My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



15. Chapter 15

  I couldn't believe what I had just seen, I thought Niall compelled my mom! I remembered that my dad was on a business trip in France, he will probably be freaking out by now since Mom probably called him. Now everyone who watches the news will be worried abou me. My friends will be confused about where I am really am. I'm suppose to me at my aunts house! Oh goodness, what am I going to do?

  I thought long and hard about what I could do to fix this. After awhile of thinking, a lightbulb flashed on in my head. I remember a very important detail about my mother. 

 "Does anyone have a phone I could use?" I asked politely.

 They all looked at me as if I were going crazy.

  "You want to make phone call at a time like this?" Liam asked, waving his hands around representing the situation.

  "I know it might sound crazy, but it's my mom, she has short term memory loss. She got it when she was in a car accident long before I was born. Sadly, it's gotten worse and she can't even remember what she had for dinner the day before." 

  "But, I compelled her, how could she magically forget if she has been mind controlled?" Niall asked, thumping his head with his index finger.

  "Even though someone could have told her something or even hypnotized her, she is still going to forget what you said." I informed them.

  They looked at me as if I were crazy, except for Zayn, he nodded his head in agreement. Maybe he knows something about it.

  "She must have freaked out when she saw that all of my stuff was gone and called the cops. They would have obviously reported me missing. If I remind her of what is going on, she will remember. I will tell her that she send me to my aunt's house with all of my stuff and everything will be okay."

  "Are you sure this will work?" Niall asked.

  "Trust me. One time my mom told me I could go to a football game after school. She totally forgot where I was and tried to call me but my phone had died, and my dad wasn't home so she started freaking out and called the cops. They came to the football game while I was hanging out with some friends and they took me to the station for questioning and to meet my mom. When I retold her where I was, somehow she magically remembered and had to apologize to the police men for the inconvenience. Lets just say a bunch of rumors flew around the school about me getting introuble for drugs or something and I couldn't live down the embarrassment until a month later. Some boy drove his car into a pole in the school parking lot and all of the attention went to him thank goodness."

  "Okay, only if you say so." Louis said. "You can use my phone."

  He handed over his iPhone. I thanked him, then dialed my moms cell and pressed the green call button.

  Ring...  Ring.... Ri-

  "Hello?" My mothers voice was on the other line.

  "Hey mom, its me." I spoke softly.

  "Gabriele?! Is that really you sweetheart?!" She yelled, making me pull the phone away from my ear for a second as I tried to figure out how to turn the volume down.

  "Yes Mom, it's me."

  "Oh sweetheart! Where are you? I went into your room and all of your stuff was gone! I tried calling your phone but it was turned off. I called the police and they are out looking for you! When will you be coming home? Who are you with?" She mumbled on and on.

  "Mom! Mom! Calm down! I know the police are looking for me, I just got a call from my friend telling me that I was on the tv as missing. Mom, you must have forgot, you sent me to Aunt Rachel's house for the year since you and dad are traveling a lot for work. Remember?"

  There was a silence on the phone, all I could hear was a pen tapping in the background. All of the boys were looking at me, waiting to hear my moms answer.

  "Oh! I remember now! Oh honey, I'm so sorry! I better call the police and let them know of the misunderstanding." She said, we all exhale as a side of relief.

  It didn't feel very good to lie to my mom, I felt yucky and gross inside. I really just wanted to tell her I'm coming home soon. I missed her so much, it was killing me on the inside. I almost started to choke up but I decided to suck it up and be good for my mom.

  "Hey mom?" I asked quietly.

  "Yes Gabriele?"

  "I won't be able to call as often as I would like. I'm in town and aunt Rachel's phone doesn't work very well. She doesn't like to come often because of traffic."

  "Oh I understand sweetie, its okay. Just call as soon as you can, I would love to hear about everything you do!"

  "Bye Mom, I love you." I said, my lip quivers a little bit.

