My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



12. Chapter 12

   I layed there with my eye opened wide listening to Harry's loud footsteps traveling upstairs. I was deathly afraid of harry at the moment, his foot step got louder and louder the closer he got. I could tell he was hungry, I could smell his thirst in the air. I glanced towards my closed door, waiting for what is to come. Harry was now speed waking through the hallway, my heart pounded harder and faster in my chest. I closed my eye quickly so that I would look to be asleep.

  I heard the door fly open, the door handle slapped he wall with full force. Harry was breathing heavily and he moved quickly to the side of my bed. My eyes were still closed in fear, my hands were shaking under my blanket. Harry stood above me, he sounded like a wolf, huffing and puffing through his nose. He took my covers and threw them off the bed onto the floor. My eyes shot wide open, I see a tall, skinny black figure towering over me, his green eyes glowed in the dark being the only thing I can see. My heart stopped beating, I froze in fear.

  "GET UP!" Harry's deep, raspy voice screamed.

  I quickly shot out of bed and stood as far away as I could from him. I had just now noticed how much taller Harry was, my head only went up to below his shoulder, right under his armpit.

  "Now be a good girl and come here." he motioned with his voice.

  "Are you going to hurt me?" my voice shook.

  "Depends if you listen or not."

  He reached for my left wrist and yanked me towards him with full force. My chest hit his hard stomach, my breath flew out of my body. I kept my focus on his chest, tears of fear started to form.

  "Tilt your head." he whispered harshly.

  I smelled alcohol on his breath, his clothes smelled of cologne and beer making my stomach twist with nausiation. I listened to his orders and tilted my head to the right, his hot breath ran along my neck. The sound of my heart pounding filled my ears.

  "Do I make you nervous Gabriele?" Harry whispered, his wet lip lightly grazing my ear.

  I ignored him and kept my eyes closed. Harry chuckled, then he bit into my neck harshly, the pain was multiplied by thousands compared to when Niall had bit me. Harry placed one of his hands on the middle of my head and the other gripped hard above my left hip. I bit my lip to hold in my scream, the blood escaped my body so fast that my heart started to hurt, it as like someone was stabbing my chest very second with a big, sharp knife.

  "Harry, stop please! My heart, it hurts." I cried in a whisper.

  Harry didn't listen. I instantly regretted speaking as the hand on my waist squeezed tighter, surly a nasty bruise was going to be left.

  "Harry, please." I placed my hands on his stomach.

  He only bit harder onto my neck, I gasped in pain. I didn't dare to do anything to defend myself, who knows what else Harry would do. All I could do was scream but that would only make him angrier. Harry picked my up off the floor and pushed me against the wall hard, the walls vibrated as I hit the back of my head on the hard wall.

  "Harry!" I shouted in pain.

  Still, no resistance, he was going absolutely insane, he was going to kill me if I didn't do anything. Forget about him getting angry, I needed help. I did the only thing I could think of.


  I let out a loud, blood curdling screech with all my might into Harry's left ear. I started to yell for the first person I could think of.

  "NIALL! NIALL!" I cried.

  Harry shoved a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet, but that was no help towards him. Niall ran into the doorway only in blue pajama pants and turned on the light switch. As soon as he saw Harry, his eyes grew black with rage and he ran over to us. Niall grabbed Harry by the back of his neck and riped him off of me. I feel to the hard floor in agonizing pain, I placed a hand on my neck to help stop the bleeding.

 Niall had Harry lifted up in the air, feet dangling and his hand squeezing Harry's neck. Harry's mouth was covered in my red blood that trickled down his chin onto Niall's hand. Niall held Harry above his head in air, his back facing. I sat upon the floor to see what was going to unravel between the two. Harry's hands were sqeezing Niall's arms, he was gasping for breath like a fish out of water, his long and slender legs were saying back and forth like a swing. Niall walked out into the hall towards the stairs.

 I see Liam pop his head out of is room, he sees me sitting on the floor an quickly runs to the rescue.

  "Oh, what happened here?" His chocolate brown eyes were filled with concern.

  "Harry, he-he." I couldn't finish my sentence before I started to cry horrendously.

  "Sshh, it's okay, come on, lets get you cleaned up."

  He lifted me up bridal style carefully and ran me out of my room. I held onto his shoulder for dear life, crying into his bare chest in excruciating pain all through my body. Blood was soaking in my dark blue shirt, trickles of it was running down my neck down to my arms and now was all over Liam's arms and chest. Liam kicked his door open and rushed to his bed and gently placed me down on the ruffled covers.

  "I'll be right back." he sweetly said.

  "Mmm" I hummed, tears slidding down my cheeks.

  He ran out the door it his vampire speed and knocked on Zayn and Louis' doors. He quickly returned with the boys in their pajama, concern was written in their expessions. A loud banging noise came from downstairs which startled everyone.

  "I'll go check on them." Liam insisted.

  "Go." Louis said.

  Liam zoomed off, Zayn got on his knees to take a closer look at me.

  "Louis, go get me some warm water in a bow, a rag, a towel, and an ice pack." Zayn demanded.

  Louis went to get the stuff out of Liam's bathroom.

  "Okay sweetie, were does it hurt?" Zayn asked.

  I couldn't speak so I pointed to my neck, the back of my head, my chest, and to my side.

  "What's wrong with your side?"

 I sniffled and lifted my shirt up a bit ,exposing a black and purple hand sized bruise forming on my side. Zayn took a long look at it and took his finer and gently poked it, making me wince in pain and cry into the pillow.


  Louis came back with all of the stuff and placed it down next to Zayn. He also took a look my bruise and made a face as if he was in pain.

  "Ooh, ouch, that looks like it hurts. Zayn, are you able to fix that?"

