Your the smoke to my high

Katy moved to England when her dad left her mum for another women. Her mum is a workaholic and is hardly ever home. When Katy moves she has to attend a new school and make new friends. She bonds quickly with a group but what happens when the bad boy of the group takes a liking to her?


16. club

*Authors note*

A bit of a heated scene at the end


"Hey, El sorry I had to pop out" a girl with blue eyes, tanned skin and long brown straight hair said as she came running into the room. "Oh hey, your Katy right, I'm Olivia, Niall's girlfriend" she smiled coming over and hugging me.

"Amm yeah I'm Katy, nice to meet you" I said hugging her back

"So what do you girls wanna do today?" Perrie asked jumping around

"Well actually I've to get to work in an hour" I said sadly

"We could go out tomorrow" Olivia smiled

"Yeah that would be great" I smiled "Oh um El could you bring me home so I can change?" I asked shyly.

"Yeah sure come on" she pulled me out the door

"Bye girls I'll see you later" I called behind me

"Bye Katy" all three called after me

Me and El jumped in the car and she started to drive.

"So what do you think of the girls?" she asked smiling

"They were all really nice"

"I think they liked you too"

I smiled at that, I was glad I was making friends so quickly and with such nice people.

"Katy you know when I told you about Liam yesterday?" El asked

"Yeah" I said confused about where this was going

"And I said me and the girls are the only women in his life?" she asked again

I nodded waiting for her to continue

"Well I know I've warned you away from him but I think you could change him, you know be his girl and help him through" she said smiling

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

El pulled up to my house about ten minutes later

"Bye El" I waved as I walked inside

"Bye" she said before driving off.

I walked inside and changed into my work clothes, I worked in a small café in the middle of the town centre.

my phone buzzed and I looked over sighing as I read the name, Liam

          Where'd you get to today?, you never told me you where going,

I'm taking you out in about an hour


I quickly started texting back

I had things to do, people to see

I cant go out with you tonight

I have work


I left my house and started walking towards work, when I heard my phone buzz again, I couldn't be bothered with Liam at the minute so I left it and hurried to work before I was late.

I walked through the café door and heard the little bell go, I hurried behind the counter to put my apron on and started working.

"Hey Katy" my workmate Jake smiled

"Hey Jake, how ya been?" I smiled

"Oh yeah I've been good, um listen are you doing anything after work"? he asked rubbing the back of his head and looking nervous. I smiled seeing him nervous and knowing that he was going to ask me out, Jake was hot, like really hot, he looked like Louis and Zayn put into one.

"No I'm not doing anything" I smiled

"Um would you maybe, not like" he stuttered, I laughed a little and touched his arm

"Sure I'd love to go out with you" I smiled

"Great I'll meet you at the doors after your shift" he laughed and pointed towards the door, making me laugh too.

"Yeah I'll defiantly be there" I smiled walking away and doing my shift.

Work went slow and we had a difficult costumer who had something bad to say about everything we give him.

I checked my phone when I put my apron back and remembered about the text from Liam.

I'll take you out after work and I'm

not taking no for an answer


I sighed there was no way I was going out with Liam instead of Jake, Jake is sweet and kind, Liam is dark and mysterious and amazingly good looking, sure Jake was hot but not Liam hot, just hot. No what I'm I talking about I like Jake.

Liam I'm not going out with you tonight

I'm busy all night


I threw my phone in my bag after I turned it off and went to meet Jake at the doors, he was leaning against the door frame and stood straight as I walked over.

"You ready to go?" he asked

"Yeah where are we going?" I asked

"To a club, everyone goes there" he told me, I nodded and we started to walk, he took my hand slowly and then looked at me smiling.

we then walked into a club, the loud tune of 'cant hold us' vibrating all over the club, there were people making out in corners, people dancing on the dance floor and others drinking by the bar.

Jake pulled me over towards the bar and ordered something for the both of us, I looked across the bar and noticed the one person I didn't want to see tonight, Liam, he was only seats away form me and staring into my eyes, when he noticed I was here with Jake the term if looks could kill came to mind because believe me, Jake would be dead. I didn't want to stand here and have him stare at me all night so I grabbed Jake and pulled him over to the dance floor.

We were just randomly dancing and throwing ourselves about laughing, when I felt two hands grab my waist and pull me towards their chest, I didn't have to turn to know it was Liam.

"Liam what the hell?" I shouted

"Sorry mate, but she's mine for tonight, well actually she's mine every night" Liam warned Jake, Jake looked at me asking if I was ok, I nodded telling him to leave and not mess with Liam, he did as I was pleading him to do and left the club straight away.

"So you blew me off for him"? Liam growled looking hurt and angry

"I didn't blow you off, he asked me out first" I defended myself

"Your mine, no one else can have you" he warned

He bought me back up to the bar and ordered me different drinks taking the same ones himself every time. I was pretty drunk when Liam pulled me back out to the dance floor, we were grinding and Liam was kissing my neck.

He pulled me over to a corner and kissed all over my neck, down my jaw and my collarbone. One hand travelled up my thigh going right to the top while the other was on my back pulling me closer to him.

"Not here" I whispered breaking away.

Liam sighed pulling me outside and jumping in a cab, he kissed me the hole way through the cab  and it was pretty heated, he jumped out of the cab as fast as he could when it arrived at his house.

He threw me on the bed, kissing me all over, I took his top off leaving him in only his black jeans. I ran my hands all over his abs. He then took my dress of.

"Black lace today" he smirked then threw my bra and underwear off, leaving me completely naked

"Well it's not fair if you keep you clothes on" I smirked taking his jeans and boxers off, he then thrust into me, making me and him moan, he went faster with every thrust.

"Liam I cant hold it" I cried

He collapsed beside me as I started to put a top of his I found on the floor on, before we both fell asleep, my head on his chest, and his arms wrapped around me.

*Authors note*

I hope you liked this chapter




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