How To Save A Life

This is my story for the contest inspired by music. This story is inspired by the song how to save a life. Hope it ok.


1. Where Did I Go Wrong

In the window sat a girl with her head buried in her arms. Cherry hadn't just lost her boyfriend but she lost her best friend. She had been so stupid. Tears raced down her checks. Looking out the window while wiping her tears she thought to herself where did this all start to go wrong? Memories flooded into her head. She focused on a good one. Well she thought it was until she realised she had ruined it when he tried to make good memories.

She heard Leo shouted

"Hey my Cherry Berry" 

Cherry smiled slightly. He picked her up and spun her around. She didn't say anything. She didn't even bother to try and seem happy to see her boyfriend. Leo frowned slightly

"What’s wrong?"

Cherry remembered muttering nothing to him. She then walked away to her friends so she could go smoke while leaving her boyfriend in the distance.

Why did she do that? Eyeliner was running in thick black lines down her checks. She thought about him again

They were in a room together. He whispered to her

"Can we talk?"

She just nodded. She sat down and noticed a window to the right. He smiled at her then began to talk. Then again she didn't listen to a word he said. Just sat there emotionless looking out the window as it rained. She heard an angry shout

"I'm trying to help you. You’re depressed we can all tell but you won’t listen when we try to help."

He let out an angry scream then stormed out the class room

Cherry cried more. Leo just wanted to help her. She didn't let him in.  After a couple of times Leo talked to her online. He told her if she didn't try then maybe they wasn't right together. After that she began to try her best but things were different. 

Cherry ran up to Leo in the corridor. She smiled and said softly

"Hey baby"

She kissed his check but then she noticed his eyes were red. Wondering what was up she asked

"Baby what wrong?"

He shrugged her off and just whispered 


He held her tight and whispered 

"I love you."

That night she asked Leos mum what was up. It turned out his dad and younger sister was hit by a drunk driver and they had both died over the weekend. After that she tried harder to stay happy. Trying to stop her depression and stress from showing so she could help Leo. 

They were at a party and they was all drinking and smoking. Cherry took a drink from the kitchen and went to the living room. They were all smoking. Cherry had stopped smoking for Leo so she said no to all her cravings to smoke. She smiled at them and asked shyly 

"Hey guys. Have you seen Leo?”

Her best friend shouted

"Upstairs babe."

She smiled and walked upstairs to find Leo. Finally she found him. He smelt badly of alcohol. Leo stumbled up to her and grabbed. He slurred

"Hey babe nice of you to come."

He had been drunk a lot since his dad and sister had died. She frowned. She convinced herself he couldn't help it. He hugged her tight but she didn't enjoy it because the smell of alcohol suffocated her. She pushed him away. He shouted 

"What’s wrong Babe?"

She shouted angrily showing no weakness or disappointment

"You’re drunk again. Leo this is unhealthy for you. I just want what’s best for you and I know what’s best for you. "

He slapped her. Then shouted

"You don't like it get out."

She shouted 


Then storming out of the building.

A lot of things had gone wrong but Cherry loved Leo anyway and she still does. There were all the good times they had together but he never listened

Cherry met up with him in the park. He shouted from the park swings he was sat on

"Hey my cherry berry"

They looked cute as she sat on his knee while his arms were wrapped round her waist. The swing moved back and forth gently. Cherry whispered to him

"I love you"

He sighed then he croaked out

"No you don't Cherry. I love you but if you love me then there something wrong. You deserve much better than me."

Cherry gasped then jumped up of his knee. Leo had his head down his head down. Tear dropped one by one onto his legs. Cherry screamed at the top of her voice

"Leo I love you more than anything in the world. Please don't ever say I don't love you again. You are my world and I don't know what I would do without you."

He smiled slightly but he looked like he didn't believe a word she said. He stood up and walked towards her. Then he pulled her into a massive hug while holding her tight to his chest. He whispered to her

"Cherry I love you more than anything but you deserve better."

He kissed her softly. It started to rain but they just laughed and began to dance in the rain.

She cried harder. The sobs shook her fragile frame. No one could hear her. Her parents were on holiday. She stood up and grabbed the teddy bear. She held it tight to her chest and the sobs just got louder.  She loved him more than anything and he’s gone. Memories flashed through her head of them kissing, hugging and all the cute good memories so she hugged the bear tighter at the thought of him. She thought to herself I should have been there more and then maybe this wouldn't have happened. 