  "I love you too. Have a good time with Aunt Rachel! I will tell your father that you called. He loves you too."

  "Alright Mom, Bye."


  I hung up the phone. I pulled it away from my ear and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath to cool down. Don't cry Gabriele, don't cry.

  "You might want to save the number incase she tries to call again." I told Louis, opening my eyes.

  "Will do." I placed the phone in his hand.

  "Well, that fixed everything. We still need to keep her inside until they take that off the news. We don't need anyone calling the cops on us." Liam suggested.

  "That sound like a good idea." Niall agreed.

  "I hope no one from the restaurant recognizes me." I said, walking from the door way to the bottom of the stairs, sitting down and leaning my back against the wall.

  "Nah, I wouldn't worry about anything Gabs." Niall says, walking over to sit next to me.

  "I hope so."

  I really hope that everyone knows I am okay. I just can't really belive that my mom actually  thought I was at my Aunt Rachel's. She lives in Chicago with her idiotic boyfriend and his dog. I hope she doesn't call her to make sure I was okay, or how to figure out how to actually use a cell phone. That woman was confused as a blind man in a maze when it came to technology.

  "If everything is okay now, I'm goig to go to the gym." Liam said, getting up from the couch.

  "Oh man, let me join you!" Zayn said.

  'Sure man, anyone else want to join?"

  "Oh me! I'm loosing shape in my arms, might as well go." Niall poked his arm, pretending it was all mush.

  I thought his arms were perfectly fine, but a little working out didn't hurt anyone.

  I started to daze off and imagining what it would it would look like for him to work out. I smiled at the thought of him lifting a heavy weight, every muscle in his arm flexing nicely with every move, sweat dripping down his face, his calf muscles flexing to full force as he did squats. Man I would love to watch that. But Liam's muschles, man, he is even more riped then Niall, one could only imagine- 

  "Gabriele!? Hello?" Niall was snapping his fingers right in front of my nose.

  "Yea- what?" I said as I drifted out of my gaze.

  "Where did you go?" Niall laughed.

  "No where, I've been siting here."

  "Alright smart alec." Niall shook his head. " We were just asking if it would be okay if we left you here alone?"

  "Oh yea, I'll be okay." I nooded my head.

  "Cool." Liam said. "Come on boys, go change and we will go."

  "How long will you be gone for?" I curiously asked. I remembered that Harry was probably going to be back while they were gone, which I was worried about.

  "About an hour or two. Don't worry, we won't be long." Liam assured me.

  "I have a question though." I said. " If you guys have vampire strength, then why do you work out?"

   "That is a very good question. We might have vampire strength, but we still are in the form of humans. Our muscles need to look as if they were human muscles so it won't look suspicious when we pick up heavy objects. A little guy like Niall here with noodles arms cant just pick up a 500 pound bolder or throw someone out a window Harry's size without it looking suspicious, don't you think?" Liam explained.

  "Hey man, I'm not little!" Niall exclaimed.

  "Alright spaghetti arms, whatever you say." Liam said.

  I laughed. "Okay, I get it now." I giggled.

  Louis started to talk. "And for the whole "vampires don't sleep" thing, that rumor is incorrect. We are still animals, everything needs rest, everything needs food, and everything can be seen in the mirror. Your get what I'm saying?"

  "Yes." I nodded my head.

  "Go change! We leave in 10!" Liam yelled.

  Before I would get trampled, I stood up and darted for the the hall to get away from the stampeed of powerful vampire men. They all ran up the stairs, pushing and shoving eachother while laughing. Boys are weirdos.

  I went to go grab my sandwich and water bottle which I found full in the fridge. I brought them to the empty living room and sat on the floor, back up against the couch. I grab the remote off of the couch and stare at it, looking for the power button. I hear all of the boys fumble and shout down the stairs, sure enough I see them all in gray or black sweatpants with regular workout shirt that let your skin breath. Their tennis shoes looked brand new, as if they just bought them from the store, except for Liams of coarse, those were worn out. Niall was the last one, with Louis right infront of him.

