Another love

Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


6. Day 1 @Liam

While I was sat in the airplane, I couldn’t stop smiling. This was very exciting for me, not only visiting Liam, but also the airplane-part. You see, I had only been on a plane once before and that was with my parents and brothers on a vacation. This was the first time I travelled on my own. The flight passed by very quickly with the help of my headphones. When I landed on Heathrow airport I sent Liam a text I was picking up my luggage. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you, Liam and I extended phone numbers a week or so before. Liam texted me back he was waiting for me outside by his car. On the plane I thought about how I would greet him, but I quickly decided to give him a hug. Meanwhile having retrieved my luggage, I walked to terminal 2, where Liam had texted me to go to. As soon as I inhaled the fresh air I looked around for Liam without succeeding, so I decided to walk to the left as I saw more cars appearing. “Melissa” I heard Liam shouting from across the road, immediately recognising his voice. I turned my head to Liam and saw he was making his way over to me, already being just about five metres away. I walked in his direction and we met each other halfway through, hugging.


I had put my luggage in the car trunk and sat next to him. The ride was generally silent. However it wasn’t awkward; Liam had put on some music and I enjoyed the view. After the ride we arrived at Liam’s apartment. Liam opened the door for me “Lady’s first.” I stepped inside and the first thing I saw was London. There was this huge window with view on the city. “Wow” I sighed. “It’s beautiful isn’t it? Wait ‘till it’s evening and it gets even better.” “Can’t wait.” I replied with a small smile, keeping my eyes on the amazing view. “Can we go sightseeing?” I asked after a few seconds of silence. “No, actually not. If people see us they’ll start thinking things you know. Besides, security will kill me if I went out without them.” “I understand, but what if nobody sees us…” I replied with a mysterious tone. Liam just looked at me; one eyebrow slightly rose, waiting for an explanation. “What if we disguise you? No one will recognise you and besides, it’s quite fun.” “Haven’t done that in a while… Okay, what do you think I should wear?” And so we went searching for stuff to make Liam unrecognizable. We ended up with Liam in sweatpants, a large sweater over the pillow on his stomach, a beanie, sunglasses and a scarf covering his mouth. Liam decided I also had to wear sweatpants, sweats and a beanie, so he wasn’t the only one looking different. I was already wearing glasses instead of my usual contacts due to the flight, so I didn’t need to put on sunglasses.


Sightseeing was really fun. Liam showed me inter alia the London eye and Big Ben. We didn’t go in the London eye though, because we would have to wait 2 hours. After walking around London for a couple of hours I asked Liam if we could go to Nando’s because I never had Nando’s before. While I was looking at the menu I really couldn’t decide what to order, so when the waitress took our orders, I told her “The same for me please.” after Liam told her what he wanted. Liam gave me a strange look but I just shrugged my shoulders. The waitress came back with food for what seemed 3 people, but to be honest I didn’t mind ‘cause I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. I even ate more than Liam since he didn’t finish his plate. I didn’t want to contain myself or something explaining to Liam “Yeah I eat quite a lot huh? Well, get used to it.” Liam chuckled in response “I don’t mind.”


After Nando’s we went back to Liam’s apartment. Oh and Liam did got recognised by the waitress, no one else saw him though. And Liam paid for me, if you wanted to know. By the way, Nando’s was delicious! I get why it’s so popular. Meantime I have eaten more often at Nando’s... Anyway, we decided to watch a movie. I can’t remember which movie ‘cause it was really bad. After half an hour I gave up on the movie and asked Liam “Truth or dare?” “Dare” Liam said immediately, glad I didn’t like the movie either. “Turn off this movie.” “Gladly.” Liam turned off the TV and we both sat on the sofa, facing each other. “Truth or dare?” Liam asked me. “Dare.” “I dare you to... make a handstand.” “Really? You couldn’t come up with something better?” Liam just shrugged his shoulders. I got up from the comfortable couch while groaning and walked to an open space in the living room. I managed to keep standing on my hands for two seconds before turning back on my feet. “I know, I suck. Truth or dare?” I added quickly, wanting to forget this embarrassing moment. “Dare.” I walked to the stereo and put on a slow song. I held out my hand “Dance with me.” Liam walked towards me and took it gently, leading me to the open spot where I made a handstand just before. I put one hand on his shoulder, my other still holding his hand, entwining our fingers.  His free hand rested on my hip/lower back and our bodies were slightly touching. We moved on the slow beat and I turned around a couple of times. After two minutes or so, I let go of his hand, resting both of my hands on his shoulders. I looked up at him to see if it was okay and he was still smiling so apparently it was.


