feeds on innosent people. I will not make others miserable by kidnapping, taking them away from their loved ones. Who ever came up with this system obviously did not have a drop of feeling in their whole being. It made me sick to my stomach thinking about someone doing such a thing.

  "What are you watching?" Liam asked, breaking my out of a trance.

   "A movie." I replied.

  My heart pounded in my chest. I had forgotten how handsome Liam really was. His smile was perfect with blinding white teeth that light up the room. Even though he had just finished workout out, the smell of his collogne filled my nose. He was wearing gray sweats and a purple t-shirt.

  "Mind if I join you?" he asked politely.

  "No, not at all."


  He slipped off his tennis shoes and placed them on the bottom of the stairs.

  "I'm waiting for Niall. He is taking a shower."  I said.

  Liam plopped down on the couch next to me. He grabbed a handful of my cheese its and ate them.

  "How was your workout?"  I asked.

  Alrighty Gabs, try to act normal.

  "It was okay. Niall almost dropped a 60 lbs kettle bell on my foot."

   The movie was loaded and on the main menu screen. The same old annoying little tune that they always have to add was playing repetedly.

  "Are you going to press play?"  he asked.

  "No. Shouldn't we wait for Niall?"

  "Oh yea, forgot about him." he laughs. "Um.. so Gabriele?"


  My pounding heart accelerated in my chest. We make instant eye contact. His chocolate brown eyes were warm and kind. I controlled my breathing to a slow rythm.

  "Can I see your neck for a second?"

  My heart drops to the pit of my stomach. Did he seriously just ask that?"
  "I'm hungry. I ran out of my bag for the day."

  "Oh. Sure."

  Since my hair was already braided back, there was no need to do anything else except scoot over. Our thighs grazed, my heart  pounded like a drum from nervousness and fear. I knew he wouldn't hurt me like Harry did, but this was still scary.

  I leaned my head to the right, exposing my pale neck. He places his cold and clamy hand on the back of my hand with the other one placed firmly on the middle part of my back. Out of the corner of my eye I watch as the beautiful brown eyes of his turn a dark, nasty and angry shade of black. White fangs from from his pink gums with extra sharpness at the end of each tooth. They defenitely look sharper and larger in size compared to Niall's, or even Harry's. The pain was going to be worse, my gut told me so.

  He leaned in, piercing my neck with his razor sharp fangs. I winced slightly as the tingles of pain shot down my neck into my shoulders and upper back. All I wanted to do was pull away. If I hadn't known what a nice guy Liam was and that he was only feeding, I would punch him right inbettween his legs. He wouldn't do this to hurt me. He had to do this to survive.

   A couple minutes later, the presure was let off. He licked the remaining blood with his warm and slimy tounge. It left me feeling disgusted and sick to my stomach, causing me to gag silently. It is going to take me awhile to get use to this.

  "Thank you." he whispered.

  His face expression showed that he cared about how I was feeling. Did he know what it was like to be feed on? About how much pain it took just to be feed upon?

  "That's what I'm here for." I whispered back.  "How bad does it look?"

  He examined my neck. He grabbed a tissue and pressed it gently onto the marks.

  "It doesn't look as bad as it could. I'll go get Zayn for you."


  Liam left the room. He returned quickly with Zayn. He healed up the bite marks as he did before. He told us he was going out with friends and left shortly. Liam left me and went upstairs to take a shower. I was left again in the livingroom, weak and exhausted, all by myself.

   I grabbed a blue blanket and cuddled back onto the couch. I propped up some pillows to rest my head on until Niall came. My head started to pound with pressure. The annoying tune from the tv was only making it worse so I muted it. I pulled my legs up to my chest for comfort. I closed my eyes only for a moment, thinking about the possible future in this house.

  I woke up to the sound of a knock on my bedroom door. I felt the sun glazing out the window, hitting my face, and I squinted my eyes slowly open.

  "I am coming in." A male voice chirped.


  "Wake up sleeping beauty."