  Somehow, I need to let them know that I'm afraid of Harry. Louis of coarse.

  "Hey Louis!" I called out.

  "Yes?" he looked into my eyes.

  I sent him at telepathic message. "Can you please get Niall to tell Harry to leave me alone while you are gone? I'm still a bit shake up."

  He nooded his head then tapped Niall on the shoulder. Niall looked up from his phone, raising his eyebrows. Louis whispered something in his ear. Niall looks at me, nodding his head to let me know he got the message.

  "Hey guys, I'll be right back. Does anyone know where Harry is?' Niall asked the boys.

  Liam grabbed a water bottle out of a workout bag. "He should be in the back."

  "Thanks man." Niall says then walks to the kitchen.

  Louis starts to walk over. He walks over to my right and sits down on the couch, talking above my right ear. I look over my sholder.

  "Gabriele, I know this is hard for you, leaving your family and being stuck here with a bunch of smell boys, but trust me, you will enjoy it here. I know you confused about a lot of things which is totally normal, you will learn more as time goes on." He places a hand on my shoulder. "Harry has gone over the edge a bit in the past and some things now were unnecessary , but he will eventually let off okay? I promise, we are going to have a discussion with him very soon, just keep doing what you're suppost to do and everything will go smoothly. Everything will be great."

  "Okay." I replied. "I will do the best I can." I give him an assuring smile.

  "Awesome, plese don't burn down the house while we are gone." he winked.

  I laughed. "Don't worry, I'm probably going to just watch television and finish my sandwich, I'm to lazy to be playing with matches."

  "Come on boys, lets go before everyone steels the machines!" Liam shouts through the house.

  "I'm coming!' Louis states, "I'll go get Niall."

  Before Louis could get up, out of the hallway comes Niall with Harry and Bailey holding hands.

  "Alrighty Lauren, we'll see you later." Niall calls out to me.

  "Have fun!" I shouted back, waving my hand to them.

  They all walk out the door, talking amongst themselves, leaving Harry, Bailey, and I all by ourselves.

  "Well hello there Lauren, it's nice to see you again." Bailey rudely spoke.

  "Hello." I said, pretending to be focused on the tv.

  "Hey Lauren, what are you watching on the television?" Harry asks. I could feel the devious smile on his lips with his piercing green eyes staring into my soul, send frightening chills up my spine.

  "I don't know, something on the movie channel." I said.

  I really didn't know what the heck I was watching, I just wanted them to go away. Maybe if I'm nice and pretend I care, they will leave me alone. That would be nice.

   "Do you mind if we join you?" he asked.

  Yes, please go away. "I don't care."

  "Come on babe." he said to Bailey.

  Bailey giggles annoyingly and kisses Harry on the lips. Ugg, gross, please go away and do that somewhere else. I already say you shove your tounge down his throat once, I don't want to see anymore.

  They walked to the love seat across the room, plopping down, still holding hands. He places his hand on her knee, giving it a small squeeze, causeing her to giggle again.

  "Harry stop it! That tickles!" Bailey screathed.

  Yes please stop, that laugh is so annoying. Get her and her fake nails out of here.

  Harry lets go over her knee and flings his arms behind her, pulling her in closer to his chest. He leans over, his brown curls landing on her cheeks and whispers something in her ear. She giggled again and places a hand on his shoulder, shoving him away. He was wearing a dark gray shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of  ugly "fashion statement" brown boots. She was wearing a blue blouse, white yoga pants and a pair of white sandals, with her hair curled, punned up with bobby pins. She had put on so much perfume, I could smell the field of flowers from across the room.

  Can I go throw up now?

  "G- Lauren, hand me the remote." Harry demanded.

  Yes! A perfect opportunity to leave!

