Your the smoke to my high

Katy moved to England when her dad left her mum for another women. Her mum is a workaholic and is hardly ever home. When Katy moves she has to attend a new school and make new friends. She bonds quickly with a group but what happens when the bad boy of the group takes a liking to her?


33. Dan

Liam has been thinking about what way to kill Dan, I know hes not happy about having to do it and I know he wanted to come away from his bad ways and I've just bought him other back to them, but I couldn't sleep or eat knowing Dan was alive and Liam wouldn't let me kill him myself, he insisted he do it. 

I can't let Liam do this for me, I'm going to do it and not tell him. I'm gonna show Liam that I don't need him to do everything for me and that I can do things like this myself, I'm going to do it tomorrow. 

Its Olivia's birthday and everyone has been invited, he will be there, right? 

Liam was planning on doing it in a few weeks when he had thought everything through I didn't need to think anything through, I just needed to get my hands on a gun and use it quick. 

Dan wouldn't expect me to do it, he wouldn't think of me, I'm going to tell him me and Liam have fallen out and I want to join his gang and then out of no where I'm going to shoot him. 

*Authors note* 

Im so so so sorry for not updating and for this really short update but please continue to comment :)

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