Your the smoke to my high

Katy moved to England when her dad left her mum for another women. Her mum is a workaholic and is hardly ever home. When Katy moves she has to attend a new school and make new friends. She bonds quickly with a group but what happens when the bad boy of the group takes a liking to her?


22. Gym

*Liam's POV*

"Babe I'm going out" I called up the stairs to Katy while I put my leather jacket off

"how long you gonna be?" she asked walking down and hugging my waist while pouting, I smiled and kissed her forehead

"You're killing me" I laughed trying to change the subject because I really wasn't sure how long I would be.

"What? How?" she asked looking confused

"Because every time I see you I forget to breath" I chuckled making her laugh loudly

"Wow who knew you could be cheesy?" she laughed

"I knew" I replied kissing her lips and then walking out the door


I walked through the doors of the gym and straight over to Matt

"Where are they?" I snarled

"They said they'd be here, so they'll be here" he smiled

I sighed and nodded walking away to change.


When I came back, there they were, the three boys that beat me outside the club and the same three boys I was going to beat now.

*Katy's POV*

When Liam left I ran upstairs to call El and the girls and see if they wanted to do something.

"Hey El" I smiled

"Hey girl, hows you?" she smiled

"Good I was calling to see if you wanted to do something?" I asked

"Well actually me and the girls were going to the gym with the boys, do you wanna come?" she asked, I thought about it for a moment before I answered

"Yeah sure"

"Great I'll come get you now"

*Authors note*

I'm so sorry for this chapter, its only part 1 I couldn't finish it I'm really tried to night.


ok guys so im thinking of doing a new movellas when I'm finished with my other ones, this movella will be where Zayn likes this new assistant the boys have and she wants nothing to do with him, she thinks he's a player and doesn't want to be broken again, so Zayn makes up a new identity as Veronica to try be friends and then win her over by telling her good things about himself, would any of you read that, yes I am weird haha




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