  "No. It is to early to get up." I mumbled. I flew the comforter over my head to block out the sun.

  The person laughed. " It is already noon, I think it is about time to get up."

  I pushed the blanket down to only a smidge ontop of my nose. There to awaken me sat Niall sitting in my bubble chair as his legs hung carelessly off the side. His hair was brushed down and pushed to the side, giving him the "skater boy" look. He wore a navy blue hoode and tan cargo shorts. On his feet were a pair of mens mocassins and black ankle socks.

  "What are you dressed for?" I asked.

  "I was going to go to an event today. I was wondering if you wanted to tag a long besides staying at the house by yourself."

  I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, stretched into a star fish and sat up. What if someone saw me? What are we doing? What's for lunch?

  "Are you picking up something?" My brian was slowly functioning again..

  "Nah, not really. I just wanted to get out of the house on a gorgeous day like this. It will only take us a few hours. We will pick up lunch while we are there, I know you have got to be hungry."

  "What is someone recognizes me?"

  "Oh yea.. Hmm," he sat in thought for a moment. "I've got it!" he snapped his fingers. "I've got some sunglasses you can wear."

  "Is it like a carnival or something?"

  "More like, a bunch of local shops getting together to sell product and advertise. My mother use to take me with her when I was little. I always had fun, she would buy me homemade ice cream and then yell at me for getting it all over my clothes."

  My friend Lilly's mom sold homemade soaps and she would always drag me along to keep her company. I wonder if she'd be there.

  "Let me get ready."

  A smile grew on his face.

  "I'll meet you downstairs." he hopped out of the bubble chair and left.

  I huffed out air. I wanted to go back to sleep so bad. Why can't I just be a hermit for the next couple of days?

    Sprawling out of bed and making my way to the bathroom, I dragged on like a zombie. After my business was done, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Picking out my outfit I grabbed a pair of blue jean capris, and a pink hoodie. My hair was out of its braid. I gently wove my fingers through the soft, coconut scented waves and walked out of my room. When I got downstairs, Niall was munching on an apple and watching a soccer game.

  "I'm ready."  I shouted.

  He flicked his head towards my direction. "Grab a snack before we go."

  I went to the kitchen and grabbed a Greek yogurt protein bar.

  "You want one?"

  "Sure, toss it."

  I threw it up in the air and it plopped into Niall's palms. As we both opened them we walked out to the back porch, locking the door behind us. I didn't think someone like Niall would drive a jeep, but I guess I didn't know him well enough either. My hand reached out for the handle but he stepped from behind me and put his hand on the handle before I could.

  "Let me get that for you." he insisted.

  Oh my, what a perfect gentlemen he was.

  "Thank you." I smiled sweetly

   He opened the door without taking his eyes off me as I hoped into the passenger seat. He shut the door and jogged to his side. When he got in, I noticed that his skin was turning a light pinkish color, his eyes squinted almost completely shut.

  "Are you okay?" I asked.

  His skin didn't look to well. I've heard all of the rumors of how vampires can't be in the sun, what is he going to do? Blow up? Sizzle like a piece of bacon on a burning skillet? Melt like a snowman of a sunny day? Sparkle?

  "There are two pairs of sunglasses in the glove box. Can you please hand me the one with reflectors?" tension in his voice told me to be quick about it.

I opened up the box. Sure enough there they laid on piles of straw rappers and important papers, one with reflectors, one without. He snatched them from my hand with the speed of lightning and put them over his blood shot eyes.

  "Oh wow, that feels so much better." he sighed with relief. "Sorry about that. Eyes are sensitive to the sunlight, can't be without these babies for long."

  The car was put in ignition and we rolled out the long driveway. Once we got to the road, Niall turn on the radio. Loud and ear blasting noise came through the speakers. The car vibrated as the bass went through my body, I could feel it in my chest. I liked when you could feel the bass under your hands while jamming out in the car. Imagination made it seem like I was in the music video with the artist.

