Your the smoke to my high

Katy moved to England when her dad left her mum for another women. Her mum is a workaholic and is hardly ever home. When Katy moves she has to attend a new school and make new friends. She bonds quickly with a group but what happens when the bad boy of the group takes a liking to her?


13. Date number two

I ran through the front door and slammed it shut, locking it behind me, I then ran to the back door and done the same thing. I couldn't see Liam right now, or ever, I liked Liam a lot, I really did but I can't, not now, I've never see that side to him and I've never felt that small, weak and terrified. I knew he could be scary and threatening but had no idea it was that bad. 

I have to stay away from Liam and hope he does the same with me.  

I was sat on my bed when the figure burst through the window and walked closer, my back suddenly became trapped by the headbored of the bed. 

Liam still walking over and then crawling up the bed, his eyes still dark, they weren't the beautiful brown ones I was lost in, they were almost black and just screamed trouble, this Liam wasn't my Liam, did I dream that Liam because this one was far worse. 

Liams lips came in contact with mine, he sucked and but my bottom lip and then attacked my neck, sucking, biting, kissing and licking all over it, I was sure I had at least three different love bites at each side of my neck, he began to start another when I could no longer hold my scream in

I screamed at the top of my lungs and began to punch his back, before he pushed me down holding both my hands in his and kissing my lips again to shut me up. He took full advantage of my mouth being open by the scream by pushing his tongue inside my lips, exploring all over my mouth. 

I put both hands on his chest and began to push him away. 

"Liam stop please" I begged but it was no use he only kissed me harder, making me moan, which then made him smile, I was still trying to push him away and was now using my head and feet when he suddenly pulled away. 

"I'm taking you put tonight, wear a dress" he growled 

"Liam I'm not going any where with you" I told him standing my group 

"you can go by free will or I could make you" he said through clentched teeth 

"I'll go" I struggled to get the words down 

"Good ill be here in an hour" he smirked before climbing back out my window. 

I rushed around the room trying to get ready, I found the perfect pink dress and matched it with pink heels, my hair curly, and my make up natural.

I had just about finished getting ready when a car horn sounded, I looked out to see Liam sitting in the drivers seat smirking at me. 

I grabbed my bag and headed towards his car. 

"you look hot" he grinned driving away, I rolled my eyes 

"don't roll your eyes, it's unactractive" he ordered 

"I don't want you to think I'm attractive" I mumbled 

"what was that?" he asked sounding annoyed 

"nothing" I mumbled 

We pulled up to an other restaurant different from the first one it was a lot nicer looking. 

Liam pulled me inside and sat me down. 

He ordered for us both and rested his hand on my thigh, it began to wander up until it was right at the top. 

I felt so uncomfortable with his wondering hand, he then put and arm on my shoulder and rested his hand on my boob. 

I jumped straight up. 

"Liam I told my mum I'd call her tonight, do you mind?" I asked 

"No, go a head, but hurry back" he smirked, making me roll my eyes. 

"what did I say about that?" he growled 

"sorry" I said before walking out.  

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