Just Stay Positive

Calvin Nicholls is an ordinary guy in not so ordinary surroundings. Living around drugs, gangs and street warfare, it's only a matter of time before he becomes controlled by East London's feared gang leader Leo Curtis. Can he escape the hell he finds himself in or will he sink into oblivion? With the girl of his dreams an innocent bystander, doing anything to protect her will he go one step too far? With backstabbing friends, nonsupporting family and ruthless villains Calvin most do his best to survive the dark underworld and redeem himself and his life.


5. Part One- The Oblivion

I didn’t sleep that night. When I got back home, it was nearly light. I remember creeping in through the front door, seeing my Dad, sat fully suited and booted, snoring on the settee. I couldn’t remember the last time he had slept in his bed. Or was that when Mum was alive? I’d dived under my covers as soon as I reached my room and I shook. What would happen if the body was found? Someone must care for the man and would soon work out he was missing. This wasn’t something I could just ride out. I couldn’t even talk to the only person who I trusted which was Lily. No way on this earth would I bring her into this? I had a missed call from her and a worried text message asking why I hadn’t said goodnight. I lied, replying that I’d been up all night revising and lost track of time. I knew Lily would catch on that something wasn’t right but it would hold her off for now. As for Aaron he could go do one. I couldn’t believe what had happened and that he chose to get me involved.

I must have dropped off for an hour or two before being rudely awakened by a loud rapping on my door.

“Calvin… Calvin. Get up and get ready. You have exams this week and you need to succeed in them. Being lazy and late for school won’t help you now will it? Take a leaf out of David’s book will you? And for goodness sake we want your mother to be proud of you. I’m off to work now so I’ll see you soon boy.”

He hadn’t even entered my bedroom. No comforting handshake or pat on the back, just words through a door. We were strained and distant and there was no chance we could save a scrap of a relationship that we should have had. I heaved myself out of bed and limped over to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and couldn’t stand my reflection. I was just as bad as Aaron because I didn’t have to hide that body. I could have just abandoned Aaron and let him deal with it. But I didn’t and now found myself an accomplice to a potential manslaughter charge.

I managed to force myself to go to school. Maybe it would take my mind off the night before. I was wrong. The night’s incident just rolled like a recurring video tape in my head. The panicky phone call, the victims face, the disposal…

“Calvin Nicholls! Pay attention!”

Miss Garrett had caught me unawares and screeched in her annoyingly high pitch, looking over her purple framed glasses in my direction with an unimpressed glare.

“Your exam is two days away and you just drift off into your own little world. You’ll regret not listening on the big day Nicholls. Now get your head out of the clouds and answer my question!”

I wasn’t in the mood for Growling Garrett but proceeded to apologize and answer her question. The other lads laughed at my misfortune of being caught dopily dreaming and the girls giggled but they were a faint sound in my mind. It was Lily who brought me back into reality. She tapped me forcefully on the shoulder.

“You, Mr Calvin Nicholls, need to talk to me. You need to let me know what’s on your mind. I know you’re worrying about something. You’ve been in a quiet mood all day.”

Her sweet silky voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. If anything could make me feel good at the moment it was Lily. Her big brown eyes looked imploringly at me and had a tinge of sadness.

“I know Lils. I’m sorry babe but there’s not much to say. Just think the stress of these exams are getting too me”

“After school, you’re coming to mine.”

She informed me of this forcefully before switching her attention to her Maths practice paper. For the first time that day I smiled. 

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