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4. Social media

A few weeks had passed by after the concert. As I predicted, my mentions on twitter were becoming less, luckily. I had forced myself not to answer any of the questions, because I knew that would only cause bigger drama. Carmen promised she wouldn’t answer tweets about the concert day either, and Judith didn’t get recognized at all, so that’s quite positive.


I even chatted with Liam on DM! He told me ‘Of course I recognise you babe!’  We just chatted a bit about weird, daily stuff. For example, he told me what he had for breakfast that Tuesday and I told him my breakfast, although his breakfast was way more impressive. We wrote each other our favourite food and animal, and more like that kind of stuff.  We basically got to know each other better on the weird facts, finding out we had some things in common.


He also asked me what I did on a daily basis. I actually tried to avoid that subject because I’m just a boring teenager. ‘Oh you know... I go to school every day. Well, except for Saturday and Sunday’ was my answer. Very informative and extensive, I know. He seemed quite interested though, replying with ‘Which grade and school?’  I explained him how school works in my country, because it’s a little different from the U.K. I hadn’t told him my age before, so I was kind of anxious he would be turned off when he asked again about my grade. But he didn’t seem less interested after I told him.


After I wrote him every detail about how school works in my country he asked me about things I did after school. I told him about how I work in a drugstore on Friday afternoon, go swimming every Saturday and that I take dance classes with Judith. He kept asking questions about me. At first it was a little weird to almost only talk about me. I mean, I never really talk about myself. Sure I also asked him some questions during our chats, but mostly was about me and he seemed genuinely interested in me. Maybe it was because he only spoke to people who were much more interesting, that a boring schoolgirl-life is kind of refreshing. To me, Liam became like this internet best friend you have never met, even though I already met him once. However, we didn’t really know each other back then.


I was wondering if he had Skype. It would be a lot easier to talk to each other, not-to-mention I could see his handsome face and hear his beautiful voice. I doubted a day or two about asking for his Skype. Why can’t I just ask for it? I mean, asking is never wrong, I thought myself. So I asked him and he replied ‘Good idea! What about tomorrow 8 pm U.K. time?’ He knew I lived in a different time zone, but this was also a good time for me ‘Sure :)’.


I opened my laptop around 7:45 pm and started Skype, but before I started the chat with Liam, I glanced at the mirror, making sure I looked good. My hair was hung loose over my shoulders, just like most of the time. I had only applied some mascara and concealer. I didn’t want to wear more than I wore on a daily base. I quickly brushed my teeth and put on some of my favourite perfume, as if he could smell me. I know, I’m stupid.


I started the chat just before 8 pm and waited for Liam to come online. After waiting 15 minutes I became a bit impatient. I opened twitter, but there was no sign of Liam. After 30 minutes I decided he wouldn’t come online anymore. I put away my laptop on the side of the table, but left it open, hoping that Liam still would come and talk to me. I grabbed my schoolbooks and started to do some homework.  When it was half past 9, I suddenly heard a familiar voice saying “Hello?” which caused me almost falling from my chair. I turned the laptop screen to me and saw Liam “Jeez, you scared the shit out of me!” “I am so sorry that I’m too late! I wanted to come online earlier, but something came between it, I’m sorry.” “Doesn’t matter, apologies accepted.” I said almost interrupting him, being very happy to see him.


I forgot the one and a half hours of waiting immediately when I saw him appearing on my screen. It was weird to see him there, even though I looked at pictures and videos of him all the time on the exact same screen. It was like he was doing a twitcam, but for me and only me. Just like most of his Twitcams, we had put on some music to avoid awkward silences. We took turns in picking a song and he let me listen to some really nice songs I hadn’t heard of before.


We talked with each other for a good hour, when he noticed I got a little tired and insisted I went to bed. We would talk again Saturday, 1 pm. I usually had nothing to do on Saturday afternoon anyway, and Liam only had a gig and sound check starting at 3 pm.  4 days to go, I counted in my head with a typical voice-over. He apologised once again for being too late and promised he would be on time that Saturday.


“You kept your promise Payne, even a little ‘fore 1 pm.” I started the conversation as I saw Liam appearing on my laptop screen. “I’m really proud of you.” I added sarcastically. “Thank you, I’m also really proud of myself.” Liam replied causing me to look away with a smile, shaking my head. “So, how are things in Italy?” “How do you know I’m in Italy, I haven’t told you?” Liam wondered a little confused. “Fan, remember?” I replied, pointing at my head. “Oh yeah, course. Well it’s quite… hot.” Why did I think this was so funny? Because again, I was smiling at his comment. I even answered with “Yes, I see that.” “What?” “I see that you’re hot.” What the fuck, Melissa?! Who says that?! As reaction on my awful cheeky line, Liam blushed and looked at the ground for a few seconds with that adorable smile of his’, but he recovered himself quickly.


After chatting with Liam for 2 hours, my stomach hurt from laughing so much. It was about time to say goodbye for that night. “I wish I could meet you again sometime.” I told him. “Well, maybe we could. After the Europe tour, we have two weeks off. I’m going to spend that time in the U.K. Maybe you could join me for a few days?” This made me a bit speechless. Of course I wanted to join him! But what about school? And sure, it would cost me some money. I thought I’d have enough money for plane tickets, but I couldn’t afford a hotel. Maybe I could stay in his loft for those few days. “Where do I have to sleep?” “You can stay in my apartment. I have an extra bedroom.” I gave him a small nod. “When is it exactly?” “Eh, let’s see…” he started, grabbing his phone and I picked up my diary.


“Our two weeks off are starting Monday in three weeks. Maybe you could come somewhere that week.” Oh shit. That was just the wrong week as I had the next week off from school myself. “Well… You said you have two weeks off, right?” I started carefully, Liam frowning slightly adding a confirming sound. “I was wondering if maybe it was possible if I could come the second week. I mean, if it’s fine with you of course. ” I rambled. “Actually, I made other plans. Aren’t you able to come the first week?” Okay Melissa, think quick. Are you going to say you can’t come because of school or are you being brave and ditch for a few days? My mind was racing. I never ditched school before. “Yes. Eh, No. I mean… I’d love to come over the first week. I prefer the end of the week.” The lessons just ‘fore vacation were kind of useless anyway. “Good. What do you think of Thursday ‘till Sunday?” Liam asked with that beautiful smile of his’. I thought I would be able to ditch school for only two days. However, I didn’t think about what my parents would think about this whole idea. Me, alone on an airplane. Me, in an apartment with just some guy I had only met once. “Sounds good. I will book a flight and then I’ll let you know what time I’m arriving in Heathrow…” “And then I’ll come and pick you up.” Liam added, glancing at his watch. “Sorry, I have to go to sound check. DM later okay?” “Have fun on stage there will ya.” “Always.”  He replied with a big smile. “Goodbye Liam.” “Bye, see you later” his screen already black before finishing his sentence.



Hope you like this chapter. I know, there didn’t happen anything really. As you all probably have noticed, English is not my mother language; I don’t know many words and my sentences can be a little weird. Please comment if I make mistakes! I want to improve my English and I want this story to be as good as possible. Also, comment if I use a word quite often and you know another word I could use either. But, as I told you earlier, I don’t like 100% negative criticism, so please be nice.

Speak you all later, byeee

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