My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?


4. Ooh.. Great...

Short Authors Note; Sorry I didn't update yesterday.. I'm gonna try to update everyday ! But, I left y'all on a cliff hanger. ;) Enjoy the rest of the story. C;


I see you already got your self a new boyfriend. I hope you have fun with this slut.

If he was my boyfriend what's it to you ? I said rolling my eyes.

I was just saying slut. No need for that slutty sass.


Oh, so Styles decides to show back up huh ? Oh, and to answer your question, I called that sister of yours a slut.

Next thing we all knew was that Harry was jumping out of his seat, and on top of Timmy beating the shit out of him.

Harry ! Get off of him ! He's not worth it ! as much as I wanted Timmy to get the shit beat out of him.. I had to stop Harry.. He couldn't have this on the news. And get a lot of drama... Which now it's bound to happen.. Zayn managed to pull him off of Timmy. As soon as that happened Timmy, dashed off. Who know where he ran off to.

I-I Think i'm just gonna walk back to the house... and get some fresh air..

Kaitlin no.. Who knows what Timmy will do !

Harry, I'll be fine !

I'll come with you..

Okay.. Once he said that I could feel my face starting to blush.. 

Niall keep care of her ! Keep her safe !

I will.

Soo.. Do you want to walk to the park ? I asked him with a big smileeeee that was making my dimples show.

Yeah.. Your smile is adorable.. But.. Uhm.. Can I ask who that was ?

T-that was my ex-boyfriend. That's all I managed to say before I broke down in tears. Niall pulled me close and comforted me. We walked to a bench nearby the park.

So.. Would you like to explain what happened back there at Nandos ? Also the whole "boyfriend" thing ? he winked.

Oh.. Yeah.. That.. well.. that was my ex-boyfriend who I regret... a lot ! He thinks you were my "boyfriend" cause your arm was around me.. 

Oh.. was all he managed to say..

It was quiet for like until I finally spoke..

S-so.. What made you want to walk with me ?

I just figured we could get to know each other better..

What do you want to know then ?

Who do you fancy the most out of all of us ?

Well.. isn't that pretty obvious ?

I guess it is.. It's me right ?

Nope, It's Liam.

Oh.. Now he had a frown on his face.

I'm just kidding ! It's you ! I said laughing really hard.

You scared me ! Gosh Kaitlin !

Haha, Yeah right !

Really you did ! Should we get walking to the house now ? It's getting late.

Yeah. Let's go.

*Phone Ringing*

Am I asleep, am I awake or

Somewhere in between ?

I can't believe that you are 

Here lying next to me

Or did I dream that we were

Perfectly entwined like branches

On a tree, Or twigs caught on a vine ?

(A/N K is for Kaitlin and H is for Harry)

K; Hey.

H; Are you two gonna come home anytime soon ?

K; Yeahh, we were actually getting ready to leave.

H; Well hurry.

K; Fine Mr.Sassy.

H; Whatever you say. But I think that's what you should be calling Louis not me.. He's the sassy one. But see you soon bye.

K; Okey, I'll make a mental note of that. But bye.

(End of Phone Call)

Like all those days and weeks and

Months I tried to steal a kiss

And all those sleepless nights and

Daydreams where I picture this

I'm just the underdog who finally

Got the girl and I am not ashamed

To tell it to the world. 

Niall was Humming his part..

So I'm guessing that was Harry ?

Yep. So come on the house is like five minutes away. We walked and laughed a lot. Until we finally got to the house.

Harry I'm Home !

I can see that !

So where is everyone going to be sleeping ? And where's Heather ?

Well Heather had to go home.. But Zayn and Liam are gonna share the guest bedroom, Louis is gonna sleep on the in my room. So I figured Niall could stay in your room on the couch ?

Uhm. Yeah that's fine.. Just let me go take my posters down. I said as I went running upstairs.  Next thing I knew Niall was close behind. honestly I don't know why we have couches in our rooms.. o.O

Let me see your room !


Come one ! He said with puppy dogs eyes.

Ugh, Fine. But why do you do that ?

Do what ? He winked.

Ugh. Never mind. But you know what I mean ! But come on if you wanna see the room.

Awe, it's adorable. seeing my face every where. haha.


What ?

Oh, I was supposed to do a YouTube video with Heather tonight.

How about we do the boys, and you ?

