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Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


3. The day after

After waking up, I looked around me, finding two pretty girls lying next to me. Judith was still sleeping but Carmen was smiling at me “Good morning.” “Hii” I replied with a hoarse voice. I picked up my phone and read 13:48. Was it already that late?! I think I looked as shocked on the outside as I was on the inside ‘cause Carmen laughed “Yeah it’s quite late, huh?” I nodded slowly laying my head back on the pillow. Carmen was scrolling on her phone as her eyes grew bigger. I frowned but was too tired to ask. She noticed and turned the screen of her phone towards me. My eyes squinting, adjusting to the bright light, as I read the tweet she had opened ‘Liam, Louis and Niall playing football with three girls’, including a picture of the boys and us. Liam was running with the ball and Carmen was following him, while Louis was wearing an angry Judith over his shoulder and I was trying to tackle Niall, who was next to Liam, ready to pass on the ball.


I frowned trying to think. Well... What do I have to think about this? I mean, is it a good or a bad thing that fans saw us. I didn’t even notice fans watching us while playing football. I opened the twitter app on my phone to look at the other pictures they took. There were a few more photos, but not many. Just like the number of fans I guess. I have to admit, there were some really nice ones, but also some not-so-charming ones. “What do you think?” Carmen interrupted my thoughts. “I don’t know if we should be happy that some fans saw us and now all the fans know about our little football match… They made some really nice pictures though.” I added with a small smile, showing my favourite pic. “You?” “That’s also what I thought, until I read the tweets about the ‘three girls’.” Carmen answered me, giving me her phone.


I slowly scrolled through her timeline on twitter. Most of the tweets were about the ‘three girls’, as if that was our group-name. These tweets were, ehm, how do I describe this correct? The tweets about the ‘three girls’ were quite… touching. Yes, touching. Some tweets read something like ‘OMFG I’m so fucking jealous of these girls WHY DOESN’T THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEE’ or ‘They look so happy together, would they be a thing?? I TOTALLY SHIP THEM’. But, this was only about 15% of the tweets. The other 85% were less lovely. To say that they were hatefully is an understatement. I don’t want to post them in this story, because I like to keep it neat. Yes, these tweets were certainly touching.


I have always been incredibly bad at taking criticism. If it is like good and bad points, I love to hear it. But whenever it’s only negative, I can’t take it. I looked at Carmen, trying to hold back the tears. Carmen has always been a very strong person. She thinks she isn’t, because she has had her bad moments. However, she managed to stop her bad habit, which I’m still very proud of. I could also see the pain in Carmen’s eyes. I shuffled a bit so that I was closer to her and pulled her in for a hug. After a few good minutes cuddling, I heard Judith move around a bit. We pulled back at the same time and looked at Judith, her eyes squinting for a few moments, but a frown remained. She looked at us questionably, mouth too dry to speak. “Twitter.” Carmen answered as if Judith asked her something. Then she stood up and went downstairs after saying “I’m going to make some breakfast, see you later.” Judith looked even more confused now, staring at me. I didn’t feel the need to say anything, a lump formed in my throat.


I opened twitter again, as so did Juud. I looked at my mentions, which were normally quite dead, because I actually didn’t tweet anything. Sounds weird, but I only used twitter to keep updated on One Direction and I didn’t feel the need to tweet things myself. When I refreshed my mentions, ‘Liam Payne follows you’, popped up. I smiled widely. I knew that he followed me, I even saw him push the ‘follow’ button. This confirmation was very nice though. I actually don’t care if people follow me on twitter, but this is different. Now I can send Liam direct messages, hoping he’ll reply.


Judith looked now even more confused at me, if that was even possible. I think she also read all those negative tweets about the ‘three girls’ in the pictures. She was probably wondering why I was smiling, while people were saying rude things about us. I showed her Liam’s profile and pointed at the ‘follows you’ part. Wow that feeled good. She curved her lips a little, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. I hugged her tightly and after a minute or so, we went downstairs for breakfast. Or should I say lunch? Whatever you call it, food is food and I was hungry.


We helped Carmen with the last things and ate in silence. None of us knew what to say until Judith said: “Liz has got a Liam follow.” “Congratulations” Carmen said to me, a bit jokingly. I replied with a small smile. “So… What are you going to write him?” “Oh, I haven’t actually thought about that. Let’s see.” I picked up my phone from the table and opened Liam’s profile to send him a DM. I typed ‘Hii, I really enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday and the concert was incredible! It was the best day of my life, thank you for that. I hope you remember me :)’ and showed it to Car and Juud before sending. “Maybe you shouldn’t say that about ‘the best day of my life’, it makes you look a little desperate.” Judith said carefully, not looking up from the screen “But the rest of it is good! It really is… you.” “Oh why thank you.” I replied sarcastically. She is right about ‘the best day of my life’ thing though. After erasing it quickly, I let them see the final message, and after receiving two wide smiles I send the message ‘Hii, I really enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday and the concert was incredible! I hope you remember me :)’ to @Real_Liam_Payne.


After finishing breakfast, I refreshed my mentions on twitter. I don’t know why actually, it’s just a habit I guess. But instead of the usual ritual, my mentions exploded. What the fuck? (Yes I know, I just wrote that I wanted to keep this story neat, but sometimes I just say or think ‘fuck’. So, get used to it) I tried to understand why so many people are suddenly mentioning me. I looked at the tweet from an update account reading: ‘Liam followed @Real_Melissa_P a few hours ago. According to her icon she looks like the girl who was playing football with Liam, Louis and Niall’. So, now they also knew my twitter. Sweet. Many people are asking me what happened, but I don’t feel the need to answer them. Carmen has quite a lot of followers on twitter and she has also posted some pictures of herself, so they probably also know about her account or they will soon.


What a drama. All the attention will stop after a few days I guess, that’s how we do that in this fandom. In a few days there will be something else to talk about and they forget us… I hope.



Sorry for not updating in a very, very long time. At first I didn’t want to write shit at the end of every chapter but I like it if other people do it, so why wouldn’t I? Please let me know what you think of this story and if I should even continue. I will try to upload more often, if you want me to continue, so tell me! And also tell me if you like me to write shitty things at the end of every chapter! Hope you like it :)

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