My Bloodsucking Prince

Have you ever walked home feeling like someone was watching you? I did on the day I was kidnapped by Niall and kept captive as him and his friends food source. Vampires, they're all vampires. I'm reunited with my middle school bully and everything changes for the worse. Will I ever be the same again?



10. Chapter 10

  I plopped onto my bed completely exhausted from cleaning. I had just finished cleaning everybody's rooms, I was tired and hungry. I glance to my alarm clock which read 2:50, Louis would be home soon. My stomach grumbled, begging for something to eat. I got up slowly from my comfortable bed and made my way to the kitchen. I filled my water bottle with more water and searched around all the cabinets until I came upon a box of cheese-its. Since we were going to eat dinner in a few hours, I didn't want to each a whole bunch of food. I opened up the brand new box, ripped the bag open and grabbed a plastic bowl. When I got the amount I wanted, I walked upstairs in my room, sat down in my bubble chair, and thought about what tonight might turn out to be like.  

 Was Bailey nice? Or would she be evil like Harry? I wonder what she looks like, probably bleach blonde with duck lips like all of the girls Harry has dated in the past. What do the other boys think of her? Does Niall think she's hot? Or Liam, what does Liam think?
   My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of knocking on my bedroom door. I turned my head to see Louis sticking his smiley face into the doorway.
  "Hello Louis." I greated.  

   "Hello Gabriele, how are you?" he took a few steps into the room.
  "I'm good I guess, exhausted though. I've been cleaning all day long and just finished about ten minutes ago" I ate a couple of cheese-its.
   "I noticed the house looked better than usual, you did a good job."

  "Thank you kind sir, I sure appreciate it. Did Niall tell you about dinner tonight?"
  "Yea. He wants me to take you at 5:30 and we will meet them all there at 6ish."
   Confusion ran across my mind, putting a puzzled expression on my face.
   "I thought Niall was coming back to the house?"
    "Well, it turns out that he works near the restaurant, so he decided not the waste gas and just meet us."
  Of coarse he did, he wouldn't want to do anything stupid now would he?
   "That's okay." I said. "I'm kind of mad at him at the moment."

  "I know" Louis sat down at the end of the bed and smirked. "I can read your mind remember?"  
   "Yea, about that. Please don't tell anybody what I'm thinking about, that would just make everything awkward. I'm still getting use to the fact that you know what goes through this crazy brain of mine." I giggled and tapped my head with my finger.
  "Okay Gabs, I promise." he laughs.

  "Cheese-it?" I held out the bowl to him.
   "Well, don't mind if I do." he grabbed a whole handful and ate one.

   I look into the bowl, only five were left at the bottom.
   "Louis, that was my lunch." I pouted my lip, pretending to be a little kid.
  "Eh, we are going to eat soon." he winked, eating more of my food.
  "You are a butt chin." I jokefuly played. 

  "I could say the same."
  I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled. A huge wave of fatigue came over me and a huge yawn came out of my mouth.
   "Oh goodness, I am tierd."
  "Well, you have plenty of time for a power nap, I can wake you up at 5 if you would like so you can get ready."  

   "That would be awesome, but could you get me up at 4:45? I still need to take a shower."
   "Mhhm." he hummed and nodded his head.

  "Thanks, take this bowl with you when you leave. Please?" I held out the bowl to him.
  "Sure." he grabbed the bowl and stood up, making his way to the door.
   I jumped out of my bubble chair, crawled under the covers into a comfy position, and closed my eyes.
  "Sweet dreams Gabriele." Louis turned the light off and shut the door behind him.

  I started a nice rhythm of breathing in and out. In less than ten minutes, I was sound asleep.   *************************************************************************************************    "Gabriele... Gabriele.... Come on, get up love, you have to get ready." a voice cooed softly in my ear.  

   "Wha?" I open my eyes to see Louis siting  on the side of the bed. He changed his clothes from a white blouse and black trousers to a black t-shirt and light blue jeans.
  "Good afternoon sleeping beauty." Louis smiled sweetly.
   "Mmmmm." I mumbled. "What time is it?"
   "4:45, just like you asked."
  "Uugh, I'm so tired though. Do I have to go?" I sat up from under the covers and rubbed my eyes, getting all the sleep out of my system.
  "Yes, you have to go." he patted my thigh. "Now, get ready. Zayn and I will be waiting down in the living room for you."
  "Okay Mom"

  Louis stood up and left the room, shutting the door.

