Another love

Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


8. Day 3 @Liam

The sun was low, shining through the windows, curtains pulled back. The television was black and the lights were out. The short hand of the clock on the wall pointed at the number 12. As I took in my surroundings I realised I was in the living room, lying on the couch with a blanket wrapped around me. I must’ve fallen asleep during yesterday’s movie. “Good morning.” Liam interrupted my thoughts. “Hi” my croaky morning voice whispered. “Slept well?” Liam asked slightly ironically. “Yes I have, thank you for asking. How was the movie?” I played along and Liam shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know, put it off when you had fallen asleep.” I groaned before I threw my head back on the cushion, which I used as my pillow. “Well get up then.” Liam cheered. “Why?” I moaned exaggerating the y. “You proposed to go swimming today, remember?” “Oh yeah, but can’t we go later today?” “Okay, how about 2 pm?” “Perfect.” “You’ve got 30 minutes.” Liam grinned. “What?!” I opened my eyes again, looking at the clock on the wall. The small hand was pointing between the 1 and 2 now. I probably looked cross-eyed earlier this morning. I got up from the couch and sat opposite Liam at the table after I grabbed some breakfast.


I put on my favourite bikini in one of the changing cabins from the pool. When I had changed I walked to the lockers to see Liam was already putting his stuff in a locker and I also put my bag in his locker. “Are you ready to be beaten?” “That’s what I just wanted to ask you.” Liam and I seduced each other whilst walking to the water. As we came just close enough, I pushed Liam and he fell in the water. I laughed at him as he came above. He shook his head to wipe the hair away from his face, adjusting to the temperature. I was smart enough to walk backwards, so he couldn’t grab me. However, I didn’t expect it when Liam got out of the water and ran towards me, much faster than I was while running away from him. He picked me up, threw me in the water and jumped in next to me short after. I swam away from him, middle tempo, to see how fast Liam was. According to my expectations, he was pretty fast because of his toned arms, but his technique was rubbish. I figured there was this tiny change to beat him in a competition.


“So, are you looking forward to go on tour again?” I asked Liam whilst swimming slowly next to him. “Yeah, but I also enjoy having a few weeks off.” “Why do you spend some of those days with me, actually?” “Because,” Liam chose his next words carefully “I loved chatting with you and uhm... yeah that.” Liam looked as if he doubted about something to say, but he didn’t.  We swam further in silence until I saw rapids. “C’mon!” Liam followed me to the beginning of the rapids. Just before I was taken with by the water, I grabbed the edge. Liam didn’t notice so I quickly pulled myself against the flow and saw Liam disappearing. Liam shouted my name, and I smirked. I stood at the exit of the rapids. Luckily, Liam still shouted my name, so I knew when he came out. When his voice neared, I went underwater and searched for Liam. In one swift movement I grabbed his leg, causing him to kick my nose. Yes, you read that right. He was startled and apparently his natural reflection was kicking with his leg. Immediately, I let go of his leg and turned my body to swim to the surface, in the opposite direction of Liam. As soon as I touched the surface, both my hands flew up to my nose and my eyes squeezed together. I felt two hands on my shoulders and a voice from the front “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” I opened my eyes to see Liam with a worried expression. Suddenly I felt really tired; my eyes closed again and Liam’s hands disappeared from my shoulders, one wrapped around my back and the other beneath my knees. Water flowed around me peacefully.


When my eyes went open again, Liam let me go at the edge of a quieter part of the pool. I showed him a small smile. We looked into each other’s eyes, our faces closely, I felt fortunate to be with this beautiful man. I caught Liam looking at my lips briefly and I couldn’t stop myself from having a little peek too. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” Liam asked with a soft voice. “You can give it a kiss.” Liam slowly neared my face and his soft lips on my nose caused an internal dance party in my stomach. He pulled away, leaving us with the setting as just before the kiss. My mind was racing, doubting about whether to kiss him or not. Yes, I had a boyfriend, but Liam was my celebrity crush, and he actually liked me. This was like my biggest dreams come true. I have always been that person that didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I knew that if I did this, my boyfriend would be heartbroken. “Oh fuck it.” I whispered and with that I grabbed Liam’s head between my hands and snogged him. As quick as I started, I pulled away “I’m sorry.” And with that I swam away, as fast as I could. But when I got to the other side of the pool, looking for a place to swim, Liam was already near me. I decided to swim to my right, but quite fast my foot was grabbed. I tried to kick it away, but he was too strong and soon I was wrapped in Liam’s arms. I didn’t know what to say, so I just stayed quiet, waiting for Liam to say something, not having made any eye contact.


