Just Stay Positive

Calvin Nicholls is an ordinary guy in not so ordinary surroundings. Living around drugs, gangs and street warfare, it's only a matter of time before he becomes controlled by East London's feared gang leader Leo Curtis. Can he escape the hell he finds himself in or will he sink into oblivion? With the girl of his dreams an innocent bystander, doing anything to protect her will he go one step too far? With backstabbing friends, nonsupporting family and ruthless villains Calvin most do his best to survive the dark underworld and redeem himself and his life.


6. Part One- The Oblivion

We both trudged wearily away from the school gates. I was tired and stressed about the dead man and Lily exhausted by revision and the pressure of her examinations.

“We can do some Maths revision at mine when we talk. Sound like a plan Einstein?”

Lily grinned cheekily and skipped a little ahead of me trying to reenergize me. I looked her up and down has she bounded in front of me. She really was beautiful. We’d been so close to being together but it had just never materialised.

We arrived at Lily’s estate. It was one of the more quaint, calm and nicer ones that surrounded the area. Suddenly a couple of schoolboys, no older than 13, wolf whistled at Lily as they cycled past us.

“In your dreams children!”

Lily shouted this in their direction. She didn’t take any nonsense.

We made our way over to Lily’s front door and she turned the key in the lock.

“MUM! I’m home. Calvin’s with me. We’re going to revise. Mum?”

No reply from Miss Andrews. Since Katie’s death, she was rarely around because she’d set up a charity to aid kids involved in gangs. Miss Andrews had always been a delicate and kind woman who had raised her kids to the best she could as a single mother. However since all the trouble with Katie, she had attempted to take her life twice and had to take tablets for depression. She shook often, and when she wasn’t campaigning, Lily had to look after her and keep her busy; otherwise she’d have time to think. That always resulted in something bad happening.

“Well Cal, she’s not home. I hope she’s ok.”

Lily’s face dropped slightly and she grimaced.

I held her shoulder and tried to comfort her

“Come on Lils. You know what your mums like. She’s a fabulous woman trying to make a difference.”

“I know. But it doesn’t stop me thinking that she’s just doing it for redemption for Katie. It’s consuming her and she blames herself for what happened. It’s like she thinks she’ll get forgiveness. It wasn’t her fault.”

Tears started forming in her gorgeous big brown eyes. It made her look so sad and yet still beautiful. I gently held my arm out and took her skinny, petite and soft hands in mine.

“Come on Lils. I thought it was meant to be me being Mr Grumpy today and with all the Jeremy Kyle style problems?”

She giggled in her lovely childish manner, covering her mouth through the tears. I knew that would make her laugh. She regained her composure and smiled.

“Yeah you’re right. Now what is wrong with you?”

What was I to say? I hated lying to her. But surely our friendship would be over if I told her of last night’s events? I glanced nervously in her direction and cleared my throat.

“It’s just me and my Dad. A few more problems that’s all. We just keep arguing and it’s bringing me down. I feel so alone since Mum died. David is making a life for himself and Dad just works and takes out his grief on me. I’m just worried that I’m going to end up alone and with no family.”

I was surprised how sincerely and with how much emotion I had conveyed the lie to Lily. Maybe deep down this was a problem. For now though it had done enough to convince Lily that was the issue and not the dead man.

After a slight pause, Lily stared into my eyes with genuine concern.

“It will get better Calvin. We’re too good to get caught in all our troubles. Apart from you’re a bit stupid.”

She cackled upon her last statement and started running up the stairs too her room. I smirked and stood with hands on hips. She’d owned me with that last statement.

“That’s it Lils! I’m getting you back for that!”

I began sauntering up the stairs preparing to give her a playful slap round the back of the head. I knocked on her bedroom door.

“After three I’m going to storm in here and you’ll be sorry!”

I tried to sound threatening but it obviously wasn’t working because Lily was in stitches.

“One…. Two…. Three!”

I opened the door and was greeted with a sight that stunned me to stop in my tracks. My mouth was agape and my body froze.

Lily was laid on her bed with just her bra and underwear covering her body. Her slim and sleek body made my mouth water.

“I’ve wanted this for a while Calvin. Just me and you. You’ve always been there for me and put up with all my crap. I feel you deserve it and frankly so do I.”

She patted the bed seductively but I was frozen. I stuttered

“A..Ar…Are you… you serious?”

“Does this prove it?”

She got off the bed and walked in over to me. She held my face in her hands before planting her lips on me. Her hands ran into my hair, while I wrapped my arms around her back. My head became fuzzy with excitement and the kiss was sizzling. It felt like fireworks were flying all around us. Before I knew it her hands wandered from my chest to buttocks to crotch. Suddenly before I had time to react I found that we were both undressing and falling onto her bed. All I had ever wanted with Lily was an intimate moment that meant something, that confirmed we weren’t just friends and that the spark between us was undeniable. My dreams were coming true as we both forgot our problems and worries and fell into a world where there were just us, love and passion.


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