Suddenly an upbeat song sounded through the room, causing me to jump away from Liam. Liam laughed at my reaction, but I had noticed he also was a bit startled. We sat back on the couch again and it was Liam’s turn to ask “Truth or Dare?” “Truth.” “Have you ever sent hate on the internet?” “Never. I think it’s awful if people sent hate on the internet, because it’s so easy to do and it probably doesn’t mean much to people who sent it, but it means a lot to people receiving the hate. It can even cause important decisions in life. The worst thing I’ve ever done on the internet was disliking a music video on YouTube. Truth or dare?” Liam remained quiet but smiled at me as if he was saying ‘I’m glad you feel that way.’ “Truth.” Hmmm, this is a hard one. I mean, what do I not know about him? I thought. “Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?” “Nope, do you?” “No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m straight, sorry.” Liam rolled his eyes “Do you have a boyfriend?” “You first need to ask truth or dare.” I replied, avoiding his question. So he asked me and I chose dare. Liam looked at me slightly annoyed at first, but smirked when he said “I dare you to kiss me.”


My eyes almost popped out of my head. I had a huge crush on Liam and he has always been my favourite of One Direction, but I couldn’t kiss him! I thought maybe he’s just testing me. So I went to Liam and when my face was a few inches away from his’ I asked “Sure?” Hoping he would say no, but instead he gave me a small nod. You are probably wondering why I didn’t want to kiss him, but I’ll explain later. First let me finish this part of my story. Okay, so I kissed him… On the cheek. I went back to the place where I sat before saying “You didn’t say where to kiss you. Truth or dare?” “Truth.” “Where did you want me to kiss you?” I wanted to know if he was just testing me, or he really did want a proper kiss. I wanted to know if he was looking for more than just a friendship. “On my mouth.” “Do you still want me to kiss you?” “One question at a time, remember? Truth or dare?” I was slightly surprised by his smart answer, backfiring the comment I had made just before “Dare.” Liam sighed, probably because he wanted me to choose truth. He dared me to shout out the window ‘I’m pregnant’ and I did it as loud as I could. No one would recognise me anyway so I didn’t really care.


“Truth or dare?” I asked Liam once again and he choose dare. “Take me to an ice-cream shop and buy me ice cream.” We walked to the nearest ice-cream shop in London, still dressed in disguise. On the go Liam asked me “Truth or dare?” but I told him he first had to accomplish my dare to him. When Liam had paid for our two ice cream cones, he immediately asked me again “Truth or dare?” While I sat down on a bench I answered once again with “Dare.” Liam sat down next to me “No you can’t, you’ve chosen dare too many times. You have to choose truth.” I stared at him a couple of seconds, but finally gave in “Fine. Truth.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” I knew he was going to ask me this. “Yes, I have a boyfriend.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because I like you.” “Then why didn’t you kiss me?” “I don’t want to be a cheater.” “Does he know you’re here? Does he even know we’re friends?” “No…” I answered him, looking at the ground. Liam told me to “Call him.” I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called my boyfriend, turning it on speaker. Just before he picked up, I said to Liam “English isn’t my mother language, remember?”


After my phone call with my boyfriend, Liam looked at me questionable, not having understood a word I just spoke. It was quite funny actually. I told my boyfriend I was ill, that’s why I didn’t show up at school. He asked if he should come and visit me, but I told him it was fine because I was hanging out with Liam Payne. That way, I didn’t lie to him –except for the part I was ill– and he knew about me hanging out with Liam. However, it sounded pretty surreal so he probably would’ve thought it were side effects of medication or something, as he ignored my comment, which I was already hoping for. I wasn’t sure if I still wanted him to be my boyfriend, seeing Liam was also interested in me, but I sure didn’t want to break up telephonic. I explained Liam I had told my boyfriend I was hanging out with him, but Liam didn’t look too convinced. After finishing our ice cream we went back to his apartment and I went straight to bed, thinking about Liam and my boyfriend.

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