  I looked outside the window. Today was a cool and sunny day, one would be stupid to spend it inside. We passed medium sized houses with lawn ornaments planted into the ground. A shirtless old man was mowing his lawn only wearing jeans and tennis shoes, sweat dripped onto his hairy chest down onto his beer guy. Next house there were ladies in large straw sun hats tending to their gardens and pulling out pesky weeds. Today was a perfect day to be outside. My grandmother and I use to sit on her front porch on days like these. I would always bring a new book from my bookshelf or the local library I visited constantly in my free time. My favorite place to sit would be the large rope hammock she got from a garage sale. Ny grandma would knit her next winter sweater, humming a silly old tune and rocking in her rocking chair. Memories like those saddened me know. I don't know when I would see her again. Or go over to bake cookies and make strawberry lemonade for her women's book club hosted in the family room each month. Or read old books from the shelf she had collected over the years.

I missed her already.

  "What are you thinking about there?" Niall spoke.

  I didn't notice the radio was turned off and jumped in my seat belt.

  "Nothing." I replied, looking away from the window

  "It doesn't seem like nothing. Tell me love, what bothering ya?"

  "It is nothing really. I'm just thinking about random things."

  I used this theory a lot while day dreaming in class. Works like a charm.

  "Alright. Whatever ya say. Do you have any ideas for dinner?"

  "It doesn't matter to me."

  He huffed in annoyance. For awhile we sat in silence until he turned on the radio and the car started to vibrate.

  About twenty minutes later, we were parked and unbuckling our seat belts. From what I could see, we parked inform of a small brown house. The street were lined with parked cars as people walked with their families to the area of set up both about a block away. Niall jangles his keys, lockes the car, and joins me as I waited behind the vehicle. The air smelled of hamburgers and barbeque. My tummy rumbled loudly, I guess the grandola bar wasn't enough.

  "Looks like someone is hungry. The food smell amazing, doesn't it? Lets go get some." Niall suggested.

  "When I came here with my friend, we always got brats and sourcraut with fresh squeezed lemonade. I would really like to have that again, if its okay?" I asked.

  "If that is what you want. Do you mind walking around and look at the shops after?"

  "No, not at all. I think it is fun finding cool things that people make."

  "Yea, it is always fun."

  We walked to the side walk on the street and down to the enterance. People crowded around tents and booths with their dogs and strollers, children held homemade ice cream cones in their hands. Young adult couples walked together, holding hands and laughing at eachother. A local jazz band played music in the center of the park. Shade of the green trees kept the sun from burning our skin. Niall lead the way through the crowds of people. I staggered behind, glancing at the neat items that were on display. The food vendors were now in our view. Lines stood in a row at every truck or stand, thankfully none were too long.

  "I have an idea." Niall chirped. "Let's divide and concure. I will get the food while you get the drinks. Here is a 10." he handed me the money out of his wallet.

  "What do you want to drink?"

  "Whatever you get is fine."

  "Pink or yellow?"

  "Yellow. Extra sugar."


  I skipped to the line for the homemade lemonade, shoving the green bill in my back pocket. Infront of me was a young girl, seem to be my age. Her hair was braided back and a purse layed on her sholders. I know exactly who was standing infront of me just by the braclet she wore on her left wrist, I got it for her for Christmas. Who stood infront of me was my best friend.

  She turned around. The sun reflected off her blue-green eyes, they sparkled in the sunlight. She took a quick glance at my face then turned around. Not long after though her head whipped back as fast as a bullet. Her eyes widened and her perfectly strait toothed smile looked at me with hope.

  "Gabriele!? Is that you?" she excitedly asked.

  Yes Lilly! It is me! I am here with a vampire who is keeping me captive! Let me go home with you!

   "I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong person. My name is Lauren." My words killed me on the inside.

  "Oh," she frowned. "I'm sorry. I thought you were a friend of mine."

  "It's okay, I've done the same thing multiple times." I laughed.

  She said nothing more, but the disappointed expression on her face expressed words only a friend could understand. She was upset and let down. I know I would feel the same if I never got the say goodbye to my best friend.

