My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?



-Kaitlin's P.O.V.-

yes... It is really me... I said as I walked up to him.

Kaitlin I've missed you so much ! he said as he hugged me tight.

I've missed you so much too ! I said as I hugged him tighter.

WHAT'S GOING ON ?!? the boys and heather said together.. 

Oh.. Well boys this is my sister... My twin sister to be exact..

ooh.. Heather.. Uhm... Yeahh.. This is my brother... My twin brother...

Oh.. so that's why you too look so much alike... Liam said in his soft caring tone.

HARRY STYLES IS YOUR BROTHER ?!? Heather blurted out of her mouth.

Uhmm. Yes. I said stepping away from Harry to calm heather down. Harry I'll be right back.. don't go anywhere I need to talk to you.

Okay, I really need to talk to you too.

Okay, Now come on Heather !

Okay. Okay. So do you care to explain. SHe asked as I pulled her away from the boys.

well.. What is there to explain ?

The fact that you never told me that Harry Fucking Styles is your brother, Your twin brother !

Oh.. I never told anyone that he was my brother because, I got used... so girls could get closer to him... Cause he was the hottest kid in school. That's why I never told anyone my last name... I used Lopez...

BUt, we've been so close for years ! You could have told me...

I know. I know. BUt I didn't know how you would react ! and now I know !

Well... They are like the biggest boy band in the world ! so of course I was gonna freak out ! and your brother is so hot.

Yeah I know he's in the biggest boy band. And I have no say in the last part.. But come one, lets go back so I can hang with my brother and you can hang with the boys. I need to catch up with him, while I have the chance. No more freaking out okay ?

okay, let's gooo. this is a once in a life time thing.

Psh. he's my brother we'll see them plenty of times !

True that ! Let goo.

We walked back out, where we found all the boys, Harry was "flirting" with one of the stylist. Haha. He sucks at it. Liam was talking to Simon.. Zayn was admiring him self in the mirror.. typical. Where is louis ?!? Niall, Niall was eating like usual... I just smile at the thought of Niall. Kaitlin snap out of it. You have barley met the boy.

Ooh, Little twin whatcha thinking about ?

Nothing. And I'm only younger by like 1 minute. I winked.

So how has it been ?

It's been okay, I guess.

Kaitlin... What's been going on ?!?

Well let me see.. You haven't talked to me in 2 years, since you left... You don't know how much that hurts Harry.. You are the only one I can spread my feelings to.. I can't even spread my feelings to Heather ! Your the only one I feel safe with. And our birthday just doesn't feel the same. Everything is just bottled up in side of me. I have nobody to talk to.

Kaitlin, I didn't know you felt that way, you should have just called, and you could have told me everything.

Well... I figured you wouldn't have the time to talk to me, So I didn't bother...

I always have the time for my sister. I mean I am the one who has kept you through 19 years of life.

I know. I know. But why don't you go see mum, and spend time with her while you have the time.

I already saw her when you were performing. By the way you two did great out there ! and your friend is Beautiful.

And your telling me this because ? Go tell her !

Uhm, No I'll pass.. She's all over Laim.

Haha. To bad so sad... Se has YOUR posters all over her wall with lipstick on it.. I said while bursting into laughter. Which caused Heather and the boys to look over... And cause Harry to blush.

Seriously ? Well how about I take you two out to dinner, and i'll talk to her there. BY the way... I think  she knows what you told me. He said laughing.

Kaitlin don't make me tell Niall ! She yelled towards me..

Go ahead ! I've already told your story..

Oh Niall.. !!

Uhh.. Heather ?

Kaitlin, Has posters of you all her room, with lipstick marks on it. and she even has a Instagram just for you !

HEATHER ! I said getting red in the face..

Awe, That's adorable... Niall winked at me ;)

-Harry's P.O.V.-

I can't believe it, I finally get to see her after 2 years... I wished I could have seen her sooner.. But I've been so busy. Ug. I guess I should Just enjoy the time I have with her before we have to leave again. I have really missed her. Considering the fact that I was all she ever had.

Kaitlin dear !

My mum snapped me out of my thoughts when she called for Kaitlin.

Yes mum ?

I have to go to work. I'll won't be back for 2 weeks. I have to go to the US for a project. So I'll see you in 2 weeks. Harry, keep care of your sister. If your staying in London for a while. You and the boys can stay at the house if you wanna.

Okay mum. I'll take care of her. Bye mum. Love you.

Love you to.

So how about we go out to eat ?


Yeah I'm hungry. Niall and Kaitlin said together,

Ooh, Are Ya'll are some love birds or something. Heather blurted out.

No.. Just cause we are both hungry doesn't mean anything. Kaitlin kinda gave her some sass when she said that.. Oops.

Okay, let's go to my car. I have a van so all of us could fit. I was driving, Then Lou in the front with Me, Heather next to Liam, Kaitlin next to Niall, and Zayn next to Liam. We went to Nando's since that was the closest place. And Niall has been begging to go there, I don't blame him. Their food is delicious. We went in and talked to a waitress. 

Table for 7 please.

Sure thing. She walked us toward the back of the too, where there was booth that could fir all 7 of us. I sat next to heather, Louis on the other side of me, Niall sat next Kaitlin, Liam on the other side of Niall, then Zayn on the end.

What can I get you guys to drink ?

Zayn; Doctor Pepper Please.

Liam; Pepsi Please.

Louis, Water.

Niall; Water.

Kaitlin; Water.

Heather; Doctor Pepper.

Harry; Pepsi.

So 2 Doctor Peppers, 3 Waters, and 2 Pepsis ?

Yes ma'm.


-Kaitlin's P.O.V.-

We ordered our drinks and food.

So you guys are twins ? Louis asked

Yep. We are. I said popping the P.

Yep, I can defiantly tell..

Our food finally came. We ate and laughed. Then we decided to stay a little longer and just talk, we eventually all had our own conversations, Harry, was obviously trying yo flirt with Heather. Zayn, Liam, and Louis were talking about who knows what. So that left me with Niall. Niall's so sweet. We've talked about a lot of stuff tonight. He's made me laugh so much, I swear I could feel a six pack coming on. While we were talking, he put his arm around me. Normally I would smack a guys hand away... But I'm perfectly fine with it being Niall.. I was having a lot of fun with Niall, he's always making me laugh.

Hey, Kaitlin.

Ooh, Great.. The last person I ever wanted to see again...

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