Lost Twin (done)

Alex and Harry were separated from birth. Now, She is in an ASAP killing group... She isn't anymore Alex, but a Christina full of blood, and her mission is to kill Harry and his family, but before that she need to figure her past......


9. The box and the key

Harry pov:

she entered to our house. She was quiet, maybe still thinking like me. The guys came, and looked at me, then Alex, them me, them Alex......."ok ok you get it, she is my twin!" I said loudly. My mom pushed them to the kitchen to talk about it.. I just lean at the wall looking at her. "Do you have a key?" I thought of the box, and the key thingy. It can help us in a way or another. She nod, as she gave a key similar to the box. I had the biggest smile ever. She wasn't reacting normal, as if she is bothered or.."look Alex, iam sorry" I said looking down, "about what?" "Not defending you when they took you" she stood up, and came close to me and hugged me. "No worries, and anyway you were young and couldn't do anything" I nod, I just don't want he. To feel vain again, not while iam here. All the boys came back, as they had the pity face. Ohhhh!! How much I hate the pity from anyone! The box. I opened it and saw a pic of us while we are 5 years old, and a doll?! Alex eyes widen, as she fell at the ground hugging the doll."I remember...everything!" That's when we all hugged, and felt the pleasure of it. Gemma felt jealous. I didn't give a great concern about it.. Now to our mission, kill the boss, and make revenge. I like the sound of it. "Guys you can stay here" I said clearly enough. They looked at each other, "when one of us go to an adventure, we tag along" Louis said. They all nod, and from this spot, we are ready, for the big fight.

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