My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



11. Chapter 11

  "Gabriele! What is the matter?" Niall asked through the door, jiggling the locked door knob.

  "Just leave me alone Niall!" I yelled at him.

  To my surprise, I heard him sigh and walk way from the door, he had actually listened. I continued to weep in my pillow like a baby. The think is when I cry, it isn't soft and gentle like most people. When I cry, I am very loud and very dramatic I even throw stuff animals at the wall But since there were people downstairs and I didn't want to make another huge scene, especially in front of Harry, I tried my best to be as quiet as possible. My hair was sticking to my wet cheeks and it was very uncomfortable and irritating so I sat up to pull it to a side braid. I wipe my eyes with my hands, mascara is rubbed off on my fingers. I tried to cool down, but all that did as make the tears pour faster and harder.

  I didn't know if I was imagining things or if someone was really playing the guitar, because the sound of strumming filled my ears with bliss. I sniffed my runny nose, take a deep breath to quiet myself down to hear the magical sound more clearer. It was a recognizable tune, but I couldn't put my finger on what the song was. I stood up off the bed, sniffled, and walked closer to the sound. I knelt down onto my knees and placed my ear on the cold door. A male voice started singing the words beautifully, making my heart melt in its gracefulness to my favorite song. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.

Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me up

Lie down with me

And hold me in your arms

And you hears against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck.

I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet

And with the feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now.

  A huge grin grew upon my face, my tears of sadness changed in to tears of joy. I don't know how he know I loved this song, I never told anyone or anything. The beautiful voice sang the rest of the lyrics in blissful harmony. Who ever possessed a beautiful talent like this would of had to have been an angel sent from above.

Kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

this feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We're falling in love

Settle down with me

And I'll be your safety

You'll be my lady

I was made to keep your body warm

But I'm cold as he wind blows so hold me in your arms

Oh no

My hearts against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck

I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet

And with this feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now.

  I placed my hand on top of my mouth to keep myself quiet as possible. this had to be the sweetest thing any boy has ever done for me. He continued on, his voice carrying each note perfectly.

Kiss me like you want to be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We're falling in love

  Tears were now buckets of salty water streaming down my cheeks. I need to hug whoever as singing. They went into a long period of strumming the guitar, before he could go onto the next verse, I stopped him.

  "Niall?" The music stopped.

  "Yes Gabriele?" An Irish accent spoke through the door.

  "You sing beautifuly." I complimented him, my voice was a bit shaky.

  "Thank you."

  I got up onto my feet, wiped my eyes with my sleve, and opened the door. Niall was sitting against his closed door with a light brown guitar laying on his lap, his body was facing my door. He looked up from his guitar with a smirk to make eye contact. He set his guitar to the side, and stood up, embracing me in a welcoming hug. I can feel the brick wall breaking down again as I make a weird moaning noise into his chest when I tried to catch my breath.

  "Ssh, everything will be okay." Niall rubbed circles on my back and placed his chin on top of my head.

  "Those g-girls a-a-are so mean! I-I d-di-didn't do a-an-anything t-to th-them." I was shaky and my words were studdering.

  "I know, I know. Those girls are not very nice. Don't worry, I'll take care of them."

  "Wha-what are y-you going t-to d-do."

  "Don't worry about a thing love, I won't hurt them or anything." he reassured me.

  A long period of silence followed until I asked a question that has been bothering me all day long.

  "Niall, do you think I'm stupid?"

  "Oh no, no. I would never think that. I just, don't want anything to happen to you, that is all."

  "Oh, okay."

  At this point, I was just going to let this one pass. I mean, he just sang my favorite song to me and stole my heart away, I think I will be okay, right?

  "I am sorry for hurting your feelings though, I didn't mean to."

  "It's okay. I did overeact a bit."

  "Hhhmm." he hummed, making my cheeks tickle.

  My ear was pressed againt his chest. Still, no heartbeat.

  "I like you Niall." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could even stop them.

  "I like you too Gabriele."

