Another love

Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


10. The next seeing

The next time Liam and I saw each other was four weeks later. It would take two months before I had a week off of school but Liam was too impatient for waiting that long, so he arranged a weekend meetup. The four weeks of not seeing each other in real life was filled by skyping every other day. I was growing really fond of him and wanted to be closer. I wanted him to touch me and feel his warm breath on my body. So when Liam announced one week ahead that he wanted me to go somewhere special together I could not keep myself cool, because it was very awkward that we both knew what was going to happen that weekend.  


So, four weeks later Liam picked me up at Heathrow airport where I arrived on Friday evening. He prepared a delicious meal at his apartment. After that he told me that he had taken massage lessons. I never had a massage before but it sounded heavenly; Liam rubbing his hands up and down my back and then slipping further below… Wait, that’s not how it actually went. I expect you are a horny girl reading this so I will explain the massage in detail right now.


Liam laid me, faced down, on his bed. He straddled himself on top of me. He began massaging my neck and shoulders, firm but gently. Then he slowly worked his way down my arms and ended with a kiss on my hands. Back to my shoulders he went, now going to my shoulder blades and my upper back. I started moaning softly because it felt so good to have these two big hands letting me know they’re strong enough to protect me. The only thing that bothered me was the fabric in between his hands and my skin. I was wearing a skirt and a cropped top over my underwear (which was a newly bought set because I didn’t really own matching lingerie before.) I tucked at my top and Liam stopped for a few seconds. When I got it just across my boobs he helped me lifting it over my head. He carried on massaging my back and it felt even better. His fingers went under the back of my bra but he didn’t unsnap it so I did. He ran his hands to the sides to feel a little sideboob. I wanted to look at his beautiful face while he felt me up the first time so I turned around a bit awkwardly without having the space. I also tried to keep my bra covering the boobs. When I finally laid comfortably again we looked each other in the eyes and shared a long passionate kiss. After a few minutes I grabbed his hands and carried them over to the top of my bra. While his hands stayed there I now removed the straps from my shoulders and his hands finally cupped my very own breasts. He was still wearing his shirt so I untucked the buttons. I pushed my body against his’ and my hands wondered down to his pants. I wanted to slip my fingers beneath his jeans but it was too tight so I started unbuckling his belt. Liam stopped me by taking my hands in his right hand. I broke the kiss and looked at him questionable. Liam said: “You wanted it at a special location but this isn’t a special location.” “Oh fuck what I said.” “NO, I arranged something special for tomorrow so you just have to wait.” It was both sweet and depressing what he said. When I look back on it, I’m happy he arranged something for the next day and not that day itself because that meant he wasn’t in it for the sex at all. He was really just in love with me, and I with him.


Suddenly I felt very weird just staring at each other while we both wanted to have sex and my tits were getting cold so I covered them with my hands, also ashamed about being that naked. Liam laughed whilst lifting my upper body before hugging me with his legs still wrapped around me. I removed my arms and pressed my body even closer to his’ so that my boobs were pressed up against his bare torso. We sat like that for a few minutes and it was so magical. I had never been that close to anybody and I felt so safe. “I love you” I whispered for the first time. I felt him smiling against my cheek before telling me “I love you too”.


Now the next day was when I really lost my virginity. We had a romantic afternoon and dinner before we went up a hill with some blankets on it. The view was amazing: a sky full of stars. The hill was a private area so no one would disrupt us during our intimate love making. Even though it was a bit painful, I’m happy the way it happened.

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