As soon as he left, I slowly got out of bed and walked like a zombie into the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, then started getting ready for a shower. Before I hopped in, I plugged in my hair straightener so it could get warm and turned on the radio to the local pop station which was playing some commercial for a chance to win tickets to some music concert.
   "Ugg, I hate commercials."
    Once I was done in the shower and all wrapped up in my nice, white, fluffy towels, I walked to my closet and picked out my outfit for the evening. My style was very simple, so I picked out a pair of dark jean shorts, a black tank top to go underneath my neon pink hoodie, and my favorite pair of brown slip-ons with neon yellow socks to keep my shoes from stinking. You could say that I looked like a walking highlighter with all of my bright clothing on.

  I hung up my wet towels on a hook and plugged in my blow dryer. Since my dirty blonde hair was so thick, it took forever for it to dry all the way. Once it was dry, I took the straightener and started to straiten my hair the best I could, twirled my long side bangs and kept the out to the way with bobby pins. I put deodorant on my underarms, sprayed my berry scented perfume on my neck and wrists, and applied mascara to my eyelashes, making my blue eyes pop with color.
    "I'm good to go."
  Thankfully the pimple cream made the redness go down and all there was left was a small bump that was barely noticeable. I took a long look at myself, checking for anything I needed to fix. Not finding anything, I walked out, slipped on my brown shoes, and made my way through the hall and downstairs. I walk into the living room to find Louis and Zayn playing some shooting game on the Xbox. The sound of gun shots and the army avatars screaming at each other filled my ears. The boys were sitting criss cross on the carpet, all of their attention focused on the screen. Zayn was wearing black jeans and a red shirt that made him look, well, hot.
    "I'm ready to go." I stood in the doorway, hand on hip and foot taping the carpet floor, waiting for a response.

  Zayn pauses the game and looks over to me, a smile spread across his face.
  "Hey Gabriele! Vas Happenin?" he asked in a weird voice.
  "I am ready to go guys, don't want to be late now do we?"
  "Nope, come on Louis, I'll drive." Zayn and Louis stood up, turned off the game counsel and TV, and walked toward the front door.

 Louis stopped next to me, his eyes scanned up and down my body, making me feeling a bit insecure and uncomfortable.
  "You look very pretty tonight Gabriele." Louis smiled his perfect smile and winked.
  "Thank you Louis, you don't look to bad yourself." I winked about and followed Zayn outside.       We walked down the concreted drive way to a black car which I presumed was Zayn's vehicle. Louis help open my door, smiling sweetly. His smile made the whole world light up with happiness, his smile could solve depression all over the universe.
  "Thank you Louis." I smiled shyly.
   "You are very welcome love." his British voice made the world light up a bit more.
  I sat in the back seat and Louis shut the door, then got in his own and sat down. Once all out seat belts were fascined, Zayn turned his head around to pull out of the driveway and we headed down the street, passing multiple bunches of beautiful house on each side of the window.
  "Do you have the address to this place?" Zayn asked Louis.
  "Harry texted me the address a couple minutes ago, I will put it in the GPS." Louis answered.      Louis then pressed random buttons into the touch screen dash board until a map with a bold green stripe appeared on the screen.
 "Do you need the lady voice on?" Louis asked Zayn.

  "Nah man, she annoys the heck out of me."

  I laugh at this, he was right, that voice was extremely annoying. I stare up the at dashboard, trying to find a clock. The time was 5:36. I took a look around Zayn's car, there were a pair of tennis shoes, a jacket, tissues, a sandwich wrapper, and a laptop sitting in the seat next to me. The car was over powered with the smell of too much cologne and stinky shoes, making my nose sting and my eyes water a bit. He needed to clean this car immediately. Cool air was blowing against my legs and cheeks making me shiver a little bit, but it felt very nice in the stuffy car. I zoned out looking outside at the passing houses while Zayn was telling Louis something about sandwich prices or something.
    It didn't take long until we came into the driveway of the restaurant. Cars filled the parking lot, making it almost impossible to even park. We had to drive around a few times before finding a spot near the front door.
   "Were here!" Zayn shouted.
   "Thank goodness, I thought we would never find a place to park." Louis mumbled.
  "This place is packed, I hope someone saved us a seat." Zayn replied.
  I stayed quiet the whole way out of the car into the restaurant. My nostrils filled with the delicious aroma of tortilla chips and cooking hamburger meat, the Mexican music had a nice beat to it, but I couldn't understand what the person was saying. A tall greeter with black shinny hair and taco earrings greeted us as soon as we entered.
  "Hello! Welcome to Taco Loco, how many are we seating tonight?" he voice was very welcoming and she had a good, energetic personality.