  I smiled and nuzzled my face closer into his chest.

  "Niall, I barely know anything about you. And I haven't told you barely anything about myself. the only one that sort of know me is Louis, but he can read my mind to that makes things kind of awkward."

  Niall laughed. "I know it's awkward. When I first meet Louis and he told me what he could do, it was kind of weird, but you definitely get use to it. The cool thing about Louis is that he doesn't tell anybody, he keeps it all to himself."

  "Why was it weird for you?"

  "Uhh..." he nervously laughs. "Maybe when you're older I'll tell you." he joked.

  "Ewww." I pulled back so we were now looking at each other. "You little nasty." I winked.

  We both laughed, still holding onto each other. When we quiet down, he looked at my cheeks then took his thumbs and wiped the streaks of old tears away.

  "I know,  my mascara is smeared a bit, I will go wash it off before I go downstairs."

  "It's fine, there isn't a whole bunch left, I got some of it." he observed his thumb. "So, I've got an idea Gabriele."

  "What is it?"

  "Let me take you out on a date this Friday. I've got a short shift, we'll go out to catch a movie and get dinner or find something fun to do. My treat." he smiled

  I've never been asked out on a date before, this was very exciting.

  "Okay Niall. I would love to go with you." I smiled sweetly.

  "Great, I can't wait." Niall smiled and brought my head onto his chest with his hand.

  "What is everybody doing downstairs?" I asked.

  He stood there, focusing of something. I guess he was using his vampire hearing cause he stood there in complete silence.

  "Harry is talking to Bailey about some party she wants to go to, Zayn and Rebecca are talking about photos, Liam is picking out a video game for us to play, and Louis is.."

 He paused for a moment, I guess he is trying to hear for a sign of him.

  "Not here. hmm, I wonder were he went?"

  "Maybe he went to get ice cream or something. I didn't see any when I looked for ice earlier."

  He better pick up something chocolate.

  "Do you want to go downstairs?" he asked


  He pulled back.

  "Are you sure you want to?"

  "Well, I might as well. I can't hide up here forever. Besides ice cream and video games sounds kind of fun."

  "Okay, your choice. Let's go." he let go of me and intertwined our finger together, this made my heart race.

  "Oh wait, let me change into my pajamas! These jeans are getting kind of uncomfortable."

  "Do you want me to wait for you?" he asked.

  "Nah, just save me a spot on the couch, I won't take long."

  "Okay, see you downstairs." he tuned around, picked up his guitar carefully and walked into his room.

  As soon as he was out of sight, I ran back into my room to change and clean up. The thing about not being comfortable in my jeans shorts, was kind of a lie. In all actuality, they were very comfy and I could wear them all the time, but I still have some of my thunder thighs since I have appear body structure, its mostly muscle. Small chest, big hips. I'm a bit insecure about them, but with my yoga paints, I don't worry so much since black is a slimming color. And, they are extremely comfortable for lounging around the house, so why not?

  After I changed my pants and washed my face, I left my room to head downstairs, but then I was suddenly pushed against Harry's door onto my back . I looked to find Bailey all up in my face, her finger digging hard in to my chest.

  "Listen you little twerp, let me set something's strait here. First off, Harry is mine. I see you do anything or say anything to him, I will personally ruin your thing with Niall. I see the way you look at him. You like Niall, don't you"?

  "Yes, I like Niall." It was now my turn to attack. "And never in a million years would I ever try anything on Harry. He is the biggest, jerk face on planet earth. I can't event stand to be near him. He is ALL yours, you can have him!"

  I pushed her away from the door wth my finger, we were now in the middle of the hallway, tention was flowing in the air like a musty cologne mixed with flowery perfume.

  "Good." She devilishly smirks, just like Harry would. "If you tell anybody about this, you will regret it. Am I clear?"

  "Clear as day."

  I wont have to tell, because they probably already heard everything. If only she knew.

  "Now, were is Harry's room, he told me to grab his jacket." her voice returned to its natural, annoying sound.

  I pointed to the door I was shoved against. "Jackets are hanging in his closet."

