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Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


7. Day 2 @Liam

I woke up the other day, expecting to be in my own bedroom as usual. But when I opened my eyes, the view left me confused.  I started to think about what happened the day before, and after a couple of seconds I had figured out I was at Liam’s apartment. I was at Liam Payne’s apartment I repeated in my head with a weak morning smile. As every morning, I looked at the clock, but I can’t remember what time it was. It was just a normal time to get up I guess. It’s quite impressive the amount of detail I still can remember… Sorry, I didn’t want to get off the track. Okay, so I got up and put on my glasses, followed by some casual clothes.  


I walked to the kitchen and searched in the cupboards for something to eat. I found crackers and Nutella, always good. While eating my breakfast, I opened my laptop. I searched on twitter if Liam and I were spotted yesterday, but luckily nobody had recognised him in his disguise. After an hour or so I heard Liam coming into the kitchen and we greeted each other. “Do you want some breakfast?” Liam asked me. “Sorry, I’ve already eaten something; I was too hungry to wait.” I answered, he couldn’t have known ‘cause I had already cleaned up my plate. Liam made himself some breakfast and sat down next to me. “What are we going to do today?” I asked him and he replied with a simple “I don’t know.” On Google, I typed in ‘Fun things to do in London’. After a few minutes browsing I suggested “We could go to a park.” showing him a page with ‘the best parks of London’. Liam nodded his head slowly whilst eating, awaiting for any other suggestions. “Or we could go to the zoo!” “Maybe we should go somewhere I don’t get recognised. Like a cinema.” Liam suggested. “Hmmmm I don’t really feel like sitting still…” I thought about something to do where he wouldn’t get recognised. Like a cinema. Like a dark place… “What about laser quest?” “You want to go to laser tag with me?” “Yes, why not? Not that I’m good at it! I’ve only done it once. But it always seems so fun in fa… uh films.” I cut myself off from saying the words ‘fan fiction’. Liam finished his breakfast and we went to the nearest laser tag place.


Whilst driving to the venue we discussed whether to be on the same team or not. Finally we decided to play against each other. Liam wanted to be on the blue team, so I was in the red team. When we had to choose a vest, I picked out ‘007’ and Liam decided to be ‘Godzilla’. We went to the large doors after being armed with a laser gun. We joined the other people who were already there and a few more people followed behind us, making our group a total of 20 people, 10 red and 10 blue. As everyone was lined up, Liam and I looked at each other one last time before the large doors opened and we stormed inside the arena. The voice-over had told us before the opening of the doors the rules, and we had 60 seconds to hide. After the 60 seconds we would be able to earn points by shooting each other. As we were running through the arena, the voice-over counted down. Adrenaline rushed through my body. I ran into someone but I didn’t want to spend any time on it so I quickly said my sorry and ran away, not bothering to look who the person was.


The voice-over counted her last numbers whilst I sat down behind an obstacle in a corner. I just ran like a mad woman around the arena for the past 60 seconds ‘cause I didn’t really have a strategy. After sitting in the corner for a few seconds I figured out I wouldn’t get many points because there was no one to shoot, so I decided to explore. As soon as I stood up, I got shot. I told you I wasn’t good at this game. The voice-over earlier had also explained when you got shoot; you were out for 10 seconds. I decided to take it in my advantage as I couldn’t be seen without lights from the vest.  I sneaked towards a group of lightning people. Just then I was back in the game and shoot some of them, but I wasn’t fast enough to shoot all and got shot myself again. Luckily, this group were my enemies ‘because afterwards I reminded myself to only shoot the blue team.


I decided I sucked at this game anyway, but I definitely wanted to shoot Liam, so I went to a tower, trying to shoot a few people but being almost constantly shot by others. After looking around for a bit I saw Liam. I went towards him, but much more sneaky than before, not wanting to get noticed. As I neared him and was ready to shoot, my vest gave a sound, signing I was shot. Liam immediately turned around but laughed as he saw me and my lightless vest. Annoyed I turned around and saw another guy around the same age smiling at me. “Thanks for shooting me,” I said sarcastically “Now you ruined my plan.” “Sorry babe, I had to take revenge as you ran into me.” Ah so it was you I ran into I thought myself. I knew the 10 seconds were almost over so I turned around still wanting to shoot Liam, but to find out he ran away. Just then my vest was turned on again but only for a second. I heard Liam laughing “You should have seen your face.” The other guy was still there and was also laughing “Yeah you looked so confused.” I looked at them annoyed before I quickly ran away.


