Your the smoke to my high

Katy moved to England when her dad left her mum for another women. Her mum is a workaholic and is hardly ever home. When Katy moves she has to attend a new school and make new friends. She bonds quickly with a group but what happens when the bad boy of the group takes a liking to her?


44. josh

I've started to move on with my life and accept that I could no longer be with my baby.

I was even going out tonight with a friend I haven't seen from I was about seven. His name is Josh. We used to be best friends when we were little.

I remember when he used to chase me around the trees pretending to throw spiders at me, the memory made me smile.

Why has it been so long since I'd seen him? Oh yeah that's right, he got a girlfriend and then just decided to leave me. Now I guess he's not with her and wants to get back in my life. I know what your probably thinking, why let him back in my life so easily? Well after losing the baby I realised life is short and people die so suddenly and without a cause. I don't want to lose anyone else.

I was just fixing my dress when Liam came in.

"Your wearing that to go out with him" he snarled, safe to say Liam was a little jealous. More than a little really.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked pouting a little.

"Nothing just make sure I'm the one to take it off tonight. He's not aloud to touch you, in any way" Liam warned me. I smiled, shaking my head a little.

"Liam I only want you" I reminded him before kissing his cheek and going down stairs to wait for Josh.


I'm so so sorry for not updating. I've had exams and eveything. I'll try update a lot more for you guys. I hope you liked this chapter

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