My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



14. Chapter 14

    I stood there is complete awe, the feeling of Niall's lip lingered on my moist mouth. I bring my fingers up to my lips and smile with disbelieve. I had just been kissed by a boy for the first time, the kiss was better than I had ever imagined it would be. My heart fluttered in my chest, my feet felt like they could fly off the ground to lay upon a soft white cloud. I stood there in amazement for a while before I made my way up the stairs in a daze. As I turned the left, Liam came out of his room with glossy sheets in his grasp. Me not watching where I'm walking, runs into him.

  "Oh sorry Liam." I laughed, placing my hand on my heart.

  "It's okay Gabriele." He chuckled a bit.

  I took a look at the sheets, it was drenched, filling my nose with the smell of blood.

  "Is that, my blood?" 

  "Yea. I was just going to bring them down to wash. Can't sleep with bloody sheets." He laughed.

  "Yea." I laughed nervously. "Sorry about that."

  "It's fine Gabriele, don't worry about it."He smiled.

  "Well, I should go to bed now." I pointed toward my door.

  "It's been a crazy night, sleep well Gabriele."

  "Goodnight Liam, and thank you for helping me."

  "You're welcome. Goodnight." He made his way to the stairs.

  I turned and walked to my room. I found my comforter laying lifelessly on the floor. I pick it up and put it back on the bed neatly. I look up to a round, head shaped dent were my head was slammed into the wall. I look down the wall to the floor by the bed to spots of blood in the carpet.

  My blood.

  The sight of it made me sick, my stomach tightened in a knot and I gag silently. This was to much to handle. I don't want to see my blood stained in the carpet. I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to a thirsty Harry who almost sucks the life out me. I don't want to live under the same roof as my middle school nightmare. I want to go home, I want to wake up from this horrible nightmare I am living. Home is calling for me. 

  I wonder if my parents miss me. What will my friends say when I don't come to school? Oh wait, that's right, I'm with my aunt.

  My bed called for my name

  "Gabriele, Gabriele."

  I lifelessly crawled into bed and closed my eyes. All I could think about was the kiss, my mind was jumping and spinning. I could have been up all night, thinking about the perfect Niall, but eventually my exhausted body took over and I feel asleep.

  When I woke up and looked to the window, it was dark.

  "Great, I only feel asleep for an hour." I plop back down on my pillow.

  I twist my head to see my alarm clock read 7:23 PM.

  " 7:23 PM!" I shouted to myself.

  I couldn't believe I had slept through the whole day! Why didn't anyone wake me up!?

  I jump out of bed, my feet hitting the noticeably clean carpet. I look down, no blood.

  "Did someone clean the carpet?" I asked out loud.

  I wiggle my toes and felt the soft and warm carpet. I realized I had to use the restroom. After I did my business I stood infront of the mirror looking at a paler, more beat up and exhausted version of myself. My hair in a sloppy bun with loose strands sticking out everywhere, my eyes were a bit red and puffy as if I were crying. I just looked like a ghost.

  I washed my hands slowly, when I went to grab a towel off the top shelf my tshirt rose up, exposing the bruise painted on my side. Out of disgust I quickly pulled it down and tried to forget about what happened last night.

  I left the bathroom and went into the room, making my bed as I was taught at my house. I remembered home and missed it dearly. Tears stung my eyes, I wanted to go home. I need to calm down, I couldn't cry now. I wiped my eyes and leave my room.

  As I walk down the hall, I hear the sound of the strumming of a guitar from Niall's room. I quickly stop and listen, the beautiful sound filled my ears with bliss. I snuck up to the doorway and saw that it was open just a crack. I poke my head into the room to find Niall on his bed strumming away on his guitar, notebook and pen laying lifeless on his legs.

 "Hey" I spoke quietly.

  Niall looked up, the strumming immediately stops.

  "Well look who decided to wake up and join us on planet earth!" He laughed.

  "I didn't realize I had slept in so late."

  "No one could blame ya, you did get the life sucked out of you, literally." Niall puns.

  I gave him a "really? Did you just say that?" look.

  He just laughs and places his guitar on the floor, leaning it against the wall. He flipped his notebook cover back and threw it on the floor.

  "What are you writing?" I asked.

  "It's just a song Harry wanted me to write. Apparently "chicks dig a hand written song". Niall makes quotations with his fingers.

  "Why can't he just write his own song?" 

  "Niall laughed, "Harry can not write songs! He can barely write a decent poem." 

  "Oh, I knew that." Anyone can write poems, it's supper easy isn't it?


  Niall starts to stand up, my heart flutters like crazy in my chest. He walks over to me, looking handsome and strong with every move he makes. His hands move smoothly into the pockets of his gray sweatpants, walking up to me and looking down to my short height. He smelled of a delicious cologne that filled my nose with bliss.

  "You hungry?" he asked.

  I return back to earth from my doze.

  "Yea, a little." I place my hand on my tummy.

  "Well, let's get you something to eat then." He smiles at me, his blue eyes sparkle. He places his hand on my back and turns me around. 