  "Okay! Im going upstairs, have fun you two!" I happily cheered.

  "Um, thanks?" He confusingly said. 

  I run up the stair with my sandwich so fast I thought I was in a race with a cheetah. When I got to the top I thought of what I could do to pass the time. I decided I could clean around upstairs after I finished my sandwich.

  I was sitting in my bubble chair just thinking about random things as I take the last bite of my delicious sandwich. I clapped my hands together to wipe off the crumbs. I step out carefully, making sure that the chair didn't sway as I got out of it. I decided to start with Zayns room since I haven't looked at it very well. Luckily for me, this boy kept his room tidy.

  I was guessing they had painted his room with chalkboard paint because on a small desk there were pieces of colored chalk with drawlings on one of the walls with nothing infront of it or hanging up, just a black wall with colored chalk drawling of monsters and random objects. Since he obviously used chalk, the room was a bit dusty, but it wasn't as bad as a classroom. The rest of the walls were a ruby red, those had picture frames and artistic drawlings on it. I walked around to look at each particular drawling. I had noticed that every photo had a mini "Z" in the corner.

   I didn't want to mess any of the amazing paintings so I just glanced around one last time. I walked over and made his bed as best as possible. I picked up shirts and jeans off the floor, placing them in his laundry bin. I picked up any bits of trash and threw it away.

  When I was done, I moved on to Liam's room. I fixed his bed, threw away tracsh, and picked up all of his smelly and sweaty clothes and put it in the basket.

  I had done the same thing for the rest of the boy's room. Louis's was the worst, he had rotten food and smelly socks laying around in the weirdest of places. I cleaned all of the bathroom and vaccumed all the floors. My room was the only thing left.

  "I'll get that latter." I said outloud.

  Besides of taking a break, I decided to clean the bathroom downstairs. I walked downstairs and found Harry and Bailey cuddiling while watching amovie of the couch. Ignoring them I went to clean the bathroom from top to bottom. I walked out and looked at the clock that was hanging in the kitchen.


   The boys had been gone for almost two hours, they should be back soon.

  "Lauren! Could you come in here for a second?" Haryy shouted.


  I went to the livingroom. "How may I help you?'

  "Could you please get us some popcorn and candy? It's under the cabinet by the dishwasher." Harry asked politely, trying to show off.

  "Sure. Would you like anything else?"

  "Two sodas please," Bailey added. "Diet for me though."


  I slumply walked to the kitchen and searched the cabinets for their junk food. I found the popcorn and popped it into the microwave, pulled the bag of mixed candies, and grabbed their sodas. I brought them the candy and soda while the popcorn was getting finished.

  "Here you go, the popcorn will be out in a minute." I handed them their treats.

  "Thanks." Harry said, taking everything.

  The microwave goes off so I run back into the kitchen, grabbing a large bowl. I carefuly poured the hot and buttery popcorn into the blue pastic bowl, licking some butter an salt off my fingers.

  "Oh popcorn!" Bailey celebrated as I brought it to them.

  "It's hot be careful." I informed them.

  When they seemed happy, I walked back into the kitchen to clean up. I wash dishes and put them away, and swept and mopped the floor. While I was cleaning off the counters and island, I heard a car pull up to the drive way. Yes! They're finally home! I finished cleaning really fast and made sure the kitchen looked neat. I sit down at the island and chilled there with the front door is openend.

  "We're home!" Someone shouted.

  I turn my head to the hallway. Liam, Louis, an Niall walk into the kitchen drintched in swesat. The smell of B-O and cologne fills my nose with disgust. I gag a bit and turn my nose, sticking it into my shoulder. I turn my head back and smile at them, trying to cover my nose with my hand without being rude, but I think they noticed what I was really doing.

  "Sorry we smell Gabs, we would have taken showers there but we forgot clothes." Louis said.

  "Its okay." I pull my shirt over my nose and gag a bit.