She lay on her back so she could stare at the ceiling. Failing to keep him from coming into her mind she started to cry again. The sobs echoed throughout the house. Each time she cried out it sounded more painful each time. Her chest heaved up and down trying to breath. The fighting had defiantly stopped now. Each fight they had was painful for them both. They loved each other more anything so they found it hard to stay mad at each other.

They were both in Cherry's house. It was abandoned because her parents had gone on a business trip again. Leo started to shout 

"Who is this guy Cherry? Are you seeing him behind my back?!

Cherry whimpered slightly because he raised his voice. She looked away but before looking back she blinked back the tears in her eyes. After looking backs she looked straight into his eyes and shouted

"Is that what you think Leo?!  I love you more than anything. I gave you my heart but instead you be an idiot and break it! I hate you!"

He hit me and shouted 

“You don't shout back at me! I didn't break your heart you cheated!"

Her voice lowered in fear because it was what he wanted

"I'm sorry but I didn't cheat I love you." 

He turned away from her just blocking her out. So she ran out the house in tears.  He shouted after her but she ignored him. She ran to her car then drove off. She drove for an hour and a half then started to make her way back. When she got home he was still there. He hugged her then whispered in her ear.

"Sorry babe I was wrong."

He then kissed her check then whispered

"I am sorry about the hit I didn't mean to do it. I got so angry but I swear I won't do it again." 

Then he kissed her full on the lips while holding her close to him. He whispered to her softly

"I love you Cherry."

She still feared him but she whispered back smiling

"I love you too Leo"

She cried louder and more tears ran down her cheeks. This time they ran faster. Why couldn't she just have him back? Making new memories like all the old ones. Good or bad memories she didn't care as long as she had him. It was too late now. She clutched her chest as if she was in pain. Inside she was in pain because she had lost her true love. The one she loved the most. She remembered how he was. He wasn't the same as he was before but she still loved me. He was still sweet just not happy. It was like he was drowning in sadness. After a while his mum got ill.  

They were sat in the hospital. A while before they had found out his mum was very ill. The doctors said it had gotten that bad she couldn't be saved. Leo sat there watching the monitors numbers change. Slowly a little tear trickles from his eye. Before it drops Cherry wipes it away. She gives him a small kiss on the lips. Leos mum was like another mum to her. She always let Cherry sleep over when her parents were on business trips which was almost always. Cherry sits on his knee and they cry in each other’s arms. They hear all the nurses come in. They say stuff too quick but before they could ask Leos mum is being taken away. Cherry just buries her head in his shoulder. They fell asleep like that and they slept peacefully but they woke to a doctor tapping them. He looked sad. He whispered out sadly

"I am sorry Leo and Cherry but she passed away last night."

They both broke out into tears while holding each other. After they calmed a bit Leo croaked out 

"She’s actually gone."

Cherry just burst out crying again. After that they spent a lot of time together and they had slept at each other’s house a lot. Life was perfect except for the fact Leo was depressed from the loss of his family. 

Cherry coughed as she chocked on her tears. She wiped her tears away. She stood up and went downstairs. She grabbed a tub of ice cream from the fridge and a spoon out the draw. She remembered when they would feed each other ice cream she smiled slightly. The first smile that had appeared on her face in weeks but no one was there to see it. She sat and ate the ice cream as she watched the shows she usually watched. After she finished eating she put her rubbish on the side then went back up stairs. For the rest of that night she dreamed of being with Leo. Him kissing her lips softly. Pulling her close and not letting go. Picking her up then spinning her around. Going on dates. She remembered that one time when they broke up but the best day was when they got back together

Cherry had gone back to her old self. Smoking. Drinking. All that stuff. She was sat on a field with her friends. She had no clue where she was because she was drunk out of her mind. They was singing loudly as they sat on the bench. Then Cherry stood up and screamed at the top of her voice

"I'm the king of the world!"

Her friends laughed 

"You mean Queen"

Cherry just shrugged her shoulders and the jumped off the bench. She then took out a cigarette and lit it up. Clouds of smoke came out of her mouth. Once she had done with it she dropped it and squished it with her foot. Next thing someone was behind her and shouted 


It was Leo. She began to rant on how much she hated him but he didn't understand her too well because her speaking was slurred. Next thing she knew she was in his house sat on the arm chair. She was laughing to her self. He chucked her a blanket and shouted as he left the room 

"Go to sleep we will talk in the morning."