  "Actually, we are with Harry Style. He said we already had a table." Louis informed her.
   "Ah yes, please follow me this way."
   She lead us through a long hallway of people filled booths into another room with large tables and chairs. I spotted Niall right away as he stuffed his face with a chip covered in red salsa across the room in a far corner. She lead us through a crowd of people already enjoying their dinner and stopped when we arrive to the table.

    "Here you go guys, enjoy the rest of you evening. A waiter will be with you shortly." she smiled, clapping her small hands together.
"Thank you." Zayn, Louis, and I said.

  Each of us took a random spot in the empty chairs and scooted ourselves in. To my right was Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry , two girls, and Louis was to my left. The two girls were talking to themselves across from me while harry was on his phone, and Liam and Niall were talking secretly tone another. I stare at Niall for a few seconds, then focused my gaze upon Harry who was now out of his phone with a devious smirk towards me, his green eyes sparkling from the over head light. My stomach twisted in a knot inside of me.
  "I am glad you could join us Gabriele." Harry's smirk was now a devilish grin.
  "Wish I could say the same Harry." I took a chip and dipped in the salsa.

  "What took you guys so long?" Harry asked Zayn.
  "It took us forever to find a decent parking spot. This place is packed!"
   "Harry, who is this?" the girl next to Harry asked.

   Both of the girls looked at me with a type is disgust that made me want to crawl under the table and hide. The girl next to Harry had bleach blonde hair and hazel eyes outlined with make up. Her tan went perfectly with her yellow, lacy sundress and her teeth were sparkling white. She had on dangle sparkly earrings and she was skinny as a little twig. Maybe, to skinny. Her friend was burnett with brown eyes and a small, sparkly nose ring. Her sun dress was navy blue and her earring were exactly like the other girls. Both of them had on flowery perfume that actually smelled really good, and both were extremely beautiful on the outside. On the inside might be a different story.
   "Bailey, this is Lauren, Louis sister. Lauren, this is my girlfriend Bailey and her friend Rebecca." Harry introduced us.
  "Hello." I said
  "Well, we know who didn't get the looks in that family." Bailey mumbled to Rebecca, thinking I couldn't hear them. Rebecca and Harry laughed to Baileys comment.
  Ouch, that one stung a bit.
  I pretended that I just hadn't heard what she had said and continued eating my chips and salsa.
 "So Lauren, why haven't I meet you before?" Bailey asked.
 "Our parent are on business in Africa for a couple of years so they sent me here to live with Louis." I replied.

   "That's to bad, she would have fitted right in with the animals." Rebecca whispered loudly to Bailey.
  Now that one stung a whole bunch, but seriously these girls were stupid. You don't say something like that in front of a whole bunch of people who care about that person, well, at least act like they care.
   "How old are you then?" Bailey asked after she had finished laughing
   "Fourteen." I ate another chip.
  "Woah, what an age difference between the both of you!" he voice was really high and annoying, she sounded like her nose was clogged and that she had a very bed wedgie or something. Niall was right, she was annoying.
   "Eh, its not that bad. We do get along well, don't we Lauren?" Louis playfully punched my arm.
 "Yup, were like buddies." I punched him hard without making it to obvious.
 "When did you get here?" Rebecca asked.

  I glance over to Niall, who looked like he knew what they had said about me with sorrow in his ocean blue eyes. I glare at him in that moment, letting him know I was mad at him. The waiter at that moment and asked us what we would like to drink and if we wanted any appetizers. Zayn ordered a small bowl of guacamole for himself.
  "Hey Zayn." I whisper. "Do you mind sharing your guacamole with me?" With my puppy dog eyes and my hands folded together, no one could say no to this face.
  "I guess I can share with my favorite human." he winked at me, reminding me when we were are the house.   

   I laughed "Aw Zayn, you're the best."
  "Aw Zaynie, I though I was your favorite." Rebecca fluttered her eyelashes, which made her look like her eyes were having some sort of spasm.
 "I have never said that." Zayn made serious eye contact with Rebecca's brown eyes.