  "I'm starving! Hand me a bag Liam." Niall pleaded.

  "Yea, me too Liam." Louis shouted.

  Liam opened the fridge and grabbed two blood bags, throwing it at them as if they were playing basketball.

  "Thanks man." Niall and Louis thanked.

  "Do you want anything Gabs?" Liam asked.

  "Do you have any fruit?' I asked.

  "Well have oranges, apples, bananas, grapes-"

  "Oh! Can I have some grapes?" Those are my favorite!"

  "Yea, here, there aren't many, just eat them out of the bag." he handed me the bag of grapes.

  "Thank you!" I took a green grap and popped one in my mouth. The juice bust in my mouth as I took a bit. I smiled, I love grapes.

  "Did you do anything exciting while we were gone?"  Niall asked.

  "No, not really."

 "What did you do?"


  "How fun was that?" Louis asked sarcastically.

  "It wasn't that bad, unitl I got to your room That was a horrible experience." I shivered at the memory.

  "Oh come on, it couldn't have been that bad!" Louis said, Niall and Liam laughing in the background.

  "I don't know aout you , but when food in my room and its growing a village, I would throw it out." I said.

  Naill and Liam laughed harder while Louis shook his head. 'Whatever you say, I was just using that for a science experiment?"

  "So you left it in a pocket of an old sweatshirt in your closet?" What a great place to put it."

  "Oh, that's gross bro." Liam said.

  "Shut up." Louis shouted. "Niall here is worse than I am."

  Niall argued. "Dude, I eventually thow things away, you just leave it there until we force you to throw it out!

  "Oh, that's nasty. " Liam said.

  "Hey stinky shoes, don't you get started, every time I walk by your room it smells like an old gym locker that hasn't been cleaned out in the past 20 years!" Louis said to Liam.

  "That's really gross. Maybe it's a good thing I am suppose to clean." I said, nose squinted at the thought of the filth.

  "At least its ot like Harry's room that smells like 20,000 different types of collognes mixed together! Man, that room gives me a headache just walking past it. I have to sleep right across from it too!" Niall added.

  "I know! It's way to overpowering, I don't know how you can deal with that." Louis added.

  I didn't know what scents they were talking about. Yes, Harry's room does smell like cologne but the other rooms just smell like air freshener since I sprayed in their rooms. Does it even help?

  "I think it smells fine in all of the rooms." I added.

  They all looked at me as if I was crazy.  "You mean you don't smell his disgusting gym locker of a room?" Louis pointed to Liam.

  "No, I sprayed febreeze in all of the rooms, they all smell the same."

  "Man, it's that human nose of hers. She doesn't smell the things we can remember?" liam said, hitting Louis in the head.

  "Man, I wihs I had my human nose back sometimes." Niall added.

  "Does that mean you can smell me?" I asked.

  Oh croud, do I smell? I sure hope I don't. I have a fear of smelling bad.

  "Yea." They all say in unicen.

  "Do I, do I smell bad?" I whispered.

  "No, not really. You smell like girl soaps, it's quite nice actually." Niall winked.

  I blushed. "Thank goodness." I laughed. "I would have gone crazy if I smelled bad."

  "Nah, you're okay. Just please don't wear a whole bunch of perfume, it's very noticeable to us." Louis said..

  At that moment, they all sniffed the air, squinching their noses and coughing a bit. I sniffed the air, only getting the light lemon scent of the cleaning supplies.

  "What is that overpowering smell of wild flowers?! Dear lord, do they think they had put on enough? Blah!" Niall yelled, blowing the air away infront of his nose.

  "I think it's Bailey." I whispered. "She is wearing a lot of perfume."

  "What about me?" Bailey's voice spreads through the kitchen.

  All of us turn our heads to the sound of her high pitched voice. She was standing in the door way, hand on hip with an expression of snotty on her face.

  "Oh nothing, we were just saying how lovely your new perfume smells." Louis says.

