Lost Twin (done)

Alex and Harry were separated from birth. Now, She is in an ASAP killing group... She isn't anymore Alex, but a Christina full of blood, and her mission is to kill Harry and his family, but before that she need to figure her past......


15. Life continues..(final)

Harry pov:

it is been three month since that happen.gemma is fine, and Alex too. Did I forget to tell you, that Liam now is her bf?! It wasn't easy in the beginning but then they got together. Louis is kind of sad, but he would always tell you it's fine bro. Life is way awesome now with my twin."hey Harry come here we are playing truth or dare!" Alex screamed in my ears."ouch that hurts" I said in the most babyish voice ever. How I love her.

alex pov:

 iam Alex, an 18 years, having an awesome brother, with awesome family, and awesome friends. You are wondering what happened to the group right? Well now it is arrested and got close! Yay right? Anyway iam not finally having what I always wished for, a great life with the people you love. I love my life!!

 Liam pov:

i have an amazing girlfriend. She got used to us, and iam happy for Harry. He finally found his "lost twin"


Author points: so it is the end. She got what she wished, and nothing called ASAP anymore. Happy ending right?

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