My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



13. Chapter 13

  The boys and I, including harry, fell silent. Harry looked at Niall in shock as he thought hard abouth something. The memeory of being human must have been very special to each of them. I looked to Louis, he was staring at the ground, hands on his hips. I turn to Liam, who stared off in the distance, same as Zayn. I stood there speechless, my heart thumped in my chest, I was in complete awe.

  Niall jumped off the branch and landed softly on the ground. He started walking towards the house. Harry jumped down right after Niall, a couple of branches falling with him. Harry used his vampire speed, in an instant he was standing right in front of me.

  "I'm sorry Gabriele." Harry's voice was low and raspy.

  "It's okay Harry."

  "That's right Harry, you better apologize." Liam shouted at him. "Harry, we talked about this, you can't go off and do that to people. You could cause them to have serious brain trauma, or worse, a heart attack."

  Liam looked at me then turned his focus to Zayn who started speaking.

  "Harry, did you know that her heart was in pain? Did you even see what you did to her hip?"

  "What do you mean "her hip"?" Niall stopped and joined us on the back porch.

  I stood there nervously, my hands started to shake and I was afraid to show Niall my side, I didn't want anymore drama to unfold. I bent my head forward in shame and discust, my ice pack was gone, I left it on the steps, I had to show them.

  "Show them Gabriele." Louis spoke.

  Think of something Gabriele.

  "It's fine. How about we all go to bed and forget that this all happened." I enthusiasticly suggested.

  "No, I want to see what happened." Niall pointed to my side and folded his arms.

  Well, that didn't work.

  I sighed. "We have to go inside, the lighting isn't good out here."

  I shoved past them into the kitchen, flicked on the light, and walked to the fridge and grabbed out my water. I was extremely parched.

  "Okay, let's see it then." Niall walked towards me, his anger radiated though the air.

  I didn't want Niall to lash out in complete anger another time in one night. To be honest, this side of Niall scared me to death, all I wanted to do was hide.

  "Don't get mad Niall, you have to promise me that." I begged in a small whisper.

  Niall stood close to me, I could feel his breath blow onto my nose, there were small scratches that were vanishing that nicked his neck, green summer leaves were stuck in his messy blonde hair. He didn't have on a shirt, only navy blue checkered pajama bottoms. His chest rose and fell with every breath he took, eyes were baby blue but he was still frustrated.

  "I promise." he sighed.

  I hesitantly lifted up my shirt a bit over my side to let them all take a look. I didn't have the guts to look myself, so I turned my head to the side and looked out a small window about the sink instead.

  "I don't know how he did that, but I can't heal it." Zayn said to Niall.

  "Harry, come here and look at this." Niall motioned "come here" with his finger.

  Harry walked over cautiously and stopped to look at it. He acted like it was just a tiny little scratch and glared at it which made me feel extremely insecure.

  "You do anything like this to her again, I will rip out your guts, cook them, and force you to get them. Do you understand me?" Niall's voice was low and serious.

  Harry nodded his head.

  "Now, get out of my sight before I rip your face off."

  Harry turned around and stomped off to the stairs. He slammed his bedroom door so it could be heard by all of us.

  "Well, I think I'll head off to bed now." Louis interrupted the awkward silence.

  "Yea, me too. I'm pretty tired, I have to work in a few hours." Liam glanced at the clock above the doorway.

  It was 4:03 in the morning.

  "Okay, see you guys later then." Niall said, not going to leave with them apparently.

  Zayn, Louis, and Liam started to make their way out of the kitchen, but before they could go, I sped walk past Niall and ran into Liam's arms for a hug.

  "Omph." He let out a breath, me almost knocking his over.

  "Thank you for finding me Liam." I whispered in his ear.

  "You're welcome Gabriele." he whispered, patting my back.

  I let go to give his a small kiss on his cheek, then ran to Louis who welcomed me with his brightening smile.

  "Thank you for being there for me." I whispered.

  He placed a kiss on my cheek.

  "You're welcome Gabs." he whispered.

  I kissed his cheek and let go. I was saving the best hug for Zayn. He had healed my wounds, I probably would have bleed to death if he hadn't cleaned me up and taken care of me. He saved my life.

  "Thank you for saving my life Zayn." I whispered, tears of happiness threatening to spill.

  "You're welcome Gabriele. Anything for my favorite human." he whispered.

  I kissed him on the cheek and hugged him again. We swayed back and forth, laughed, then let go.

  The boy waved to Niall and left the kitchen I stood there, watching them go with only Niall with I left in the kitchen. I wiped the tears off my eyes and shook of the evening, pushing what happened to the back of my mind as much as possible.

  "Are you okay Gabriele?" Niall calmly asked.

  I wasn't sure how to answer that question really. I hated being in this house with Harry around, but at the same time, I loved my room and how nice everybody else was to me. I've only spent a few days here so it has to get better, right?

  "I don't know Niall, but I know I will be." I shrugged my shoulders.

  "I know it has been an eventful couple of days, but I promise everything will get better." Niall walked closer towards me.

  "I sure hope so."

  Niall was standing to my right, looking down on my profile, I could see his face in the corner of my eye. He placed his hand on the left side of my face and turned my head so I was facing him. His blue eyes locked with mine and sparkled, my heart started racing fast, it was in a bit of pain, but all I was focused on was Niall. He took his other hand and placed it on the side that wasn't bruised. We stood in silence, I was getting so nervous, my knees were tuning to jelly. Niall stared leaning in closer to my face, dipping in for a kiss.

  So many things flew through my mind. I've never been kissed before, I didn't know how. What if I was bad at it? Does my breath smell? Is there something in my teeth?

 He was leaning closer and closer, my heart beating fast and harder. I cold feel his breath on my lips, I closed my eyes.

  "Niall?" I whispered.

  "Yes?" he sounded confused.

  "I've never kissed any one before." I confessed in a soft whisper.

  "That's okay."

  His soft lips meet mine in a beautiful, blissful harmony. My mind slowed down and called to a complete stop, my heart was telling me this was wonderful. Our lips moved in sync with each other perfectly, his breath tasted like mint toothpaste.

  He pulled away slowly, his top lip barely grazed against mine ,my lips lingered for more. I smiled and bit my lip, Niall smiled back.

  "Goodnight Gabriele." he whispered to me.

  He then kissed my forehead and walked out of the kitchen, and stomped upstairs, leaving me floating on a cloud in the kitchen.



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