  Oh wait. That's right. I didn't.

  The line kept moving forward until Lilly got her lemonade with extra sugar. Just how she likes it. I watched as she walked away with her drink. The pain ate away my insides.

  "I can help who is next." said the middle aged woman.

  After I got two glasses of yellow lemonade, one with extra sugar for Niall, I stepped out of line. Looking around the area, I found Niall sitting at park bench under a shady tree, talking on his cell phone. When I got cose enough to hear his converstation, I listened carefully and sat down.

  "Yea. Okay, I can do that. Talk to you later." Niall said to the phone and hung up.

  "Who was that?"


  "What did he want?"

  "He wanted a ride home after work."


  We gave each other their food, but before he could take his lemonade, I took a huge sip. The extra sugar made it extremely sweet, but delicious.

 "Uh excuse me, but that is mine." he said.

  "Oops. I was thirsty." I giggled.

  A devious smirk grew on his lips. He took a bite out of my brat, leaving me only 3/4 of it. Sauerkraut fell on his pants.

  "Hey! Leave me some Niall!" I yelled.

  "Oops. I was hungry." he mocked.

  "Butt-face." I called him as he ate fallen toppings off his pants.

  "Whatever." he mumbled, mouth full of food.

  After eating lunch, we decided to walk around and look at the vendors. We stopped after a while and to taste a sample of roasted almonds. They were delicious. Brown sugar and salt dissolved in our mouths, leaving our sweet and salty tooth wanting more. Each of us got our own bag and walked away happily. I finished mine in less than 10 minutes.

  Niall stopped to look at guitar accessories while I checked out strange looking home-herbal remedies. The smell of natural plants and spices was over-powering, but almost in a good way. An elderly lady explained to me how a "Cold-be-gone" tea was created and gave me a small sample. It tasted like peaches and citrus fruits with honey. I clustered my own bag, buying it with the left over money that was buried in my back pocket.

  "Thank you. Have a good day." I told the kind-hearted lady.

  "You are very welcome deary. Enjoy your tea! If you run out, please visit us." She handed me a business card with her wrinkly, but shiny hands.

  "I will do. Goodbye!" I smiled and stuck the card in the paper sack.

  "Did you find anything interesting?" He asked.

  "Yea, I got some "Cold-be-gone" tea. Allergy season is coming up so I hope this works. What about you?"

  "I got an Irish flag guitar strap."

  We continued walking down the path, dodging little kids and large dogs.

  "It is very nice, suits you well."

  "Thanks, I like it a lot too." he shoved it back into a paper sack. "If you find anything else you'd like, just let me know."

  Two hours rolled by, 3:07 appeared on the enormous clock in an old community center building. I got only a few things. A small purse covered in a white lace, the bag of tea, homemade trail mix (that I knew would be munched on for a couple of days), and a painting of the milky way galaxy. Niall had purchased a new brown belt, another pair of reflective sunglasses, coffee beans, a fleece blanket for winter, and a huge bag of kettle corn.

  "You ready to go?" He asked.

  "Yea, I'm pooped."

  We threw everything into the trunk.

  "Did you enjoy your day?"

  "Yes, it was very fun. Did you get everything you wanted?" I queried.

  "Yep. Plus more."

  "My friend was at the line for the lemonade."

  His muscles tensed.

  "All she said was I looked like her friend. Don't worry, I was "Lauren".

  He sighed with relief. "I know it is hard Gabriele, but it will get easier as time goes on." he said as we hopped into the car.


  "Definitely. I remember once I went to the drugstore to buy a candy bar. It was about 10 years after I was turned. Word was I ran away from home after a nasty argument with my mother. A good friend of mine in school was picking up his medicine at the same time. Even though he was older with facil hair, I knew who it was. He turned and looked at me and told me I looked like a splitting image of his buddy in school. I really wanted to tell him it was me, but I knew it wasnt an option. The weird part was, his girlfriend was the exact same girl I took to a spring dance. She told me she didn't even like to be near Samuel because of his ridiculous haircut. Obviously she changed her mind." he laughed at the memory. "Oh my was that one awful haircut."