  "Okay, whatever then. I just came in to as Lauren something."

  "What is it?" I asked.

  "Could you please run out to my car and grab my purse?"

  The boys chuckled with disbelieve.

  "Does she look like your servant or something? Why can't you go out and get your own purse?" Niall asked, defending me.

  "Don't be ridiculous Niall! I can't go out in the rain with these shoes on!" She squiled, clicking her white sandals together. "Besides, Harry said she would be more than happy to grab it for me."

  "It's not even raining!" I said in disbelief. I got up to look outside the kitchen window to see if what I heard is true.

  It wasn't just raining, it was pouring cats and dogs. Drops of water were sliding down the window smoothly, puddles of water were being formed in multiple spots on the ground. I could hear the droplets of rain hit the roof and see them hit the ground outside. With a clash of thunder startling me, making me jump a few inches off the ground, she handed me the keys.

  "It's the red one of the street." she dropped the keys in my hand and walked off.

  I wiggled the warm keys in my hand as they jingled softly against one another in the palm of my hand. She had a flip flop keychain along with a picture of her and Harry on a rollercoaster.

  "Can I borrow someone's shoes really fast?" I politely asked them.

  Niall quicly got to his knees and started untieing his laces. All I could see was the top of his blonde head, sweat drenched the back of his grey shirt.

  "You can use might, they might be a little big though." he said with his head down.

  His left shoe was plopped off. I cautiously place my foot in the warm and spacious shoe. I was a size 9 in womans, and I thought I had big feet. This shoe was way bigger than mine was. I would of had to put a baseball in the toe part to make it fit correctly. The right shoe was popped off and I placed my foot in it. I bent down to tie the laces.

  "I'll grab you a jacket." Niall says.


  No later than a minute later did Niall come back with a black hoodie.

  "Thanks." I say.

  "No problem, just don't slip on the mud." he chuckled.

  "One can only try not to in this kind of weather." I chuckled. "I'm off into the storm, with me luck."

  "Good luck soldier." Louis said.

  "Don't get struck by lightning." Liam added

  I turned and walked to the backdoor, with every step I took Niall's shoes made a loud clumping noise. I opened the door and walked out onto the back porch, shutting it behind me.

  All I could see was the reflecton of the back porch light reflection off the cars and the summer trees swaying from the crazy wind. The soud of leaves rubbing together and rain dropplets hitting the hard concrete filled my ears. It had to be about 30 degrees outside, I was shivering already and I was still standing infront of the door.

  "Okay Gabs, go out there, grab her purse, and run back inside." I said to myself.

  So that what I did.

  My feet splashed into a large puddle, water flies onto my legs and down to my socks. Being careful to not slip, I run around the house, sliding next to the cars with water dropplets falling onto my head, down my cheecks. Once I reached the end of the driveway, I slowed down to a walking pace as I unlocked the red car with the wet keys. When it was unlocked I checked both ways on the street for cars before heading out. Comeing towards my direction was a large black truck with the headlights on, window wipers wiping the rain away from the glass. The tires shoot a huge wave of street water in my face and all over my body. I close my eyes and mouth before the water could hit me. I opened my eyes as soon as I heard the truch pass.

  "You've got to be kidding me!" I yelled.

  Great, this evening just got fantastic.

  I quickly ran to the front door, grabbed her purple purse, closed the door and locked the car. I tried to cover her purse so it wouldn't get to wet but by the time she would get it, it would still be soaked. I walked up to the front door, dripping wet from head to toe, stepping into squishy shoes. I hope Niall doesn't get mad.

  I opened the front door,shivering and grumpy into a warm and dry house. I shut the door hard behind me hard so everyone could hear. Without taking anything off first, I walk into the living room, Bailey watched as I walked up to her.

  "Here you go, purse and keys." I drorpped them into her lap.

  Harry wasn't anywhere to be seen, but I really didn't care at the moment.