  With his hand on my back, he gides me down the hall and we walk down the stairs and look into the living room. Liam and Louis were watching something on the tv. I walk to the kitchen, Niall let's go on my back and he puts his hand in mine, our fingers with each other's. I see the last two people I would ever want to see.

  Harry and Bailey were sucking each other's faces off in front of the fridge. 

  "Eh Harry, not in the kitchen mate!" Niall calls out.

  Harry pulls away from her lips, a bit of slobber and blood drips from his mouth.

  I gag a bit. "Uh..." I stare, eyes squinted and nose scrunched up. 

  Niall sniffed the air a bit, he smelled blood. I could tell he was hungry. Something in his expression changed, he fangs started to appear above his bottom lip. His body got stiff and he let go of my hand. 

  "Niall?" I whisper. 

  His eyes started to turn dark as the night sky. I has getting afraid. 

  "Niall, stop please." I placed my hand on his arm, his body was warm to the touch. "Niall?"  

  He was going to pounce if I didn't do anything.

   "Harry, get her out of here!" I yelled at him.

  "Why should I?" He snapped at me. He then saw Niall who was getting hungrier by the second, and he turned to Bailey. 

  "Let's go." He demanded.

 "Okay." Her perky little voice filled the room. They left out the back door.  

 Niall calmed down, his eyes changed back and his white fangs grew back into his gums, his relaxed his arms and breathed.

  "Sorry about that." He laughed

  "Some one else is hungry I see. I'll get you a bag." I smiled.  I went to the fridge and grabbed him a bag of blood and a pre made sandwich that said "Gabriele" for myself.

  He was sitting at the island, checking his phone for something. 

  "Here you go. I hope you don't mind if I eat this sandwich."

  "Not at all." He said, opening up his bag and taking a drink

  "Did you go to work today?" I asked.

  "Yes. There was this huge sale on the whole store. Let's just say there was barely any tank tops left when it was time for me to go. There was this lady with her teenage daughters who I helped for almost an hour or more. I think the daughters thought I was cute because they asked where the flip flops were located at and they were standing right in front of them. The lady had never been there before so that was expected. Lets just say I got a very good report." He informed me. 

  "Do you like working there?" 

  "Yes. Very much. I'm one of those people that will have a conversation with anyone about anything. When I work there I see people and interact with people all day long and it's nice. I have been told I'm a very social person." He takes a drink.

 "I could tell." 

  "Oh really?" He asked asked sarcastically .

  "Yup!" I smile at him and the. Bite my sandwich. It was ham and cheese with lettuce, my favorite.

  We just look at each other for awhile and laugh. 

  "How's that sandwich?" He asked.

  "Good, it's my favorite kind. Ham and cheese with lettuce." I take another bite.

  "Good, I picked it up on the way here for you." He looked at me.

  "That's why my name is on it. Thanks." 

  "You're welcome. I have been worried about you all day so I wanted to pick you up some dinner. It took me forever to clean that awful stain out of the carpet, luckily bleach did the trick." 

  "I was wondering who cleaned that up!" I shouted. "Thank you very much." I placed a kiss on his cheek.

  His cheeks started to turn a rosy red.

   We hear the back door lock starting to be messed with. Our heads turn to see who it is. Zayn opens the door and comes inside.

  "Hey Zayn!" I say.

  "Hey Gabriele, how are you?"

  "Great! How about yourself?"

  "Good, I'm exhausted though. Rebecca some how found out were I worked and bothered me all day today. She said she was looking for a book that I had never heard of for a school project. She had me look for about 30 minutes just to find it and when if found a book similar to that she tried to kiss me in the middle of the library!" 

  Niall and I laughed. "Looks like you've got a stalker Zayn." Niall laughed harder.

  "You're so funny Niall." Zayn glared at him. Niall and I just laughed.

  "I'm going upstairs." Zayn said. 

  "I'll tell you if your stalker comes by man." Niall laughed and shouted to him.

  "Yea, whatever." Zayn said in the hallway.

  Niall and I laugh our bums off. I guess I laughed to hard and my chest started to hurt. A huge coughing fit comes and go to the side to cover my mouth. 

  "Are you okay?" Niall asks.

 " *cough cough* Yup I'm *cough* okay."

   "Let me get you some water." 

  My coughing fit got worse and my heart starts to sting. I clutch my chest and get off of my stool. He hands me a glass of water and I quickly gulp it down. My coughing stops.


  "That was crazy! Are you okay?" He smiles.

  "Yes, I'm okay." I nod and smile back. 

  At that moment Louis runs in with a worried expression on his face. 

  "Niall, Gabriele, you need to see this." 

  We follow him into the living room. Liam and Zayn were sitting on the couch, Liam holds the remote in his hand. The tv was paused on the news with a lady on the screen with a serious expression on her face. 

  "What's going on?" Niall asks.

  "Watch this." Liam says, he presses the play button.  

  "Gabriele, a local girl has been reported missing this afternoon by local police. A source tells us that the last time she has been seen was at school. Her parents say that she must have been walking home when she went missing." My yearbook picture appears up on the television screen. "If anyone has any tips on we're she could be, please tell authority as soon as possible."

  The tv is paused. 

  I missing.

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