  Niall phone rang like a banshee on alert. He dug through is pocket and pulled out his phone.

  "It's Harry. Answer it and tell him I'm busy driving."

  I pressed answer.



  "No, guess again."

  "Where is Niall?"


  "Are you guys on your way?"
  Niall nodded his head.

  "Yes. We will be there soon."

  "Good. I'm starving." his voice went devious.

  "Goodbye Harry."

  I threw the phone into the cup holder. I felt as if I were going throw up all over the car. I wanted to hide in a box, have myself shipped off to another country to never be seen again.

  Luckily we arrived 45 minutes later in the parking lot.  People had their dogs clipped on leashes walking in and out of the store. As the doors swung open, we saw little kids jump in excitment with their new fish in a bag. Parents told them to be careful not to kill the poor guy. A little girl in piggy tails and ribbons was admiring at the adorable kittens in awe, love for each one shined in her hazel eyes.

  "I can't stand the smell of this place." Niall said in disgust.

  The air smelled of padding and animal feed.

  "Just deal with it. Be thankful we aren't at a farm." I rolled my eyes. "Where is Harry anyway?"

  "He works in the fish department, I think."

  He works with an animal just like him. No feeling or emotion. His boss made a smart choice.

  We walked though an isle of smelly reptiles to the aquarium section. Dozens of different types of fish were displayed in large tanks along the wall, each of them having their own unique color and design. I crouched down in awe at the beautiful school of orange gold fish as they swam to eat bits of fish food. Niall crouched down next to me a few seconds later.

  "Do you want one?"

  "No." I shook my head. "Last time I got a gold fish, it only lived for 3 days."

  He started to laugh. Why did his laugh have to be so cute?

  "Do you two need help finding anything?"

  We turned out heads to an older lady with oval shaped glasses.

  "Uh, yes. Do you know where Harry Styles is?" Niall asked.

  "Curly hair lad?" Her eyebrow arched.

  "That would be him."

  "He is in the back. I will let him know you are looking for him."

  "Thank you." Niall said.

  She left us with a smile and wobbled off.

  "Can we go look at the puppies?" I asked.


  The puppies barked and yelped when they saw us approaching the cages. Their nails scratched on the wire doors, begging to be set free. A little boy with his mother were talking to a small beagle a few cages over.

  "Do you want a puppy?" Niall whispered.

  I was drown back by the question. No one has even offered to buy me an animal before.

  "No, not today." I said. "Thanks anyway."

  "You know you can get anything you want, right? It is part of the," he glanced quickly to the mother and boy. "you know.."

  " I know." I whispered. My attention was focused on a baby husky, eyes bluer than a summer sky, as it howled for release.

  "Let's go before I am tempted to buy one of these adorable guys." I said, smiling at the puppy.

  Niall placed his hand above my waist as we walked out. Why he did that, I had no clue. Here came Harry walking towards us, pushing his bushy curly out of his face.

  "Hey man, you ready to go?" Niall asked.

  "Yea man, I am starving." Harry winked and licked his lips.

  "Let's go." I snapped.

  Niall never released his grip as we walked to the car. Sun sunk low in the horizon for the beginning of a late spring sunset, my face soaked up its warmth as it went deep into my skin. Only sound around was passing cars on the highway and Harry complaining.

  "Oh my lord, I forgot my sunglasses again. Why is the blasting sun so bright? My eyes are burning mate." He says to Niall."

  "Oh calm down. I have an extra pair in the car." Niall squeezed my side.

  "You can have mine, I actually enjoy the sun." I handed them over.


  The car ride home was long and boring. Harry and Niall talked about some soccer match they wanted to go see. I had to sit in the back middle seat so no one could look at the window and possibly recognize me. My focus was merely on my chipping orange nail polish that was getting all over the floor. I wonder if they brought my nail polish to my room?