  "Gosh, what took you so dang long?"

  I was going to scream in her face but I decided to just walk away like a mature person and not cause trouble.

  I went to the doorway to go downstairs to the laundry room to dry my clothes. I walked down the hard steps,clumping and squishing all the way down. I checked if there was anything in, nothing. I took off the jacket, shoes, and socks, threw it in there, and then started it, leaving the shoes to dry.

  I went upstairs and there waiting for me was Niall.

  "How was the trip?" he asked jokingly.

  "Just wonderful." I chattered, teeth cattering..

  "You look cold, come on,, lets go upstairs and get you dry little one."

  "Okay." My teeth chattered and the goose bumps on my arm rose.

   He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him. He wasn't as warm as I had wished, but it was better than nothing at all.

  "Here, let me carry you, you look exhausted." he pleaded

  "no, I'm ok-" I couldn't finish my sentence before my legs were lifted off the ground.

  Me head was nuzzled into his sweaty chest. Wait- that wasn't sweat, that was water from my hair. I listened for anything. Still, no heart beat. I felt as his hands gripped my legs and back as he carried me bridal style up the stairs. We got into the hall when I thought he was going to carry me into my room. Instead, he placed me on his bed.

  "Let me grab some towels and dry clothes."

  I nodded my head while rubbing my arms.

  He went into the hallway for awhile, returning with towels from my bed room. He handed them to me with a smile and then went to his drawers. He dug around and pulled out a tshirt and a pair of gray sweatpants, bringing them both to me.

   "If you want to go grab a pair of undergarnments you can. I don't think it would be appropriate if I grabbed them for you." he awkwardly laughed.

  "Yea, me either. I'll be back." I said.

   "Okay, I'll be waiting here for you." he said, with a handsome smile.

  "Okay," I smiled back at hime. Man, he was so cute.

  After I had dried off and changed, I hung up my wet clothes over the shower rod and braided my dirty brown hair out of the way. I shut off the lights, grabbing a purple hoodie and socks before I left. It was dark in the hallway with only the downstairs light and Niall's light shinning. I knock into a body that just appeared out of nowhere.

  "Woah Gabs, watch were your going!" Harry yelled.

  "S-sorry Harry, I ddn't see you there."

  "Next time open your eyes before you walk." He suddenly snapped, his deep voice scaring me.

  "Well I'm sorry that I don't have night vision or something Harry! Gosh, calm down!" I snapped back.

  "Who do you-"

  "Is there a problem here Harry?" Niall asked, leaning agianst the door frame.

  "No Niall, not at all." Harry said. "Isn't that right Gabs?"

  "Sure." I said, walking past Niall into his room.

  "I thought I told you to back off." Niall whispered to Harry.

  "She knocked into me, just calm down. I'm not going to mess with her anymore." Harry spat.

  Man, was that music to my ears.

  "I already told you, I don't even want her here. Your the one rhat brought her home. Why don't you just let off Niall."

  "Alright Harry, I'll be watching you through, you better not pull anything." Niall said in a stern toan. I saw him raise his finger into his face and shake it.

  I heard him walk away, his socks hitting the carpet made a small noise. Niall backed up and shut the door.

  "You guys will have to eventually get along with each other if you going to be staying here." Niall said.

  "Why? I don't want to even see him. Do you even know how happy I was when I saw his face on the news as a "missing teenager"? I stated, walking up to him with a serious tone " Why can't I just go home? It would make everything normal again. You could live here with the guys going hunting for blood and I could go back home and we coud pretend none of this had ever happened."

  "Gabriele, we can't just go out and killing people! That isn't right, there is a reason we pick one person to feed on. Your blood is the tastiest and rarest blood we had ever had, and if we only feed on you, it will save the lives of innocent people. This is the safest way we know how to keep the peace were ever we go." he argued.

  "So, you've done this before? Just kidnaping innocnet people and feed of of them!" I yelled.

