Just Stay Positive

Calvin Nicholls is an ordinary guy in not so ordinary surroundings. Living around drugs, gangs and street warfare, it's only a matter of time before he becomes controlled by East London's feared gang leader Leo Curtis. Can he escape the hell he finds himself in or will he sink into oblivion? With the girl of his dreams an innocent bystander, doing anything to protect her will he go one step too far? With backstabbing friends, nonsupporting family and ruthless villains Calvin most do his best to survive the dark underworld and redeem himself and his life.


4. Part One- The Oblivion

The sight that awaited me when I nervously entered the garden, made me gag instantly. Aaron was sat, smoking a fag, directly over the lifeless body that lay sprawled in front of me. Aaron jerkily stood up, nearly tripping over a garden gnome and was blinking incessantly and licking his lips nervously.

“What the fuck have you done?”

I shoved Aaron’s gangly figure to the side of me. I looked down at Aaron’s victim. Blood was pouring from a gaping wound situated on the right side of his head. He looked middle fifties, with a receding, greying hairline. He had sunken eyes and a huge double chin while his nose pointed very long and straight. He was wearing smart black trousers with a white shirt and blue tie that were now covered in blood. He was a portly man with short arms and legs that made him look very unbalanced and rather stupid. Anxiously I checked his pulse. With horror I recoiled from the man, and with shock I swung my head in Aaron’s direction. Now I was no doctor, but I knew that man’s condition. He was dead outright. Suddenly I felt angry. If he was killed on impact, Aaron must have known. He wasn’t that stupid. Had he just dragged me out to get me involved in his dirty business?

I snarled, and with teeth gritted and hands outstretched, I leapt at Aaron aiming for his throat. He might have been a lot taller than me but boy was I stronger. I had him pinned to the ground, holding down his arms, while he kicked helplessly under my weight. I spat in his face.

“What the fuck have you done? He’s dead! You knew that thought didn’t you? But you had to drag me out and get me all caught up in your shit! You can’t accept the consequences of your actions and be held responsible! Some friend you are!”

I head-butted him in the face and he squealed in pain as a crescent red began flowing from his nostrils. I cried out too because it caused me equal pain. I was shaking so hard. I was sweating and I mopped my brow with my sleeve. I was out of control and my world was turned upside down. Anger, fear and most importantly Leo Curtis filled my mind. It was because of him that I was here. Yes, this wasn’t the plan for Aaron to accidently kill an innocent bystander in his quest to complete a drug deal, but whenever Curtis is involved any trouble is possible.

I pinched the top of my nose letting myself breathe and think. Aaron remained yelping in pain on the ground, rolling around in his dirty Adidas all in one blue tracksuit. What was the situation? We had a dead body. We couldn’t leave it to be discovered because Aaron’s prints would be everywhere. Apart from the blood on the concrete there was no evidence of a disturbance. I could see a bucket by the back door, collecting water dripping from the man’s leaky guttering. The blood could wash away surely? The plan was formulating in my mind. It made me physically sick but I knew it had to be done.

“Aaron… Aaron. Shut up and get up! We’ve probably got no time. We need to get rid of this body!”

Aaron groggily arose, holding his disfigured nose.

“He’s dead Calvin! I’m a murderer! I’m sorry I called you but I didn’t know what else to do.”

Aaron was sobbing furiously and looked meek and fragile. He was in a daze. I needed to set him straight.

“Look Aaron. You need to go and deliver that package otherwise this will be the least of your worries if Leo finds out his clients have not been supplied. I’ll deal with your mess. Now go!”

Aaron stared confusingly at me. Realisation seemed to finally hit him as he mumbled and shook his head, agreeing with my point. Without another word, his gangly legs took off and he sprinted away from the scene.

I lay beside the body and looked up at the stars.


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