  All of the sudden, my stomach rumbled.

  "What are we having for dinner?"

  "How does stuffed peppers sound?"
  "I have never had stuffed peppers before, are they good?"

  "Yes! Especially Niall's peppers, they are delicous!" Harry chimed.

  "That is fine with me." I said.

  A few minutes later we pulled into the driveway, just in front of the sidewalk. I got out of the vehicle and walked to the truck to grab my things.

  "Where did you get all of this stuff?"  Harry asked.

  I looked over. I took this as an opportunity to take a good closer look. He wasn't as tall as I thought, plus he was extremely skinny. Almost unhealthily skinny. His shirt sleeves were long on the arms, his beige pants big through out the legs. I couldn't see his face clearly, the sun setting behind him, but I knew his green eyes were still full of hatred and evil.

  "Niall and I went to a craft fair today."


  Harry walked away to catch up with Niall. He ran up and slammed his arms on Niall's shoulder and gave it a small shove.

  "I guess I'll take in everything then, thanks guys."

  I grabbed two handfuls of paper bags, but then noticed I was in a delima. I didn't want to set down the heavy bags to close the trunk door. I guess a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

  "Oh ma'am, let me get that for you!"

An unknown voice startled the socks of my feet. A young boy with auburn hair came up and shut the trunk door.

  "Oh," I said surpirsed. "Thank you so much."

  He straitened up. He was a few inches taller than I, with hazel green eyes and pitter pattered freckles on his nose and upper cheeks. He was defenitely a handsome I'll tell you that.

  "You looked like you needed some help." he smiled. He had a silver retainer over strait teeth.

  "Yes, I did. They just let me grab everything myself, you would think I had extra arms or something."

  Oh my goodness, that was lamer than lame. Mentally I was slapping myself in the forehead.

  He chuckled a bit. "I haven't seen you around here before. Are you a family member of Louis's. Not to be nosy or anything, just curious."

  Oh crap. Should I tell him? No, of coarse not. Don't be an idiot. He seems to know Louis so I guess he is okay.

  "Oh no, you are fine, I am actually Louis's sister. My parents are on a business thing so I am staying with him for awhile. You know Louis?"

  "I live next door in that light purple house,"

  He pointed behind my back. I turn around and there, like he said, was a light purple house. The soft color reminded me of Easter and spring flowers.

  "I mow his grass, and everyone else's on this block."

  "Ah, that is nice. I guess I will be seeing you more often then."

  He nodded his head. "Probably."

  The bags in my arms started to slip.

  "Let me get those for you." he insisted.

  He took them out of my arms, carrying them with no problem. We walked to the back door, chatting away.

  "What is your name?" I asked.

  "Malcolm. Yours?"


  "I have a dog named Lauren."

  "What kind is she?"

  "She is a Jack Russel terrier, I think."

  As we turned at the corner of the house, Niall open the door and stepped outside with a lighter in hand. He caught sight of us and stopped.

  "Hey Niall." Malcolm said.

  "Hello Malcolm. I see you have meet Ga- Lauren." he corrected himself.

  "He helped me bring in the bags since a certain someone ." I looked at him with a stern look.

  "Oh, well thank you Malcolm, just put them on the counter."

  Malcolm walked inside, I followed behind. Harry was searching in the fridge for his blood bag, no doubt about it.

  "Hello Harry." said Malcolm.

  Harry looked over his shoulder. "Hey Malcolm, what is going on?"

  "Nothing really. I've been busy with school and things, what about you?"

  Looks like they are already buddy-buddy.

  "Ehh, the usual. Work, hanging out with the girlfriend, sleep," he chuckled. "Are you staying for dinner?"

  "Nah, mom is making tuna casserole," he sighed.  "Don't be surprised if you see an ambulance in about an hour."

  I laughed to myself.

  "Alrighty man. We have to hang out sometime dude! Shoot me a text or something when you are free." Harry said.

  "Will do Harry. See ya later man." Malcolm nodded his head and turned to me. "It was nice to meet you Lauren. I'll see you around."

