My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?


11. Well... Thanks !

-Kaitlin's P.O.V.-

Niall leaned in so I leaned in. then BAM. guess who fell out of the bushes. Liam Fell out of the bushes.

"Harry ! Why'd you push me ?"

"because ! Now come on let's go !"

"Okay." and boom Harry Liam & another person vanished.. 

"Wait till we get home I'll get you two !" God damn it. I was just about to kiss Niall but my dumb nut of a brother had to ruin it.

"Do you wanna go home ?" Niall said kinda bummed out.

"Uhm yeah sure."

We walked to the car in silence.Not a word was said.. I'm pretty upset that Harry would go and spy on my like that.. I understand that he's my big brother and that I have had my heart broken way to many times. but He took it to far. I'll just give him the cold shoulder and ignore him. That sounds better then yelling at him. Yep that's my plan. We got in the car,a and drove off... The car was just silent... Niall is probably gonna hate me now.. Ugh greaaaaaaat. I just sat there and started going off into my fantasy land I call thinking. I was so close to fucking kissing him. so fucking close. but no harry had to ruin it.I bet Jayde was the third person with them. It had to be her, she was the only one who knew where I was. she must have told Harry that I was at the park. And Harry knew I where I was once she said the word park. God dammit. Your probably thinking oh why are you so upset it was just a kiss that was ruined. Eh. But you don't understand it's Niall Fucking James Horan we're talking about. How many chances in life do you get to kiss a superstar ? Once in a life time. Unless your dating or married to them. But eh Niall would never date me.. so eh. We arrived to my house. I got out and ran into the house up to my bedroom and locked my bedroom door. I couldn't deal with them right now. I walked over to my Dresser, grabbed a specif pair of socks and  pulled out blade.

~Harry's P.O.V.-

"Wait till I get home I'll get you two !" Kaitlin yelled as we ran away. We ran as fast as we could till we made it to the car and we jumped in and Liam drove off.

"You do know we're all dead when she gets home right ?" I said panting.

"Yep. Thanks to you. For pushing me out of the bush !" A Angry Liam said.

"She's gonna hate us all !" Jayde said panting.

"I know !." "I-I just couldn't see her kissing someone else again.." I said pausing. "She's just been hurt to many times again, I can't have it happen again."

"Harry, Niall wouldn't hurt." "He wouldn't hurt any girl, he knows better."

"I Know." I said pausing once again. "It's Just."

"It's just what ?"

"I don't wanna talk about.." "Actually me and you will talk about it when we're alone."

"Okay Whatever you say."

Truth is... I'm feeling very very very guilty right now... My own sister hates me. One of my best mates hates me. Why'd I have to be so stupid. I'm just trying to protect her. I need to protect her while I can. I won't be able to protect her forever. especially when we go back on tour. I'll be away from her for like 7 months. Who will protect her while i'm gone ? She doesn't have Heather. Jayde isn't gonna be around forever after X-Factor. Our mum won't be around all the time. She'll be on her own. She'll have to learn to protect her self.. But there's just somethings she won't be able to protect her self from. Oh Jesus what have I done ? I've fucked up big time. There's no way I'll be able to make it up to either of them. God dammit. We arrived at the house. we all got out looked at each other and knew what was gonna come in the next 5 minutes or so. they'll be home any minute we walked in the house. I went sat down on the couch and just waited. 5 minutes later the door swung open and Kaitlin ran up to her room. So I guess she's not gonna yell at us.. That leaves Niall.. Oh shit... He's worse when he's mad.Wait no... I take that back Niall is nothing compared to Kaitlin when she's mad.. Well I guess we will just let Niall yell at us... Here he comes.. Don't do anything stupid Harry.

Ahhhhhh. Short Chapter I know ! I'm sorry ! I'll update tomorrow ! :D 


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