My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?


2. Madison Square Garden. (MSG)

Okay, this is it. I'm Gonna do it. This is my time.


*Flash Back*

Ooh, Hey ther I'm Kaitlin, I'm 17 years old, and I live in England. I have my mum, and my best friend. Their the only people I can trust now days, Well besides my twin brother. Yes I'm a twin... But you'll find out who my brother is later. ;) So, here's my story and where I'm at now.


-Kaitlin's P.O.V.-

Heather come one, get down stairs, we have to watch the X-Factor and see who wins !!

Okay Okay, I'm coming.

And the Winner is... ONE DIRECTION !


ONE DIRECTION WON, OH GOSH. I KNEW THEY WERE GONNA WIN !! Wait Kaitlin what do you mean your brother ?

Oh gosh... It's a long story... You'll eventually find out..

Okay, but ONE DIRECTION WON. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it.

Yeah I know !!

Girls calm down.

Okay okay. So Heather what do you wanna do ?


Oh.. let's go then ! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Heather and I have a YouTube Channel. we do covers of somgs, funny videos. We have over a million subscribers ! It's Amazing.

Okay, So heather what are we gonna do for the video ?

Fangirl ? haha.

Haha, Okay. I got my camera. Alright come on let's do this video.


I turned the camera on and started recording.

HEY FAITHERS ! We said in usion.

Did you guys watch the X-Factor ?!?

AAHHAHAHAHAHAH, FANGIRLING TIME !! How many of you Faithers are Directioners ?!?

I know I am. Heather blurted out of her mouth.

Haha, I am too. Are you guys happy that they won ?!?

We sure are !!

Alright so I think that's enough for tonight. See ya'll tomorrow with a new cover ?!? Tweet us what you want us to cover ! Byeeeee Faithers.

If your wondering what Faithers are... Heather and I are a duo.... and we call our self Faith. SO our fans are Faithers..

Heather, are you staying the night to night ?!? 

YES !!

*Fast Forward To Two Years Later*



yep.. So are you ready for tonight ?!?

Yes !! Are you ?!?

Yes... But I'm nervous.. We've never performed live or been judged before !

We'll be okay. We got this.

I know. Oh Shoot it's 5 we gotta get heading to the thingy.

It's been two years now.. and the X-Factor has came back to England. So Heather and I are going.. Scary Right ?!?

MUM ! Come on. We gotta go !

Okay okay. we hurried to the car, got in and my mum drove off. We got there, Okay. Mum, this is it.. we're finally gonna do what you've been telling us to do... we're ready..

We walked in, and got our numbers. We got dressed. I was dressed in my blue jean skinny jeans, with a zebra shirt. Heather was in the same thing.. We have the same type of style.. And we like to match because we're a duo. But our hair styles are always different. I let my Curly Brown Hair Loose. Heather let her Blonde Straight Hair loose.

Faith your up next get ready !


Heather you ready ?!?

Yes. Kaitlin you ready ?!?

Yes. Okay let's do this !

Faith your on.

We walked out to the stage.

Hey girls, what are singing for us today and what are your names ?

We are singing Skyscraper By Demi Lovato. She's our inspiration.

Oh, and my name is Kaitlin, and I'm Heather. And we are Faith.

What made you girls want to try out for X-Factor ?

Well, My mum told us we should give it a try. Also our Faithers encouraged us to.. and it was mainly my brother.. But shall we sing for you now ?

Yes, Go ahead girls.

The music started, and we got lost in the words, all our worries seamed to go away. Until the music stopped... Then all our worries came back.

Good job girls. That was amazing. You defiantly have a yes from me. Simon said.

Girls, I'm glad i'm your inspiration ! keep up the good work. You girls are amazing. You have a yes from me ! Demi said.

You girls were amazing ! I really wanna hear more of you ! That's a Yes from me ! Tom said.

Thank you guys, so much that means a lot !

No problem girls.

We walked back stage... and there we found One Direction.. I stopped dead in my tracks... Is this really happening ?!? I though I would never see my brother again...

One Direction your on !

As he walked by, he looked at me and smiled.. I didn't know One Direction was gonna be performing tonight... They went out there and sang.. They sang Live While Were Young (LWWY) their most recent song they released. Heather and I decided we'll jam out back stage. We're such goof balls. but then they  ended and they came back stage...

Kaitlin is that really you ?!?

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