  "Thank you." She walked around me and went into his room.

  I left her to adventure around and walked downstairs in to the kitchen were Louis was scooping chocolate chip ice cream into multiple bowls.

  "Hey Louis." I sat down at a stool and cupped my head into my hand.

  "Hey Gabriele, you okay?" he raised his eyebrows and slid a bowl and spoon over to me.

  I took a bit of the vanilla, chocolatey goodness melting in my mouth, and nodded my head.

  "That's good. I heard what Bailey and Rebacca said at dinner."

  "Oh yea? Me too."

  "I never liked her, she is very cruel and low hearted on the inside. So is her friend who seems to really fancy Zayn. Goodness, he really doesn't like her, I can tell."

  "Did you hear what Bailey just told me?" I pointed my spoon to the ceiling.

  "Yea." he nodded his head.

  "Like I would ever like Harry. Never in million years."

  "You never know Gabriele, he sure knows how to pick up a girl. Better watch out." he winked.

  I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I grabbed two bowls of ice cream and took them into the living room to were everybody was sitting on the couch, Liam and Niall playing a racing game on the Wii.

  "I've got ice cream!" I shouted over the loud noise of the television.

  "Oh, ice cream. Finally!" Liam paused the race and motioned for his bowl.

  "Here you go Liam" I handed him his bowl.

  "Thank you ma'am."

  "Welcome. Here Niall." I handed Niall his and he gladly accepted by purposely brushing his hand against mine, making me jump with electricity shooting up my spine.

  "Hey! Were's mine?" Zayn shouted, trying to break the awkward tention between him and Rebecca.

  Poor guy can't get a break.

  "Calm down Zayn, I can only carry so many."

  "Oh yea. That's right."

  "Rebecca, would you like any ice cream?" I asked.

  "No thank you." She politely said, probably to show off in front of Zayn.


  "No, I'm good." He was texting someone.

  I went back, grabbed Zayn's and my ice cream, and followed Louis back into the living room. Bailey, Harry, and Rebecca were getting up off the couch as soon as we entered. Harry was slipping on a black blazer while the girls grabbed their duffel bag sized purses. You could carry a baby in those things.

  "Where are you guys going?" Louis asked.

  "Bailey's brother is throwing a party, you want to come?" Harry asked Louis.

  "Nah, maybe next time."

  "Alright, were heading out. See you guys later."

  "Bye Harry." We all replied.

 I sat down at the end of the couch and pulled my knees up to my chest in a comfy position.

  "Bye Gabriele." Bailey shouted.

  "Bye Bailey."

  "Bye Zayn. Call me sometime!" Rebecca shouted.

  "Bye Rebecca." Zayn seemed glad that they were leaving.

  They left out the front door, leaving all of us in the living room to enjoy the evening. Niall and Liam decided to continue their game after they finished. Louis sat down next to me, with Zayn on the opposite end.

  "This is good ice cream Louis. You did a good job picking it out." I said.

  "Ehh, it was the cheapest carton there. Liam can make some fantastic homemade root beer floats, maybe he will make some this week." Louis hinted.

  "I don't see why not." Liam said, focused on the colorful screen.

  "Who's winning?" I asked, mouth full of ice cream.

  "I am." Niall shouted.

  "Not for long buddy." At that moment, Liam's character passed Niall and crossed the finish line, ending the game.

  "What the- how did you do that?" Niall looked at Liam with shock.

  "I'm just good like that. I won!" Liam threw his hands in the air, controller in hand as he waves them around. "I am undefetable! I told you Niall."

  Liam had just asked for a challenge right then and there. No one could ever beat me at this game, I always got first place. No matter what.

  "Oh please, I could beat you with my eyes closed."

  Liam and Niall turned their heads back. Niall had a smile on his face while Liam had his eyebrow arched.

  "Are you asking for a challenge Gabriele?"
 "I guess I am. Niall, hand over the remote."

