My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?


5. The Last Time We'll Be Together For Awhile...

-Kaitlin's P.O.V.-

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs... ahahah who am I kidding ? I woke up to my phone ringing. It was Simon. Ugh. But seriously I also had the smell of eggs and bacon.. Harry is probably downstairs cooking breakfast. I reached for my phone and answered it before I woke up Niall.

(S for Simon & K for Kaitlin)

K; Uh Hello ?

S; Hey there ! Sorry if I woke you. But you and Heather need to get to the studio by 12 we have to get you guys ready for the boot camp. So hurry ! Bye.

Before I could say anything he hung up. Ugh. That's when I noticed I had a sweet adorable sleeping Niall attached to me. I laid there for awhile just looking at him.. He's so cute even when he's asleep. I eventually pried his hands of me and suck out of my bed and headed downstairs to eat.

Good morning Harbear ! I smiled.

Good morning Kaibear ! He smiled.

So making breakfast ?

Yep... And nones for you !


Jeez.. We might as well call you Niall !

Whatever, I'm hungry ! So may I have some food before Niall come and eats it all ?

I think it's you we should be worried about.. but here we go !

Thank you ! Oh and I'm leaving in like a hour.. So don't destroy the flat !

We'll try.. Not promising you anything.. But where are you going anyways ?

I have to go meet Simon.. speaking of that I need to go call Heather.

Oh okay. Did you at least taste the food before you wolfed it down ?

Yes ! It was very tasty !

WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO LOUD IN THE MORNING ? Louis shouted while he was coming down stairs.. Boy was I distracted by him being shirtless.. like DAAAAAAAAAMN. I could get used to this..

OH SO WE'RE THE LOUD ONES ? YOUR THE ONE WHO CAME SHOUTING DOWN THE STAIRS. Harry and I shouted laughing our heads off.

Oh.. I gotcha point ! So Hazza what'd you make for breakfast ?

Eggs and bacon... Isn't that what it looks like ?

I walked away and dialed Heather's number.

(H Heather K Kaitlin)

*Rings Rings Rings*

H; Hey Kai.

K; Hey Heater. I winked... but then quickly remember she can't see me.. I mentally slap my self..

H; So whats up ?

K; Well.. I'm coming to get you on like thirty minutes...

H; Uhmm.. Yeah.. That's not gonna happen..

K; What do you mean ?

H; K-Kaitlin... I-I'm moving back to the US..

K; W-What.. S-So your not gonna be able to X-Factor ? There's not gonna be Faith ? M-My best friend is moving half way around the world ? I suddenly broke down in tears I couldn't take it any longer..

H; Nope.. It's just gonna be you now... You carry on our dream... I-I'll always be you best freind.. We just won't be as close.. She also broke down into tears... We cried for like 10 minutes.. but it felt like forever.

H; I have to go finish packing I'll call you later, maybe we can have one last sleep over ?

K; Yeah.. When are you leaving ? I knew I shouldn't have asked that question..

H; In two days... So Friday..

K; Okay.. Well I have to.. I'll see you layer then.. Bye..

H; Bye.

We hung up.. and after that I walked to the couch sat down and just cried and cried and cried.

Kaitlin.. Is everything okay ? Said a soft sweet worried Irish accent.

No. I said kind of harsh. Next thing I knew I was in the arms of a blue eyed blonde headed Irish boy. With amazing bed hair.

Kaitlin... Tell me what's wrong please.

H-Heather is moving back to America.. So now I have our dream alone.. i'm not complaining.. But it's something we wanted to do together.. And now I'm doing it by myself.. I gotta go get ready.. I gotta meet Simon today. By now I had calmed down and had stopped crying..

Okay.. Are you all better now ?

Yes I am, thanks for comforting me Niall.

Your welcome.

I'm just gonna get ready and leave.. I don't wanna be late.

Yeah.. being late would be a very very very bad thing.

Yep. I ran upstairs grabbed Niall's shirt.. Put my purple Jack Wills hoodie on. And grabbed a pair of my skinny jeans.. And I put my Toms on.. I'm gonna be sneaky and wear Niall's shirt... Hehe Harry I'll be back later ! I yelled as I walked out the door. I drove to the studio which took me like 20 minutes. I walked in and instantly looked for Simon.

Uhm Miss !

Yes dear ?

Can your tell me where Simon is ? I need to talk to him.

Yeah he's right over there.. He's in the room that says Simon on it.

Oh. Thanks.

No problem. I walked over to Simon's door and knocked on it.

Who is it ?

Kaitlin.. Kaitlin Styles.

Come in. So what do you need ?

Uhmm.. Well it's about Heather.. She's moving back to the US...

So.. What your saying is that your gonna be going through X-Factor by your self now.

Yes Sir.

Okay.. Well then your gonna be sharing a house with Jayde Jackson. So how about you two hang out tomorrow ? So you can get to know each other better.

Okay. Sounds good.

Okay. Your free to go. Come back here tomorrow at 3 Jayde will be here.

Okay. Bye see you tomorrow. I walked out to my car and called Heather.

H; Hey.

K; Be ready. I'm gonna be there in five. That's all I said before I hung up.. I got in the car and drove off of to Heather's flat. It took me literally five minutes to get to her flat. I parked my car, and literally ran up to her house and just barged in. I ran up to her room and bear hugged her. I like trampled her.

