My Brothers Best Friend.

Okey, So basically There's a girl named Kaitlin and she has a twin brother.. she has never told any one about him... Ugh, I suck at these things... Read to find out ?


8. A Date ?

Hey ! This is kind of a short chapter.. But there's more than one P.O.V. in this chapter. So don't get confused ! 


-Liam's P.O.V.-

So here I am comforting Harry Styles sister. You know I never imagined this to happen... Like I never though Harry had a sister... He could have told us..

So... Basically you two fought because she mad because you went and hung out with your new room mate so you could get to know her, then Heather decided to be honest with your ex-boyfriend Connor and because she kissed your brother ?

Yep.. Pretty much..

You know I don't understand girls and their drama. I'm just gonna stay away from your guys' drama.

That's probably a good idea... We tend to have a lot of drama..

Over stupid crap. Well never mind i take that back.. Okay most of the time it's stupid crap.

Yep.. Just gotta get with the girl logic.

uhm.. I would prefer the boy logic.. We don't have any drama.. Unless your like Lou and Harry... And you fight over girls.. Then you got your self some drama...

Yep... Been in that situation too...

I bet you have...


Yess ?

Thank youuuuu.

For what ?

For being here and comforting me.

Oh. No problem babe.

Will you be my best friend ?

Yes. Of course I will be your best friend.


It's cute how she gets overly happy over some things. So whatcha wanna do ?

Uhm wanna watch Toy Story ?


Of course you do your Liam.

We laid in her bed curled up and watched Toy Story...


Meanwhile down stairs...


Niall's P.O.V.

Harry.. Uhm.. Can I Talk to you ?


Can I ask you something ?

Yeah, Anything.

Uhm. CanItakeyoursistertothemoviestonight ?

What did you say I can't understand you.

Can I take your sister to the movies tonight ?...

Yes you can.

Oh no that's okay I understand. Wait did you say yes ?

uhm. yeah.

Oh.. well then...

You were expecting a no weren't you ?

Yeah.. I mean cause your being her brother and everything.. 

Just take care of her please.

Okay I will.

But I will tell you one thing. If she gets hurt or heart broken or whatever. Your dead.

Okay. Harry you know you cant trust me, I would never hurt your sister or any girl.

Yeah I know.. But still she is my sister. So you betta watch your back.

Okay Okay. Uhm where is she ? 

I think she's upstairs talking to Liam about what happened.. Just wait till she comes down.. I think the only person she will talk to at the time is Liam... She won't even talk to me..So just wait till she comes down stairs.


Mean while upstairs.


-Kaitlin's P.O.V.-

Liam can we please go down stairs now. You've seen this movie millions of times.

Ugh. fine you act like you have something to do.

I'm hungry okay.

Someone sound like Niall.

Whatever. I said rolling my eyes. Liam I'm leaving you upstairs since you won't come. Bye. With that I unlocked my door and ran down stairs towards the fridge. Man Was I hungry.. Everyone was staring at me like I was crazy..

Uhmm.. Well.. Why are you running towards the fridge like that ? You act like your Niall. asked a curious Zayn.

I'm hungry. Like super hungry. Liam wouldn't let me come down stairs cause I was gonna miss some parts of Toy Story. I swear that boy and Toy Story. You put that on and set him in front of the telly he'll never speak till it's over. I said eating some pretzel M&Ms. Uhm NIALL.

Uhh.. Yes ?

How come there were like only three M&Ms left ?

Because I ate them.. I'm sorry..

Niall you shouldn't have done that.. she doesn't play around about her pretzel M&Ms.. Harry said walking away with the rest of the boys not wanting to know what was gonna happen next.

It's okay I guess.

Yay. But uhm can I ask you a question ?

uhm, yeah. Watcha wanna know ?

Iwasjustwonderingifyouwantedtogotothemocieswithmetonightjustustwo ?

Yeah. I'd love to.

Oh it's okay. I'll just go by my self.. W-Wait you said yes ? and you understood me ?

You thought I was gonna say no ? And yes I understood you.

Uhmm yeah.. Kinda.. I get rejected a lot..

Uhm. Why would girls reject you ? I mean look at you.. Your.. You can't be described. So is this like a date ? I said raising my eye brow.

Uhm yeah, He said blushing.

Well I'll go get ready. I'll be down in 30 minutes.


I ran upstairs dragged Liam out of my room. Grabbed clothes, a towel and my phone. I ran to the bathroom. I put Pandora on and turned on the water, stripped and jumped in the shower. I can't believe I'm going on a date with Niall Horan.. The Niall Horan this is like every fangirls dream. I guess dreams do come true. I washed up then got out. I put on some skinny jeans, a blue shirt and some Toms. And I was ready to go. I grabbed my phone and my side bag thingy. And I went downstairs.

Niall I'm ready.

Okay lets go.

We walked out to his car got in and drove off.

So uhm.. Your not wearing one of your disguises ?

Nope. Is that alright with you ?

Yeah. I just figured you would wear one because of crazed fans.. 

Oh.. Yeah.. Are you okay with paparazzi and crazed fans ?

Uhhm. Yeah, I have to get used to them anyways... I mean I am related to Harry Styles.. And you guys are living with me..

Oh yeah.

we got to the movie theater got out, and walked to the thingy where you get your tickets.

So uhm... What movie are we gonna see ?

Uhm what movie do you wanna see ?

Monsters University ? I said with puppy dog eyes.

Yeah let's see that. Come on let's get our tickets before crazed fans see us.

Okay. Okay.

Uhm can I have to tickets to Monsters University. Please.

Yep here you go.

Here your ticket Kaitlin.

Come on Mr.Horan lets get some popcorn and a drink/

okay. okay.

we got some popcorn and a drink. We're sharing a dink. hehe. We walked to the room where Monsters University was being played.

Where are we gonna sit without being noticed ?

Over there. In the corner. Let's goo.


We watched the movie without any fans noticing us. Thank Gosh. Now the hard part is getting outta the movie theater without anyone noticing us.. We managed to make it to the car without anyone noticing us.. Tonight has been successful.

So Uhm. Do you wanna go chill at the park for a bit and just talk like the last time ?

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