After a while of her screaming and shouting random things she finally fell asleep. The next morning she woke up to find Leo trying to shake her awake. Once he saw she was awake he smiled at her.

She sat up and glared at him. They sat cross legged across from each other. She carried on glaring at home but then there was a loud crash. Cherry groaned and clutched her head.  One of the shelves had fallen but instead of running to the shelf he quickly sat next to Cherry and pulled her into a hug.  She didn't look up or move but then Leo whispered in her ear

"I still love you but I have changed. I am not the same person as before. I hope you can take me for who I am now so we can get back together because I really love you."

She looks up slowly and stares into his eyes. Then she smiles at him and the closes the gap and leaves him with the answer of a kiss on the lips.

She carried on dreaming of the sweet memories they had. In her sleep even though her eyes were red and tear slowly dripped from her closed eyes she smiled slightly and whispered 

"I love you Leo"

The next morning she woke up to a slight bit of sunshine but it looked dull in her eyes. She got in the shower to freshen up her skin and hair a bit but she didn't care about how she looked. She walked into her room and slowly got changed into a black dress that was above her knees. She let her hair wave past her shoulders. She looked into the mirror and there stood was a thin, small, pale girl with long, wavy, black hair. Then there was her eyes.. Her big grey eyes were emotionless. They were dull and cold. When you looked into her eyes you could see the pain she was in. Like she wanted to cry or scream for help so she could get out of the misery she was trapped in. 

She slowly put some small black flats on and walked out of the door. Walking down the road the people she knew looked at her while she walked down looking at the floor. Sadness filled their eyes as they saw the poor girl walk down the road. They had all watched her slowly become more depressed and ill and they had all tried to help but it had done nothing. As she walked by she didn't notice anything just her feet moving a long the path. Finally she reached her destination. She walked slowly through the gates. She carried on walking until she found it. A grave stone. Write on it was

In memory of Leo Jake Star 

Who passed away on the 1st March 2013 aged 17.

He was loved a lot by many people and still is loved by hundreds.

Cherry sat down next to the grave then hugged her knees and started to cry. She remembered the day before it happened

Cherry and Leo had a good day. They had both had fun in the park and watching movies but Cherry had a feeling something was up. So later that night she walked up to him and gave him a hug. She then asked

"Sweetie what’s wrong? You seem upset?"

He just shook his head then answered

"Everything is fine Cherry Berry. I just miss my family and my friends have gone and left me and I'm never going to see them again. I love you more than anything and your all I have left but I wish I could have them all back in my life."

Cherry just nodded because she didn't know what to say. Leo sat down then buried his head in his hands and broke down crying. Cherry sat next to him and rubbed his back. He sat up then snapped

"Keep your hands off me. I'm fine."

Cherry's anger burst. She screamed at him

"I am trying my best to help Leo. All you do is snap at me and have a go at me. I'm fed up of it. You know what I'm not even going to bother helping you because I don't know what to do anymore. Night Leo"

She heard him shouting stuff at her about his stress and how he didn't want to bother with her and all the usual stuff. She went to bed and cried herself to sleep. The next morning she walked downstairs but what she found made her break down crying. She breathed a little and called 999. Leo had died that night.

She looked at the grave and cried. Why did she do that to him? She whispered quietly 

"Why did you have to leave?"

After that she placed a white rose on the grave and walked back home. People saw her tear stained checks and shouted out to her but she never heard them. Her friends shouted her name repeatedly but she didn't hear anyone. Just heard her slow breathing. Finally she was stood in front of a peaceful, quiet, big lake.

She remembered coming here with Leo. A small smile appeared even though tears of sadness were slowly trailing down her checks. She remembered playing with Leo round here. Splashing water at each other. The piggy back rides. So many great memories.  Black clouds hovered above her head. A few minutes later little droplets of rain bounced off the floor. She didn't care she was too busy staring at the water. 

It moved disturbed the peaceful water. She heard people screaming from the gardens near the lake. Next thing she knew it was silent except from the sound of the rain bouncing around her. Slowly she walked to the water. Then she whispered to herself 

"If I had known how to save a life"

All of a sudden there was a loud splash. The rain cleared up but Cherry was nowhere to be seen. 

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