  "Oh, that is to bad then." She ate a chip.
  This girl is trying way to hard to get Zayn's attention. Rebecca is flirting horribly with Zayn, and its very clear that Zayn is not interested one bit. I can feel Niall's gaze upon me with every move I make, but I will not let him get what he wants, he will not get my attention. This dinner was getting quite awkward for me at this moment. Everybody already knew each other and here I am, a stranger, the youngest one at the table. The waiter finally returned with all of our drinks on two tray. Once I got my drink, I took a huge gulp. I was so thirsty it wasn't even funny. The salsa was kind of spicy and I was dying in this hoodie, I never knew it could be so hot with air conditioning, having to pee didn't make anything better.
  "If you would excuse me, I need to use the restroom real quick." I told the table.
   "Hey, what do you want me to order you if the waiter comes?" Niall asked as I made my way through the pulled out chairs behind me.
  "Just get me some tacos." I sternly told him. My blood boiled in my veins from the memory of the text. Do something stupid? Please.
  As soon as I got away from the mess of chairs, I bent down next to Niall, my mouth right by his left ear, and whispered softly.
  "Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid."  

   I look at Liam who had his head facing his lap, then I look back at Niall who clearly knew now why I was mad at him.
    "Gab-" before he could say anymore, I was already making my way through the crowded room to the women's bathroom.

  Once I did my business, I flushed and waked to the marble top sink to wash my hands. I stared at my reflection in the mirror in front of me. All that was running through my head were the cruel comments Rebecca and Bailey had said. They both sounded like girl versions of Harry, no wonder Bailey is dating him.
   "Just because you are not a model, doesn't mean you are not beautiful." I whisper this quote that my mom would always tell me when Harry would call me awful names, this quote always brought up my spirits, eventually.  

  I turn the water off, dry my hands, and leave the bathroom, walking back to the table. Rebecca was obviously still flirting with Zayn with her hand on his shoulder. Zayn looked like he was ready to leave at a drop of a hat. Bailey and Harry were disgustingly using PDA by kissing every single five seconds, her hands were all tangled in Harry's curls while his hand was making its way down to her small bum. I will never be able to unsee this. Niall, Liam, and Louis were in deep conversation about athletic clothes on hot models. I won't be able to unhear that either.

  I sat done and minded my own business. The menus were gone with straws left in he same spot, they must have ordered already. From the looks of the dinner rush, I had a bad feeling that we were going to be here awhile. Oh great.
  30 minutes of boredom with the only thing to entertain myself was by stirring my water with my straw and adding random sugar packets without talking to anybody inched by when our food finally arrived. I ate my tacos and stole Zayn's guacamole in silence as everybody else was in deep conversation with one another.

  To be honest, I felt kind of lonely. Being ignored for more than a half hour was not very fun at all. No one had talked to me the whole entire time we were eating dinner, the rude comment were flying around in my brain, and at this point, my heart was already in the pit of my stomach, and tears were starting to build up in the chambers of my eyelids. Luckily by the time I was ready to go, everyone was getting up and saying their goodbyes.
   "Goodbye Gabriele, see you at the house!" Bailey and Rebecca called out to me in the parking lot before getting in Bailey's car.
  I ignored them and got into Zayn's car without saying goodbye to anybody. The boys decided we were all going to meet back at the house to eat ice cream and play video games, which I was not interested in. Zayn and Louis talked the whole way home with the rest of the boys and girls following us home in their own cars. I stared out the window the whole time, trying my hardest not to start crying.

   Once we arrived at the house, I felt as if I were going to burst out in tears at any moment. I was ignored most of the night, those comments were absolutely rude, and Niall thinking I was to do something stupid just broke my heart into millions of pieces and I wanted to run away. I wanted to go home so bad, its not even funny. I want my old life back, not this one as a prisoner. As soon as everybody started getting out of their cars I unbuckled my seat belt and I was out of that car as fast as lightning. I started to speed walk to the front door, passing all of the boys on my way.
  "Gabriele, what's wrong?" Niall asked with concern in his eyes, grabbing my arm.
  "Let me GO Niall." Tears were pouring down my cheeks. I yanked my arm away from his grasp and ran inside.  

  "GABRIELE!" Niall started walking faster behind me.
  Luckily the front door was unlocked. I ran inside, up the stairs into my room, Niall right on my tail, locked my door, and kicked off my shoes.  I ran to my bed and planted my face into my pillow, crying and crying my small heart out onto the sheets.                          

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