Under the Oak Tree

Leah was Liam Payne's best friend before he auditioned for the X-Factor. Everyday she would visit the Oak Tree he took her the day before his audition. Will Leah find someone special underneath her hangout?? How will she react??


3. At the end of the street.

Walking there I kept checking the text, what if it was someone who wanted to hurt me. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and rang Veronica, my best ever friend. 

*Phone Call*


V: Hey what's up? Everything ok?

Me: Nothing. I just got a mysterious call a couple of minutes ago telling me to meet them at the tree at the bottom of my street. Do you think I should actually go?

V: Yeah I think you should, I'll call Marcel and we'll spy on you two just in case you... Well you know what I mean.

Me: Thanks V. That's why we are BFF's.

V: Now if you don't mind I have to ring Marcel.

Me: K Thanks again. See you soon.

*End of Phone Call*

Great I left out one small detail, what tree. I quickly texted V telling her what tree. 


Liam's P.O.V


It was the boys, the boys made me ring her, after three whole years. I would finally get to see the girl I've loved all my life. Why didn't I ring her earlier, she probably hates me now. I heard her voice, at least I thought it was hers, it was actually Veronica.


"Hey V!" I called out as she passed me. Nothing, no reply, just a dirty look. No wonder, I left her BFF stranded. I didn't even ring, text or write to her. I guess fame got the better of me. I noticed V was wearing a 1D top. It felt like a lightbulb popped up from my mind like in cartoons.


I ran after V.

"Hey V! I guess you like One Direction?"


"Would you like to meet them?"

"What the... YEAH!!! Wait is that you Li?"

"Hey V!" I said taking my hood off.

"Here's my number, lets keep in touch."


She walked off, a huge grin on both mine and her face. Then I noticed Leah walking towards me.



"LiLI? Is that you" That nickname never gets old.


"LiLi, I don't know wether to slap you or kiss you right now." She chuckled

"Do both if you feel like it"


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