Lost Twin (done)

Alex and Harry were separated from birth. Now, She is in an ASAP killing group... She isn't anymore Alex, but a Christina full of blood, and her mission is to kill Harry and his family, but before that she need to figure her past......


6. Past box: opened

 Harry pov:

 my mom breathed and went to her room. I stayed there, waiting for her. I can't believe all this time I had a twin, and I don't know about. The more I think about it, the more iam mad. Mom came with a box? I never saw it before. She sat down playing with the box. She was sad, very." You are ready" I nod, I can't wait for my past to open.

"well, I gave birth to twins. You and the girl you just saw now.her name is Alex. Before giving birth, I was working at a spy group the ASAP." She inhaled few more before she continues.i just can't believe what I heard. " my job was to kill bad people. The group was very good, but then turned to kill anyone. The boss got insane, and give missions to kill people. I quiet. Before I did that, he promised he would take something so close from my heart! I couldn't handle it Harry I just couldn't. 5 years I was talking care of all of you, till they came." "What happened next mom, tell me!"I said now, loosing my nerves. I have a twin , Harry you have a twin. I thought of it. I could see my mom crying." Then, then they came and took her, he was laughing at me, but promised me that he won't kill her. Then they took her. I went there many times to have her back, but I couldn't. As I realise she don't remember us, they deleted her memory..and now she works with them. I feel her mission is to killus, otherwise she wouldn't have came back." I stood up, I swear I wanna hit someone. "Harry sit down, iam not done, take this box. The key is with your sister. Talk to her, remember her, and just do your best" as she stood up and went to the bathroom. I cried, as I went to my room. I carried the box next to my heart. Alex, come please. I pleaded

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