Lost Twin (done)

Alex and Harry were separated from birth. Now, She is in an ASAP killing group... She isn't anymore Alex, but a Christina full of blood, and her mission is to kill Harry and his family, but before that she need to figure her past......


11. Entering to the building

Alex pov:

 we arrived at Russia. It is been cold as usual, so iam not surprised. Yet, I feel uneasy for the guys, I can't just let them inside the situation, it is between me and the boss. I had a good idea, a good one. 

 First I saw one of the agents, so I strike at him, which caused him a coma. Good 1 out 6. My family and the guys looked at me with an "o". I smirked as I saw five other agents. Take that and that! In seconds they had been added to the other guy.we entered normally to the building, nobody asked us, or anything.my chance, I thought. I led them to their seats, and remind them about the plan. Then I went to the boss, the battle will start in any min, as I pressed 4 at the elevator.

harry mom pov:

 where is she? I saw her as she went up the elevator!? Is she going alone, without us!"Harry stay here with the guys, Gemma come" as I went to the elevator. I pressed 4. You are wondering how I knew? Didn't I told you, I was an agent here? That answers. Gemma was ready, while I prepared my gun. Alex, my daughter, won't be alone.

alex pov: why do I feel that this will be hard. "Hello agent, how is your day?" He asked. I nod as I took my gun out .. He laughs,"so you know?well don't worry, I won't be killed easily" as he jumped and attacked me with a gun. A deep pain fill my arm, as I fell at the ground, and everything went black.

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