My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?


9. This Outta Be Fun..

So I can finally Update ! Sorry for the wait.

Love You All ! 


-Harry's P.O.V.-

"Hey Harry where did Niall and Kailtin go ?"

"Oh, Niall went and took her out to the movies.. Sounds like a date if you ask me.." "He even asked for permission if he could take her.."

"Looks like Niall has a crush on someone.." "Not Just any someone.. Your sister Someone."

"I know.. It's fine we all know Niall won't hurt her."

"Yeah, I Know."

"But.. Are you thinking what I'm thinking ?"

"Probably not.."

"Of course not your 'Daddy Direction'."

"You wanna go spy on Kaitlin don't you ?"


"Let's do it !"

"Is Mr. 'Daddy Direction' Sick today ?"


"Err.. Okay." "Shit I don't know if their still at the movies or not.."

"Why don't you just text her ?"

"That would be obvous, if send her a text."

"True.. Then What are we gonna do ?"

*Ding Dong* (Door bell)

"I'll get the door.. Think of something that we can do."


I walked over to the door and there was an unfamiliar person there... Ugh.. probably a crazed fan.. great. "Uhm Hi.."

"Hi.. Is Kaitlin here." "I'm assuming your Harry Styles.. and that Kaitlin lives here with you.."

"yeah.. But Kaitlin isn't here at the moment.. but you must be Jayde."

"Yeah. Well can you tell her I stopped by please."

"Wait !" "Wanna help me with something ?"

"Uhm sure ?"

"Come in." "LIAM I HAVE A PLAN."




"Uhm.. what are you guys planning ?"

"You'll find out.."

"So whats your plan mate ?" "Whoa where'd she come from ?"

"from my house ?"

"You two just shut up and listen."


"Erg. Why should I listen to you ?"

"Will you just shut and listen to me so I can explain my plan."

"Ugh. Whatever."

"Just be glad your in the same house of 4/5 of One Direction."

"Point Take. I'll shut up now."

"Okay. So I'm gonna have Jayde text Kaitlin and ask her where she is, Then we'll go find them and spy on them, Jayde you can come with us if you want."

"okay.. So you wanna go spy on your sister because ?"

"She's on a date with Niall." "We'll have to use disguises though..So no crazed fans see us and ruin our cover."


"Jayde text Kaitlin and see where she is, Liam get the disguises and I'll ask the neighbors if we can use their car."


I sure do hope this will work.. This is gonna be fun.. The last I spied on her was on all of her dates.. I'm just too protective of her.. She's been hurt too many times before. If Niall hurts her.. He'll pay. 

"Harry Kaitlin is at

-Kaitlin P.O.V.-

"So do you wanna go to the park and chill like the last time ?"

"Uhm Sure." "But we're going to a different park that no one knows about. Well besides Harry and some of our friends." "But you'll know about it too.. Just don't tell anyone."

'Okay." "So your driving I'm assuming ?"

"Yes." "So get in the car."

"Okay Okay I'm going."

We got in the car and I drove off. I Drove to kind of where it's woods.. 

'So.. Err... Uhm.. Why are in the woods sorta area ?"

"Because this is where the park is.. Don't worry I'm not gonna murder you." "I'm capable of it.. But I don't have a reason so, your on the safe side for now." Well that sure did scare him. hehe.

"Err.. Okay.."

We arrived at our destination. I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him to the secret park. It's just behind this 'Wall' of leaves and vines. I'm actually really surprised no one else has found this place. This place is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen. There's a water fall thingy, there's flowers everywhere there's even a bench. There's swings and whatever else you find at a park. I guess, My mum and some of her friends built this place.. and it was their get away. I normally come here when I have nobody to turn too..

"This is a really beautiful place.. How'd you find it ?"

"My mum and some of her friends built it."


Text message conversation.

J(ayed) K(aitlin)

J; Hey where are you ?

K; The p-

-Harry's P.O.V.-

"Harry ! I know where she is !."

"The park.." "How do we know which park she's at ?"

"I know which park she's at." "Liam !."

"Yes ?"

"Come here !"


"Okay guys, You have to keep this park a secret you can't tell anyone about it. okay ?"

"Uhmm.. okay.. but why ?"

'Because, It's a secret park no body knows about.."

"Ooh.. I know which park your talking about.."

"Liam you do ?"

"Yeah.. I'll drive there to prove it to you."

"Okay." "let's go then."

"Don't we need the disguises ?"

'No.." "They won't find us."

"Oh Okay.."

Liam went and got the neighbors car then we got in and drove off. and surely Liam knew what park I was talking about.. I'll talk to him about it later. Right now we have some spying to do.

"so the park is in the middle of the woods in the middle of no where ?"

"well when you put it that way.. Yes... Just come on I know where we can hide."


"Look their over there I see them."

"come on, We can hide in those bushes."

We quietly made our way over tot he bushes and sat there and listened.

Kaitlin and Niall's Conversation.

"So your mum and her friends built this park ?"

"Yep.." I said popping the 'P' "It's pretty amazing.. Or should I say AmaZayn ?" "Yeah I shouldn't say that." I said laughing.

"yeah.. Don't ever use that again.." He said joining me in laughing.

"What if I used PhenomeNiall ?"

"Yeah.. That's better."

"You only like it cause you name is in it."

"No.." "Okay.." "Maybe.." "Yes.."

"You know I had really fun tonight with you."

"Yeah. So did."

He leaned in then Kaitlin leaned in and BAM.

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