  "See you soon."

   With that he turned and walked out the door.

  "Flirt much?" Harry snorted.

  "What the heck do you mean? I was not flirting."

  "Oh really?" He tilted his head. " I could hear it all the way from the sidewalk."

  "Well, I don't know what you were hearing, but I was not flirting." I stampered.

  "Whatever you say. He has a girlfriend anyway, so I wouldn't try anything."

  "Wasn't planing on it. Just drink your blood bag."

  I picked up the bags from the counter and took them upstairs. I walked into Niall's room and dropped his things on his desk. After I took my things to my room, I closed the doors and walked back downstairs. In the kitchen was Niall de-seeding bell peppers and Harry cooking hamburger meat and what looked like rice.

  "Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked.

  "You can start making some lemonade. The pitcher is under the silverware and the sugar is in the pantry." Niall pointed to the shelves with his knife.

  "Don't get lost." Harry added.

  I ignored his and got to work.

  It was about 6:00 when dinner was ready and the table was set. We dished ourselves while the sun's rays shined through the leaves of the trees'.

  I decided to start the conversation. "Does Malcolm come around often?"

  "Other than shoveling snow or mowing grass, he comes around every so often so just have dude time. Since it is only him and his mom and two sisters, we don't mind." Harry said.

  "How old are his sisters?"

  "One is 4 and the other I think is 7." Niall answered.

  "What happened to his father?"

  Niall swallowed down his strawberry lemonade before answering. "He fell off a boat while drunk at a party last summer. Sadly, he didn't know how to swim and no one could revive him quick enough."

  A moment of silence was honored to his loss.

  "That is sad." I frowned.

  "He was a very funny man, Malcolm is a splitting image of his father," Harry added. "His mom did not take it well at all. They use to come over every Sunday with some type of fruit salad, but after his death, she just stopped. I haven't seen her much since the accident."

  I had an idea. "Maybe we should invite her over sometime, you know, for a barbeque or something. Summer is just around the corner. It would be perfect."

  Niall hesitated. "Maybe."

  We finished dinner, leaving me to wash dishes and clean the kitchen. While I washed dishes, I thought about Malcolm and his family. I had never lost a family member who was that close to me before, and couldn't imagine the pain and sorrow they must have gone through.

  The rest of the night I hung out in my room. Niall came in to say goodnight.

  Knock Knock

  "It's open!" I called from the window seat.

  I didn't look up. I was deep into my book and didn't want to lose my spot.

  "It's me." said Niall.

  "Hey me."

  "What are you reading?"

  "A book," I flipped the page and placed in a bookmark.  "What are you doing?"

  "Just checking on ya." he said, shrugging his sholders.

  "Oh, okay. Well, I'm just chilling."

  He laughed. "Did you have fun today?"


  "And the stuffed bell peppers?"

  "They were delicious. You are a really good cook Niall."

  He blushed. "Thank you Gabriele."

  "I will have to cook breakfast sometime. Homemade waffles are my specialty." I said.

  "Sounds good. We should have everything for it, and if not, we can go to the store."

  "Niall," I looked deep into his eyes. "Can I ask you a question?"


  "When will I get my phone back?"

  He seemed relieved that I didn't ask him a harder question. He laughed, walking over and sitting down next to me.

  "Soon. Just be patient."

  "I am not a very patient person." I said.

  "Well, practice makes perfect. If you don't try to do anything stupid, like run away or punch Harry in the face, you might get in sooner." he nodded his head.

  "I guess I can do that."

  "Good. Now," he placed his hand on my knee. "Get some rest."

  "Ugh, fine." I picked up my book. "But first, I am going to finish this book. It has taken me months to get this far."

  He laughed. "Alrighty. Well, Goodnight."

  He left, shutting the door behind him. While I was reading, or at least trying to, I heard soft strumming off a guitar through the wall. My eyes started to feel heavy and started to droop. I fell soundly to sleep with my book open against my chest.


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