Lost Twin (done)

Alex and Harry were separated from birth. Now, She is in an ASAP killing group... She isn't anymore Alex, but a Christina full of blood, and her mission is to kill Harry and his family, but before that she need to figure her past......


5. Uneasy feelings

Christina pov:

 I could feel that they realised iam not the aunt. I looked at Harry. In many ways we look like eac other. What is more amazing he have 4 nipples like me.. They said it is a twin accident.. No I don't think iam his twin! No way! Erase these ideas I thought to myself. Harry came in my room."hello  aunt marcy" I nod, "hello why aren't you sleeping?" I gulped. " you aren't my aunt, cause she is now in NY!" I looked at his eyes. As a smirk played in his face. "Ok" as I took off the covers, and show the real face of mine. I could see he was amazed. We look like each other. We smell the same. We are similar, in a twin way. "Are you a twin I don't know?" He looks serious. "Idk" as I jumped from the window. Iam already puzzled, and he too. Thank god, I have my stuff with me.

 Harry pov:

 she jumped from the window, and left me puzzled. I can't get it. As I hugged my knees, and stared at the floor. She told me she don't know. I don't know too.. What the hell is happening here! I rocked myself a little, as the ideas popped in my head. She is my twin. Nbobdy can look the same as me, except if it is a twin. I can't believe what is happening. I stood up as I headed to my mom, for a good explanation..

 When I sat down at the chair next to my mom, she looked at my eyes."so she isn't your aunty" she didn't need an answer, she already knows it. " mom did I have a twin?" She freezes at the spot. I can see she is nervous. "Yes" was all she said. "Mom then why didn't you tell me! And why she isn't with us!" I really need an explanation. I was so mad, that I could destroy anyone. She cried. "Mom don't cry, please just explain" I said patting her back gently. "Ok, look Harry what I say, don't tell to anyone ok?" I nod as a reply. I am waiting mom, I gave her my serious face. She nod as she starts to talk.

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