Your the smoke to my high

Katy moved to England when her dad left her mum for another women. Her mum is a workaholic and is hardly ever home. When Katy moves she has to attend a new school and make new friends. She bonds quickly with a group but what happens when the bad boy of the group takes a liking to her?


45. I'm with Liam

I was sitting on a stool by the bar while Josh ordered our drinks. We had only been here for ten minutes and Josh already had girls falling at his feet. 

"Hey, Josh, them girls over there are looking at you, you should go talk to them, they look cute" I nudged Josh showing him the three girls I was talking about. Everyone starring at Josh. 

"No, I'm good" he laughed 

"and why not?" I asked 

"because I'm actually into someone else" he confessed looking at me. 

"Just go talk to them" the girls were obviously trying to get Josh's attention, they fixed them selves up and giggled loudly. 

Josh shook his head, passing me my drink and drinking his own. 

The drink went down my throat, feeling really good as it went down. 

Josh was smiling at me as I drunk "what?" I laughed 

Josh smiled bigger moving closer, he lifted his hand to my cheek and smashed his lips to mine, I pulled away and slapped him. 

"What the fuck, I'm with Liam and you know that" I shouted storming out of the club, wanting to go home already. 

"Yes but you aren't happy. Are you?" He asked 

how dare he, how dare eh question my relationship. Of course I was happy with Liam. Why would I be with him if I wasn't?  

"Of course I'm happy with Liam, he's my everything" I told Josh while looking for a cab 

"I'm not gonna stop trying" he told me 

"it's going to get you nowhere" I snapped 

I whistled for a cab and jumped in leaving Josh standing alone on the street. 

I hadn't realised I had only been out for half an hour when I went back home to Liam. 

"Why are you back so early?" He asked 

"I wanted you to take me out of this dress" I smirked at him. Deciding to leave Josh out of it. Liam would kill him. Liam pulled me upstairs and straight to the bedroom. 

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