Another love

Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


11. Final Chapter

Years passed by. I finished high school and went to university. I’m currently 26 years old, One Direction still exists with four members because Zayn quit a few years ago, Greece is doing great in terms of economics and also, Liam and I are married. One Direction hasn’t been touring in over two years because they wanted to take things slow and spend some time with their loved ones. Today is the first show of their new tour. The O2 arena in London is sold out, ready to hear all the new songs.


The boys are being nervous backstage and the wives are there to calm them down. Even Louis’ daughter is there to watch him perform for the first time. Liam stands alone by the watercooler, staring at his half full glass of water, whilst the other boys sit in the lounge area. When Niall notices, he walks over to Liam and puts an arm around his shoulder. They just stand there for a few minutes like that before returning to the lounge together. Louis suggests playing videogames just like the old times to forget about all the nervousness. Liam hasn’t played videogames in a long time so it is really easy for Louis to beat him and after losing; Liam throws with his controls and walks away angrily. He lies down on a couch a couple of meters away with his face turned to the back. The rest of us look at each other, not knowing how to comfort him. I lie down next to him with my arms around him but he doesn’t react to it. I overhear the other boys saying goodbye to their wives because the women have to walk to their seats whilst the guys are to perform in twenty minutes. Once they left, Harry whispers to Niall: “What did he say to you over there?” Niall: “Nothing. We said nothing.” Louis: “We have to cheer him up before the gig starts. He can’t perform like this.” The guys came over to us so I quickly said my goodbye and went away to the rest of the wives.


A couple of minutes after I arrived at my seat, One Direction started performing. Liam was smiling again and the group was very energetic. Half an hour in the show, it was time for the most difficult song to be performed this evening. Niall grabbed his guitar and the others sat down on the stage, close to each other. The set list stated that it was Liam’s turn to have a little chat, but instead he just wandered with his eyes through the crowd and ended up staring at my seat. Harry saw the tears welling up in his eyes and filled in the talking bit: “Okay so this next song we’re going to sing is written by Liam.” Harry looks at Liam and Liam looks back with a small smile: “Thanks Harry. So I wrote this song for my wife when she was ill. I spent many hours sitting next to her bed in the hospital and that is where I wrote this song. This one is for you Melissa.” Liam gave me a small smile and Niall started playing on his guitar softly. The song is an expression of his love for me. My favourite lines are about how he likes that I never complain about something, but how he also hates it because if otherwise, we would’ve known sooner that I had stomach cancer. During the song, everyone started welling up; Liam, the other boys, the wives, the crowd, everyone was in tears. I wanted to run to the stage to comfort my husband but I knew I couldn’t. They ended the song with a group hug.


After the concert finished, everyone was cheering from excitement. We all gathered around to have a drink and a chat, only Louis’ wife was going home early to tuck their daughter into bed. Harry tapped with his ring against his glass and stood up to speech: “After not being on the road for so long I had forgotten how overwhelming the feeling is of being on that stage. I had an absolute blast tonight and I hope you did too. And Liam, your song was by far the best moment of this evening. I’m sure she would’ve loved it.” Liam answered: “I hope she did, because I do feel like she was with me this evening. Anyway, thanks guys for all the support. I know it is only a few months ago since she passed away, but man it feels way too long.”

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