  "Bruises are a bit tricky since it's only puncture blood vesels under the skin, I don't think it will work. Hand me the ice pack."

  Louis did as he was told.

  "Now Gabriele, I need you to place this on your hip." Zayn demanded.

  I did as I was told, the ice was nice and cold, but it hurt to touch. Suddenly a huge glass shatering rumble came from downstairs, followed by screaming male voices, Niall being the loudest of them all.

  "You better go check on that, I've got it from here" Zayn nodded is head to the hall.

  Louis quickly left, shutting the door behind him. Zayn soaked the white rag in the water, rung it out, then started cleaning off the blood on my neck. He didn't speak while he worked, he looked so focused on what he was doing. When he stopped, the rag he was using was almost soaked all the way in my blood, it made me nautious just to look at it. His eyes changed into purple, then his hot breath blew on my neck. My wound was instantly healed with the pain vanishing into thin air.

  "Now, you said your head hurt. What happened there?" he asked.

  I had calmed down to the amount were I could speak without bursting into tears another time.

  "Um, Harry slammed m-my head against the wall r-really hard." I rubbed my head against the tender patch on my skull.

  "Can I take a look?"

  "Yea." I sat on my bum and turned around.

  Zayn had to take my hair out of the side pony tail and I slipped the rubber band on my wrist. He ran his finger on my skull until he touched the tender bump.

  "Ahh, there it is. I can fix that."

  He blew and instantly the bump and small headache vanished. My heart had gone down in pain, it was almost gone actually. I felt instantly better, except for my hip.

  "Now, I can't fix a bruise like that one on your hip, but all you need to do is keep icing it and I will slowly fade away in a couple of weeks." he smiled.

  "Thank you Zayn, you're the best." I pulled him into a warm hug, not caring about the blood on my shirt.

  "Aw, Gabriele, no problem." he hugged me gently.

  Another loud crash vibrated he floor, this time, the noise was right down the stairs. Zayn pulled back quickly, he turned his focus on the door.

  "That doesn't sound good."

  "Are they usualy like this?" I asked.

  "No, not realy." he laughed.


  Zayn took a look at my bloody shirt, then suddenly started to slip off his black t-shirtand handed it to me. I tried not to stare at his rock abs as much as possible.

  "Here, slip this on while I go check on them."

  "Uh, okay?"

  He walked over to one of Liam's drawers, pulled out a white shrit, and slipped it over is head.

   "I don't think he'll mind."

 Zayn left, leaving me all alone in Liam's room. I took a look around the room which had purple walls and white carpet, a king sized bed with navy blue coverand shets, a walk in closet, a bathroom, back dressers, and a batman flag hanging above a neatly organized desk. I remember cleaning this room earlier, but I hadn't taken a good look at everythinhg. I changed shirts, throwing he bloody one on the floor and went to the bathroom.

  When I finished using the toilet, I washed the blood off my hands and arms, then went back to grab the ice pack, holding it against my sore side. The curiosity of what was happening down stairs was slowly taking over my thoughts. I wanted to go down stairs so bad, it was like a fiery pation was burning all through my body. Zayn didn't say I couldn't see what was going on. None of them did.

  I ran out of the room, down the stairs until I stopped on the last step to see the livingroom to be in a total, complete mess. MIllions of pieces of shattered glass were scattered everywhere, it was along the couches, the coffee table, and all along the window ledges. The television was flipped  on its screen, the couches were flipped on their backs and there was a huge body figure shaped mold in the wall. The front door was flung wide open, male voices were shouting form outside. I slipped on Niall's pair of sandals and quickly hopped over the broken glass onto the front porch. I looked to both sides, no one was in sight.

  "Get back down here you little coward!" I heard Niall yell from the back of the house.

  I quicly ran down the steps to the back lawn and found Louis, Zayn, and Liam standing on the back porch, watching Niall and Harry brutally beat eath other up. Harry was up in a tree, hiding and jumping from branch to branch like a flying squarel. Niall's eyes were still black as night as he jumped onto the lowest branch and started climbing as quick as a cheeta up the trunk of the brown tree.

  "Holy Cow!" I stood there in a amazment with cool night time breeze blowing through my hair.

  Louis turned around to see me standing there. His expression changes to fierce, his eyes popping out of his head.

  "Gabriele, get inside right now! It's to dangerous for you to be out here!" Louis pointed to the back door.

   "Oh let her watch Louis, something like this never happens." Liam said.

  Louis sighed. "Alright, but you have to stand right here." Louis pointed to right between him and Liam.

  I walked over and continued to watch the rest of the quarrel in awe.

  "Why don't you come and catch me lover boy?" Harry teased.

  Niall was quick as lightning, I almost couldn't find him in the branches, the only thing that gave them both away was the swaying of leaves and sticks snapping off and plummeting to the ground. Harry walked swiftly across a thick branch that stuck out in the middle of the tree. Niall quickly caught up and started walking out towards him.

  "I don't even know what you see in her Niall. I mean, look at her!" Harry was now at he end of the branch, his arm was spread to my direction. "She might be a bit decent, but she is no diamond."

  Well, thanks Harry.

  "Shut up Harry before I rip your head off and feed it to the neighbor dogs." Niall screamed, his neck tensed up in anger, you could see blood vessels from the ground.

  "Aw, someone getting mad?" Harry teased. "You don't know her like I do Niall, you don't know what she use to look like."

  "I don't care what she looked like before Harry. Why don't you just let the past go and be nice for once?" Niall asked.

  "Why should I? All she's here for is to be our food! Why do you even care Niall?"

  Harry did have a good point.

  Only for a short period of time did Niall stand there without an answer. I think we were all on our toes for is answer, I sure know I was. Niall looked over to me with truth in his gaze.

  "Because Harry, she reminds me of what it's like to be human again."

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