   He placed his hands on his hips, breathing heavily out of his nose. He ruffled his hair with his hands nervously, pacing in a small circle. 

  'It's how we've been though for centuries. We can not go back to being mass murderers as we were centuries ago, it is against the rules. But, we do not just pick any one. Some people could have blood disorders or they could be very important people who help run things, or their blood could taste like absolute crap."

  There are rules?

  "What rules? Who made them? Does this mean that-?

 All of them have gone through the same thing I am.

  "Yes, all of us have gone throught it. Harry was just turned about two months ago, before him was Zayn, then this girl Meagen who went completely insane. We had to let her go before she killed us. She eventually went around telling people about vampires, her parents were highly concerned for her health so they sent her to a mental institution where to this day still lives. Before her was me, and before me was a guy named Brayn who went off to Switzerland to start his own colony of vampires as I was told. Then Liam, who was changed by Louis about a year after Louis was changed by a woman name Maria."  He nervously walked to the couch and took a seat, thinking of what to say. "This is a cycle that us vampires do so we don't over populate and get caught by the common people. But the person who we feed on had a choice."

He put his hands together ,planing both of his index fingers together, laying them on his lips.

  "A choice?" I asked.

  "You have a choice, weither you want to become a vampire and stay with us, or to go back to your normal everyday life where we find someone new to feed on, and your memory is totally wiped out. No one else can make that decision, only you." he pointed towards me.

  "Why did you change?" I asked.

  This question seemed to hit him hard, his expression seemed to sadden a bit.

  "That is a story for another day."

  " When do I get to decide?" I asked. The dpths of me wanted to run away, out of the mad house and all the way home. I'm going to have to choose to be a vampire or stay human? Wow.

   "You will know when the time comes. But until then, can you please, just get along with everybody?" He begged.

  "Yes, I can do that."

   Niall stood up from the couch quickly to walk over to the door. My back was pushed up against the door, I caught myself by placing my hands below my bum. Niall looked down to my short height, his blue eyes shinned and placed a shy smile on my face. He got closer and closer with every step. When he got close enough he placed his finger under my chin, lifting it up to look up to him, he placed his face close, I could feel the warmth radiating from his body. His lips hovered mine by an inch, my heart raced in my chest. My mind when completery blank. Was he going to kiss me?

  "Thank you." he whispered onto my lips.

  "He leans in an inch closer, I close my eyes and in that seconded we kissed. His soft lips were smooth, we moved in sync for only a second, but it felt as if it were longer. I opened my eyes as he parted away.

  "Ive been wanting to do that all day." He wispers, face still close. He placed his hands on my upper waist, sending electric shocks through my body.

  "Really?" I whisper.

  "You have no idea how long it's been since I've kissed a girl." he laughed.

  "Ive never even kissed anyone before," I laughed. "must be a win/win for both of us."

  "You are very correct." He lifted hishead up a bit, standing up strait. "You know, you're not that bad of a kisser for your first try." he laughed.

  "Oh, well thanks, glad to hear that."

  We both laughed and looked into eachother eyes, soaking in the other person's presence.

  "You have really pretty blue eyes Gabriele. People tell me all the time that I have the most georgous eyes they had ever seen, but I think yours beat mine by a landslide." Niall whispered.

  "Thank you Niall, that really means a lot."

  I would get compliment from my eyes all the time. I did know that they were very blue, I always just thanked them.

  "Do you want to go and watch a movie downstairs? It will be your choice." Niall asked, smiling and showing off his pearly whites.

  "Movies sound good, as long as we can have some snacks." I said.

  "Anything for you."

  We turned and left his room, making our way downstairs, well I was floating in a cloud.

  "Wait! Let me take a shower and grab a blanket, it gets cold this time of night." Niall said.

  "Okay, I'll meet you downstairs."

  So there I went, the happiest girl in the world walking down the stairs of her new home. What an adventure this will be.

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