Great idea ! Let me get the camera, and we'll sneak up on them. Sit on the bed please. I grabbed my camera turned it on, and pressed record.

Hey Faithers ! Heather had to go home.. So it's just me tonight.. Or is it ? I got some special guest ! Ooh, Niall ! Come here pleaseeee !

Hey, Guys. It's Niall !

Niall, Should we go sneak up on the boys and my brother ?

Ooh. Yes ! Are you up for this sneaky plan ?

Yesss ! Are you guys ?

Oooh Louis ! where are you ?

i'm over here !

Come here and say hi !

For what ? For memories ? What are doing with the camera ?

It's for my Faithers !

Uhm.. Okay. Hey guys ! its Louis !

Louis why do you ask so many questions ?

Cause I can !

Fine Mr.Sassy ! Now wheres Mer Twin Brother ?

Uhm.. I think in his room shirtless...

Ooh.. They would like that ! I winked. 

Ooh, Harry ! I screamed as I walked into his room.

Uhm yes. What do you want now ? I swear you being my twin can be annoying. he said as he turned around. Your recording aren't you ?

Yep.. And I feel your love ! It's tough being your twin ! I laughed.

Well.. Uhh.. Hi guys. It's a shirt less Harry Styles ! He winked. Ugh. I was joking. I love you Kaitlin.

I love you too ! Now where are the rest of the boys ?

Zayn ! Liam ! Come here please !

Yes ?

Come say hi !

I turned the camera to them.

Hey ! It's Liam !

Ugh, Kaitlin I look horrible ! How dare you do this ! Ooohh.. Hey.. It's Zayn ! He winked ;)

You guys are gonna kill them with feels ! Well that's all for tonight! See ya'll soon ! Man.. I really need a break from Heather.. She's giving me her American accent.. I think I want to stick to my British accent.. But byeeee guuuuuyyysss ! I stopped recording and turned the camera off.

Okay. I'm getting in the shower ! Don't break anything. Also don't do anything stupid !

We'll try !

 I walked to the bathroom, Turned the water on, and stripped. I jumped in the shower and just stood there.. Just thinking.. Niall kept crossing my mind.. He's just so perfect. I quickly washed my brown curly hair, and washed my body. I've had Irresistible stuck in my head forever now.. I got out and dried off. And of course I forgot my clothes.. Great.. I started singing Irresistible, since it's suck in my head.

Don't try to make me stay

Or ask if I'm okay

I don't have the answers

Don't make me stay the night

Or ask if I'm alright

I don't have the answer.

Heartache doesn't last forever

I'll say I'm fine.

Midnight ain't no time for laughing

When you say goodbye.

Ugh, I guess I gotta make a run to my room. With nothing but a towel on.. I ran to my room.. Luckily Niall wasn't in there. I soon put on My underwear and bra. Then I put on Harry's sweat pants, and one of his t-shirts.


Uhh.. Yes Harry ?

Where are all my sweat pants and T-shirts ? He was yelling as he barged into my room.

Uh.. Not on my body or in my dresser. I giggled.

You missed me that much ?

No.. Maybe... Yes..

Awe, my sister actually missed me enough, to steal my clothes.. How cute. Now can I have them back ?

Ugh. Fine. The ones in my dresser. I rolled my eyes. I'm going to bed.

Yeah. I think we all are.

Hey.. Uhm can I go to bed now ?

Of course Niall.. 

Yeah.. I'm just gonna leave now.. And take my clothes... before someone steals them again..

Good Idea ! I winked. So, Niall you can sleep in my bed and I sleep on the couch.

Uhm No. You sleep on the bed, and I sleep on the couch ! Oh, and you have a lovely singing voice !

Thanks, But your not sweet talking your way through this. So YOUR sleeping on the bed !




How about you just sleep up there with me then ?

Seriously ?

Yeah... Why not ?

I dunno.

Just come on. Shut the light off on your way over please.

Okay. He shut off the light and climbed in bed with me. We just laid there talking until I finally fell asleep. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, But I didn't mind. I felt safe.. I normally just feel safe with Harry.. especially after Timmy.. All I have to worry about is Harry walking in and seeing this.. He'll freak.. 

Authors Note; Ugh.. This Chapter was kinda crap.. but.. yolo...

Y; You



O;One Direction


ahaha. anyways. I might as well get to know all my readers better.. So comment your Favorite color ? 


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