I didn’t really know what to do anymore so I just tried to shoot a couple of other people before hearing the voice-over again saying the game was over in 10 seconds, but for me it was only 2 seconds because I got shot, again. Everyone walked towards the scoreboard to see how they did and I found ‘007’ at the bottom. Wow, I really sucked. “Why did you actually want to play laser tag?” Liam asked as he came stood beside me, our eyes still on the scoreboard. “Yeah, I suck huh? But I enjoyed it.” I saw ‘Godzilla’ quite high; Liam definitely did not suck at this game. When we were back in the car after returning our guns and vests, I said: “Remember I told you I go swimming every Saturday?” Liam gave me a confirming sound. “Well tomorrow is Saturday, so we could go swimming. If you’d like to see me do something I’m actually good at.” Liam agreed on swimming the next day.


The day wasn’t over yet, and Liam wanted to take me to Funky Buddha. When we arrived at Liam’s apartment I went straight to my room to dress up a bit. I put on a cute black dress, ending just above the knee. I already had make-up on and I didn’t like too much, so I only gave it a little touch up. Actually with my hair I didn’t do anything either. I’ve always liked a natural look. After I threw on some low black boots, I went downstairs.


I didn’t saw Liam so I thought he would still be getting ready. I grabbed my laptop and sat down on the couch, checking the social media. It was so weird to see people tweeting about Liam, as we were friends now. Luckily there still weren’t any pictures of me and Liam together. As I was watching some YouTube videos from my subscription list with my headphones on, I saw Liam walking in. Quickly I put away my laptop and stood up. “You look pretty.” Liam complemented me. “Thank you. You also look really good yourself.” With that we walked to a restaurant nearby. After we had dinner Liam stepped in a taxi and told the chauffeur the address of Funky Buddha. I guessed Liam wasn’t driving himself so he could have a few drinks, which I found very responsible, although I hoped he wouldn’t get really drunk.


When we arrived at Funky Buddha, Liam greeted many people very friendly and also introduced me a couple of times causing me to shake many hands. Liam got us a drink and went standing by some friends of him chatting. I also stood there but I didn’t feel comfortable at all. Liam probably noticed and we sat down on a couch, but as soon as we sat down, other friends of Liam surrounded us. I tried to fit in but these people already knew each other all very well, and to be honest I have never been good at being with a huge group of people, especially when I didn’t know anyone. I felt my phone vibrating and excused myself from the group to go to the bathroom. I grabbed my phone and saw on the screen my boyfriend was calling me. I cursed in my head, doubting to answer or reject. I didn’t have much time left so I irrationally swept the green button to the right.


My boyfriend was fierce. He said he came to my house just before the phone call, but of course, I wasn’t there. He wanted to check up on me ‘cause I told to him I was ill. My boyfriend asked me where I was and I didn’t want to get in any further trouble so I had told him I was with Liam. He didn’t believe me though, which I actually hoped for. My boyfriend got angry with me ‘cause he thought I was lying to him. I returned the anger for not believing me. Our conversation got interrupted by a knocking Liam “Melissa? You ok?” I put my hand on the microphone before answering “Yeah I’m coming.” I hoped my boyfriend didn’t hear anything, but unfortunately he did. He asked me the obvious question and I told him it was Liam Payne. He didn’t took that well, he told me to stop lying to him. He also told me it wasn’t ‘me’ anymore he was talking to on the phone. I take it easier now, but to be honest, it was heart wrecking for me to hear that from my boyfriend. I bit my lip, trying to stop the tears from escaping my eyes. “I’ll see you Monday.” Was the last thing I said to him before I hung up. This way he knew I didn’t want to have contact with him for the next few days, but he also knew he would see me again on Monday. After I had finished the conversation, a few tears spilled on my cheeks. I carefully wiped them away, not wanting to ruin my make-up. I took a few deep breaths before leaving the bathroom. I found Liam waiting for me outside and when he saw me face he immediately asked “What happened?” But I really didn’t want to talk about it so I took his hand, leading him to the dance floor.


The dancing was really fun. And yes it was dancing, not grinding, if you were asking. We swayed on the music, singing with from time to time. Sometimes a few friends of Liam danced with, but this time it didn’t bother me and was actually really fun, being totally in my dance element. We also had a few more drinks, but didn’t get drunk.  We got a taxi back to Liam’s apartment and when we entered the living room I asked “Shall we watch a movie?” Not feeling like going to sleep yet. Liam agreed and whilst he picked a movie I quickly ran upstairs to remove my contact lenses, clean my face, and put on my glasses and some sweats. Oh I looked so charming. Liam had picked a romcom when I entered the living room. I settled down comfortably, lying on the couch but my head resting on Liam’s shoulder and Liam’s arm was protectively wrapped around me. I remember laughing at the movie at times, but also yawning a lot and there were also a few tears in my eyes. Not that I was crying about the movie, but I always got teary eyes when I was tired. And apparently I was really tired. 

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