Jeez, somebody really really doesn't want me to leave.

I don't want to ! I think I should just sneak you in my closet...

Haha I wish ! But I have to.

Ugh. Ready to go to my flat ?

Yep. Lets go.

I said goodbye to her parents, then we drove back to my flat. We had a nice laughing car ride. Probably our last one for awhile. ;/ We got there and she grabbed her stuff and we walked in.

Soo.. Did someone decided to be sneaky and take my shirt ? Niall said winking..

Uhm.. No.. maybe... yes.. I said blushing.. I couldn't resist is was just laying there saying Kaitlin take me and wear me.

Of course it was. He winked.

Come on Heather lets put your stuff in my room.

Hey, Kaitlin where and I gonna sleep tonight if Heather's staying here ?

In my bed ?


We ran and put Heather's stuff in my room.

Soo.. You and Niall huh ?

Uhm.. No..

Oh.. Okay.. If anything happens you gotta let me know !!!

I know !! Heather I think we need a fangirl moment before I don't see you for awhile.. I mean. ONE DIRECTION IS IN MY HOUSE.


We spent like 5 minutes jumping and screaming. before Liam Mr.Daddy Direction barged in freakinf out.




HAHA YES ! We all bursted into laughter. 

So who wants dinner ? I'll make it.

MEEEEEEEEEE. blurted a screaming Niall.


WHAT ? Next thing I knew I was getting tackled.

Okay, okay. Nialler gets food.

That's what I thought.

So what does everyone want ?

SPAGHETTI ! they all yelled.

Okay I'm taking that I'm making spaghetti. I walked downstairs, grabbed everything I needed and began cooking. It took me about an hour to cook it.



everyone dashed and got food before Niall and I.. oh great.. Me and Niall are gonna fight over food.. After dinner we all went into the living room and Heather decided to tell them that she has to go back to America.. And I instantly start bawling my eyes out. Next thing I know everyone is on top of me comforting me.


Oh.. Sorry.. Just don't cry anymore please..

Ugh. I'll try. How about we just talk about memories ?

Yep let's do that !

Okay okay. I have one !! Heather said.. OKay, I remember the time when you guys won X-Factor Kaitlin was all like OH MY GOSH, MUM ONE DIRECTION WON. THAT'S MY BROTHER IN THAT BAND. OH MY GOSH. and I was like.. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?

I told you never speak of that again ! 

I remember one time when Kaitlin and I were like 6. We were at a hotel with our mum, and we were running from something then, we both hit a glass window. Harry said busting into laughter. Causing everyone to laugh.

I remeber that. After we ran into that window we couldn't stop laughing. I remember when we were 16 and you climbed the tree.. To show off to this girl you liked... then you fell out of the tree. I said bursting into laughter. Everyone was laughing expect for Harry.

I told you never speak of that again..

I know... But that was Hilarious... But I think it's time for bed. WAIT. We all need to do a YouTube video considering the fact that this is gonna be the last time for awhile before we see Heather again.

OKAY ! LETS DO THIS ! they all screamed.

I ran upstairs grabbed my camera turned it on and stated recording.. So I snuck up on everyone.. hehe. I set the camera on the table, ans walked behind the couch.. GUYS ! I jumped out and scared the shit out of everyone before we all bursted into laughter. I quickly grabbed the camera and put it on Heather and I.

HEY FAITHERS ! Soo.. This is probably the last time in awhile you'll get a video with both of us together... Heather has to go back to America.. So she'll get to see a lot o you ! so.. we will still do videos.. but separately. I whispered into Heather's ear.. should we do a make over on the boys ? hehe yes.. Go get the make up and I'll blind fold the,.. I grabbed 5 blind fold.. 

GUY ! I'm gonna blind fold you. No peaking and no asking questions. Got me ?

Yes.. They all said with worry in their voices.. I blind folded them, and Heather came down with the make up.. Okay so I'll do Niall, Liam, and Louis.. And you do Zayn, and Harry..

TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN ! I grabbed a make up bag, and put make up on my three boys, oh they look so cute. Heather finished with her two.. Awe look at them.. I picked up the camera and did close ups of all of them.. So do you guys wanna see your new look ?

Uhm.. Sure... They all sighed.. We took their blind folds off and Heather gave them a mirror.. You should have seen your guys faces ! Okay. I think that's enough for tonight Faithers ! I'll see you soon ! Byeeee. I ended the video.. So what do you guys think of your new looks ?

THAT YOUR GONNA PAY ! they all screamed..

uhh.. I think I'm just gonna run ! come on Heather !

Oh, no you don't Niall pulled me in and started Tickling me.



I'm sorrrrrrry.. We couldn't resist ! Come on we have a great memory now !

It's fine... You'll just pay... But would you like to take this off of us now ?

Yes.. I'll get the make up remover. We took the make up off. Heather and I decided we would go to bed now.. But leaving the boys alone down stairs is a bad idea now... After what we just did.. Who knows what their planning now..


Authors Note; Does anyone wanna be Zayn's or Liam's Girlfriend ? Comment Your Name If you wanna be one of those.. And I'll decide later. c:


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