  I got off the couch to sit on the floor. Niall quickly scooted over to make room and handed over the white remote. We picked out our characters, their cars, and what location the race would be in. The countdown was beginging from 10.

  "Prepare to loose Gabriele." Liam teased.

  "You will be eating those words in a few minutes Liam."

   5, 4, 3, 2, 1....... GO!!

  The race began with me in first place, Liam in 3rd. During the first lap, I was quick, my turns were sharp, I didn't let anybody pass me. All the boys were cheering me on, Niall was yelling in my right ear which made me laugh. I had just passed the finish line for the second time when somehow, Liam had caught up right next to me. He slammed his car right into mine, making me crash right into the wall, setting me back to 4th place.

  "Woah Liam, lets play nice here." I laughed.

  "I don't think so." he laughed back.

  It took me only a minute to catch up to second place, I was right on Liam's tail.

  "Better watch out Liam, she is right behind you." Zayn called out.

  "Not for long." I whispered.

  The game had just given me a boost, which I know exactly when to use it. All I had to do was wait. Tention was built up inside of me, we were almost done with the last lap. Liam was only a few inches in front of me. Finally there was only one more turn until we would cross the finish line. The other boys were on the edge of their seats with excitement. We both made the right turn, almost to the finish line.

  "Come on Gabriele, catch up. Hurry!" Niall yelled in my ear.

  At that moment, I pressed the "B" button, activating the boost, sped by Liam, letting his eat my dust, and past the finish line in first place. Niall, Louis, and Zayn stood up and cheered loudly. I joined them by doing a ridiculous victory dance. Liam sat on the floor in defeat, his jaw dropped in complete shock.

  "What now Liam! I told you you would eat your words!" I cheered, poking him I the shoulder.

  "I-I-I can't believe you beat me."

  "Maybe next time Liam.' I patted the top of his head, then turned around to join the boys who were celebrating.

  "That was sick Gabriele! For a moment there I thought he was going to beat you!" Louis highfived me.

  "Yea! Nice move there at the end, that was pure genius!" Zayn fist pumped.

  "Aww thanks you guys. I told you, I am undefeatable."

  "Good game Gabriele." I turned around to see Liam with a small grin on his handsome face, hand held out for a shake.

  "Oh Liam, just hug me." I flung my arms out into the air.

  He gladly accepted and embraced me into his arms, my heart started racing right as our skin touched.

  "Good game Liam."

  "Thank you love."

  "Group hug!" Niall shouted.

  "No!" I tried to shout, but before I was heard, the rest of the boys were crowding around me.

  I guess they decided to use their vampire strength to hug because I was being squished to death. Literally. I could barely breath, all I could see was darkness because the boys were much taller than I was. I couldn't move, all I could hear was laughing.

  "Guys, hey guys. I'm fragile, please let me go." I tried to make out.

  "Why are your lips blue?" Niall asked. "Are you okay?"

  "Let. Me. go please." I gasped for air, my lungs were collapsing in my chest.

  "Guys, we're crushing her." Louis said.

  They all let go quickly. I gasped for air, sounding like a fish out of water. A coughing fit came quickly after, my head was returning to feel less compacted.

  "I guess we shouldn't do that again. Are you okay Gabriele?" Niall laughed.

  "I'm. cough. Good. cough, cough. Don't worry. Cough." I quickly dove for the couch to catch my breath.

  "I'll go get her some water." Liam walked to the kitchen.

  "Good idea." Louis told him.

  The coughing had died down a whole bunch as soon as I drank the glass of water. My throat was still a bit sore.

  "Thank you." I handed Liam the empty glass.

  "Welcome." He set it on the coffee table with the empty bowls.

  "I don't want to play video games anymore, lets do something else." Liam suggested.

  "Why? Because you got beat by a girl?" Niall teased, plopping down on the couch next to me.

  "No! I let her win! But, seriously. The remotes are almost dead, they will have to charge over night."

  "Yea, sure Liam. Whatever you say!" Louis punched him on the arm, Liam returned the gesture with a death glare.