After what seemed like five minutes, Liam finally broke the ice with “Why did you swim away from me?” “I don’t know,” Finally I looked him in the eyes “Maybe I was afraid you didn’t feel the same about me.” “You want to know why I really invited you?” “Why?” “Because I like you.” Liam told me. “you like me…” I processed what I was told “Like a friend, or as a girlfriend?” “I would love you to be my girlfriend.” My ears exploded; this was what I had always wanted to hear from him. I already made all the pros and cons of being Liam Payne’s girlfriend. And I had ended up with ‘If I ever get the chance to be his girlfriend, I will, unless I’m married’ so I guess this was it: “And I would love you to be my boyfriend.” With that said, Liam smiled and kissed me softly. After the kiss we looked each other in the eyes, smiling widely, feeling the happiest persons on earth at that very right moment.


“Are you still down for a swimming race?” I asked Liam after our love explanation. Liam chuckled by my abrupt change of subject. “Yes, I’m ready to beat my girlfriend.” “Watch your words Payne,” Whilst walking to the competition pool, we discussed the rules: “Let’s do four laps. The loser has to cook dinner tonight.” I extended my hand “Deal.” Liam said whilst shaking my hand. And so we took our positions on the starting blocks. I glimpsed at Liam with a competitive look and he returned a smirk. We counted down in union and off we went. I was ahead of Liam, due to my dive. Around the second and third lap, Liam was a little faster than I. During the last lap I gathered all my strength together, which made it a very close finish. Liam smiled at me as if he had won. That’s right, as if. “Wow, I can’t believe I actually won.” I breathed heavily. “What?” Liam looked disbelieving “You went all like ‘Oh I’m so good, I’m going to beat you.’” “Yes, but I didn’t think about your muscles, when I told you that.” I defended myself.


After spending some more minutes swimming, we went back to Liam’s place. But Liam left me alone to get some food for dinner. I suggested going with, but Liam talked me out of it because according to him, there were always people recognising him in stores. Unless I wanted to be seen with him, I should stay at his apartment. You might be thinking ‘Why did you go to the swimming pool then?’ Well nobody really watches you there, and besides, not many people recognise Liam, only the fans, which aren’t at a swimming pool at that time of the day; there were mostly elderly. Anyway, Liam already knew I didn’t want the fandom to know me, yet.


“It’s delicious.” I told Liam after tasting the food in front of me. With a candle on the table and some other decorations, it was safe to say Liam made work of it. Apart from all this, he also put his time in the food. I could already smell the dessert from the oven whilst eating the main course. “Did you let me win so you could make dinner?” I started wondering. “Well, at first that was my plan indeed. But then I thought about you making me dinner and that sounded way better.” “Actually, I never cook. If I lost I would have to search something up on the internet.” Liam laughed: “Then I guess you know my secret.”


“If someone asks you in an interview if you are single, what are you gonna say?” Liam was in the kitchen, preparing dessert. He paused and turned around: “What do you want me to say?” “Well, you have a girlfriend now and they are gonna find out eventually, so I think you should tell them that you have a girlfriend. But if they ask you who your girlfriend is, I don’t think I want them to know that I am. At least, not yet.” I explained Liam. “So I should just say, a fan I met at one of our gigs?” Liam asked me. “Perfect! Now let’s get that nice piece of cake into my tummy.”


After eating a piece of the delicious cake, Liam and I sat on the sofa. We talked about how we were going to manage it, our relationship. At least, that’s what I wanted. But as I lied in Liam’s arms, feeling the silence, thinking about what we should discuss and how to begin I realised something: Just lying there in Liam’s arms was enough. We didn’t need to figure out every part of the relationship already, we just needed to feel in love. That’s all that matters. If we really wanted to be together, it’d be possible. So we just laid there. And when I started to yawn I kissed him goodnight and went to bed, dreaming about my new boyfriend.


‘My new boyfriend’ sounded odd. As a new pair of socks, like you could just throw him away and get a new one as soon as you got tired of him. So I adjusted the term to ‘my boyfriend’. But this wasn’t right either ‘cause I still had not broken up with my boyfriend. I mean, not Liam, but the one from school. Gosh this is confusing. To clear it up: since that afternoon I had two boyfriends. I couldn’t break up that night, it was too late. But the next day Liam made sure he was my only boyfriend…

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