   My hand was sitting open, faced up. I didn't even knotice it until Niall slipped his hand with mine, our fingers giving each other company. My cheeks rose in temperature as I blushed shyly. I looked at Niall who was smiling adorably, making me smile too.

  "What do you want to do Gabriele?" Niall asked.

  I shrugged my sholders. "We could watch a movie."

  "How about a movie Liam?" Niall suggested.

  "Okay. What movie?"

  "You pick." Niall nodded his head towards me.

  "Uh, let see..." I thought hard of a movie.

  I didn't want to make them watch a chick flick since there dudes, but that's all the type of movies I would watch at home. Romances were my favorite.

  "We can watch a chick flick if you want to Gabriele." Louis read my mind.

  "Oh no! That's okay, we don't have to if you guys don't want to. Umm.."

 This was getting a bit awkward for me, I really didn't care what we watched. I looked round until I stopped at Zayn who was texting someone, focus was deep in his phone.

  "Zayn! You pick out the movie!"

  His head shot up. He locked his phone, slipped it in his pocket, the stood up and walked over to the large CD rack next to the television. He crouched down, running his fingers over the backs, picked out a movie, and put it in the CD player. A blue light appeared on the screen with a loading box in the corner. Zayn walked back and sat down. The commercials started playing, this would be a great opportunity to grab snacks.

  "Let me go grab some snacks. Anyone want anything?" I let go of Niall's hand.

  "Popcorn." Liam said.

 "Chips." Louis added.

  "I don't care, what ever you bring." Zayn added.

  I went into the kitchen, started the popcorn in the microwave and went to the cabinets to grab the other food when Niall waked in to the kitchen in full vampire speed. He was suddenly standing right infront of me, my back against the side of the counter. His eyes were growing darker and darker by the second, I could tell he was hungry for blood. I stopped dead in my tracks and held my breath, I tilted my head to the left, exposing my neck. Niall licked his lips, his eyes were a deathy black and his white fangs were growing from his pink gums. He lifted his top lip and leaned in, piercing my neck, pain shooting through my upper body. I gasped for air, my hand gripped on the counter for support. Niall placed one hand on the back of my head while the other was pressed against my back.  The blood quickly emptied out of my body, my knees were starting to get weak, I couldn't even keep my eyes open. My body started to go numb, I couldn't feel anything in my arms or neck, my legs were almost like rubber. He only drank or about a minute more and then released his grasp, licked around the wound, kissed it with his soft, moist lips, then pulled back his head so he could look at my face. He placed a cold hand on my cheek while his eyes changed color back to the beautiful, crystal blue and his fangs sunk back into his gums.

  "I'm sorry. I was so hungry, I couldn't take it anymore. I'll go get Zayn, go sit down beautiful." he whispered.

  I nodded my head and walked to a stool. It only took about five second until Zayn was sitting next to me, his eyes already turning the beautiful shade of purple.

  "I need you to tilt your head for me sweetie." he whispered.

  The bite was already throbbing in pain, whenever I moved it, tears would emerge. I could barely stand it anymore. Zayn blew onto it, his cold breath felt amazing on my wound. The pain drifted away and I felt as good as new again.

  "Thank you Zayn."

  "You're very welcome." Zayn kissed my hand and went into the living room.

  Niall stood there with a bowl of popcorn, a bag of chips, and a box of cheese its in his arms with a cheeky smile on his face. He looked like an adorable idiot to be honest.

  "Thanks for the warning Niall." I said sarcasticly

  "Oh, come on. Lets go, the movie is going to start soon."

   We sat down on the couch, me taking the box of cheese its for Niall and I to share. I layed my legs across Niall's lap as he grabbed my hand again. The movie began.

  When the movie was over, I decided to head for bed. I hugged and kissed everybody's cheeks goodnight. Niall and Louis kissed my cheek back and I headed upstairs. I got ready for bed, slipped under my covers and drifted off to sleep until about three in the morning when I woke up to a loud banging sound downstairs.

 Harry was home, and I had a bad feeling he has hungry.

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