Another love

Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


2. Backstage

When we arrived at the arena, we immediately got backstage passes from the security. They already had a few passes in their hands, as if the boys always bring some girls backstage. Or would they've called to provide some passes especially for us? It was a little awkward though when we got them: We got out the cab and walked behind Louis, Niall and Liam to the stage door. After they handed us the passes, which felt really good, we were all standing there for several seconds, no idea what we could do next. What could we even do backstage? Go into their dressing room? Listening to the sound check? I really had no idea.


Louis started talking to break the awkward silence: “So, what shall we do? I feel like playing some football, what do you think?” “Yes, I feel you bro.” Niall said and he ran to the tour bus, to pick up a football. Liam and Louis ran to the grass field, where they were going to play football. Judith, Carmen and I looked at each other. “Do you think we could ask them, if we can join?” Judith asked us. “I don’t know. I really would like to play football with them though.” Carmen answered. “Well then let’s ask them.” I said while walking towards the lads. Normally I’m not this confident and I felt that Carmen and Judith were looking at me surprised a few seconds, but then they followed me. Niall was about to kick off, when he saw us coming.


“May we join?” Louis, Liam and Niall looked confused. Like girls can’t play football. Well, we cannot indeed, but it’s just funny. Then they looked at each other questionable. “Ehm, yeah, you can play with us, I guess.” Niall answered. We made teams: the girls vs. the boys.


Most of the time the boys had the football and when finally one of our girls had the ball, it didn’t last for long: They lifted us on their shoulder and ran away, so the other could get the ball. Or they started tickling. Sometimes, they also scared the hell out of us, by standing right behind us and suddenly scream. It seemed like they had every time a new idea to get the football. “Time-out!” Carmen shouted. The boys looked confused, but let us have a time-out. Juud, Car and I stood in a small circle. “If they can lift us and tickle us to get the football, we can do something too. So, what’s the plan?” “I know some tricks…” Judith said and she told us her plan.


Louis kicked off. He dribbled with the ball towards our goal. “Now!” Judith shouted and we jumped on Louis. We couldn’t lift them up like they did with us, but we could definitely bring them down. Louis, Judith and Carmen were lying on the ground, laughing. I ran towards the football and shot it in their goal! The boys were quite surprised but they ended up laughing. We made some more goals (and so did the boys), but none of it was really according to the rules. We ended up laughing and a bit dirty, ‘cause we laid most often in the grass.


We went inside, because the lads needed to sound check. Judith, Carmen and I followed them. We knew that there were some people who have special tickets to listen to their sound check. But we didn’t know if we were allowed at the sound check. We expected to be stopped by the security at some point, but they all let us through. At the sound check were about fifty girls. When One direction came on stage the girls went crazy. Judith, Carmen and I looked at each other. We knew that most of the fans went crazy during a concert, but at the sound check? We are massive fans too, don’t get me wrong, but we like to really listen to their music.


The lads waved to the girls, what even made them more hysterical. While most of the girls were trying to get their attention, we just stood there, smiling, enjoying the music. We could hear the music a lot better than at the concert. After every song I applauded, smiling widely. I caught the boys sometimes looking at my friends and me. And when they looked at us, they smiled back, which caused some butterflies in my stomach and my smile grew even bigger.


When the sound check was finished, the fans tried to touch their hands, but the lads quickly disappeared. Liam motioned us to come after them. I nodded quickly at him and smiled, he smiled back. “Come with me.” I whispered to Judith and Carmen. We sneaked away quickly from the stage, so the other fans wouldn’t see us going to the lads. I actually didn’t know where they went, so we basically walked through every aisle from the arena. I still couldn’t believe this all was happening, it was like a dream. And the fact that Liam smiled at me, only me, was incredibly. “Melissa” Liam called. It sounded so weird when he said my name. “Liam?” I looked around but I couldn’t see him “Where are you?” I felt someone grabbing my arm and I was pulled into a room.


Carmen and Judith were already in the room. I guess my thoughts had taken all over me. Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis were also there. It didn’t seem like their dressing room, it was a lounge. “Finally, I thought you weren’t coming anymore.” Liam said. “Sorry, I didn’t know where you were.” I apologized. “No, don’t be sorry! I was just afraid we couldn’t see you anymore...” Liam said shyly. I smiled. Apparently he enjoyed hanging out with us.


We all sat down on the large sofa. “I’m a bit hungry.” Carmen said. Niall suggested to order pizza and we all agreed. The pizza was delivered pretty quickly, which was really good because I was starving. Judith, Carmen, Louis, Harry, Liam and I ate a whole pizza, but Zayn only ate half a pizza and Niall ate one and a half. There was only ten minutes left before Juud, Car and I had to leave. Harry, Louis and Zayn already left a few minutes earlier and we hugged them goodbye. We talked for a few more minutes with Niall and Liam. Then a security guard came to pick up Liam and Niall. We had to say goodbye to them, knowing that we would never see them again. First I went to Niall for a hug, wishing him lots of fun on stage. Then I went to Liam. Oh this was so hard. I hoped that this day would never end. Shall I ask him to follow me on twitter so we could DM each other? No, he’s not going to remember you anyways. Should I ask his number? No, are you crazy?! He doesn’t trust any random fan and before he knows everyone’s got his number.


So I just kept my mouth shut. I gave him a hug. It was quite a long lasting hug. We pulled back at the same time and looked at each other. And then it happened. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. What the hell was I doing?! Well, he kissed me earlier that day. His cheeks became a little red and he smiled cutely. “Well… ehm… goodbye then… I guess. Have a good time on stage!” “Thank you... Do you have twitter?” “Yes, I have! Am I finally getting my follow back?” “Of course you are. What’s your username?” I grabbed his phone and ticked in my username and gave it back to him. He giggled “Nice username. Can I call you Real Melissa P from now on?” “If you want to, then I’m going to call you Real Liam Payne.” “Goodbye Real Melissa P. Talk to you soon!” We hugged one last time and Niall and Liam walked out of the room. We waved and then the door shut. Juud, Car and I looked at each other, smiling from ear to ear. “He followed me on twitter!” I shouted. “Niall’s got my number!” Carmen shouted back at me. “Mine too!” Judith shouted.


We walked to the music hall and took our seats. We sat on the left tribune nearby the stage. While we were enjoying the music, and of course, their performance, something strange happened. Niall stood on the left side of the podium waving to the fans. But it seemed like he was looking for someone. And then he saw Car, Juud and me and he waved. I’m quite sure he was waving at us and not just all the girls. We waved back, just like all the others surrounding us did. Niall walked to Liam and whispered something in his ear. Liam smiled and they both walked to the left side of the stage, where Niall stood just before. Niall pointed at us and Liam’s eyes searched for us. He started singing his solo whilst searching in the massive crowd of screaming girls. But he couldn’t find what he was looking for.  Maybe he didn’t search for us. He walked back and they performed a few other songs. Sometimes Liam looked in our direction, but it seemed like he didn’t found what he was looking for.


The lads went from the stage for a few minutes to change clothes. When they came back, a new awesome song sounded through the speakers. Liam walked to the left side of the stage and again, he searched for someone. A smile appeared on his face when he saw Juud, Car and me. So he was looking for us! During the concert, Liam and Niall looked at us sometimes and Louis and Harry also waved at us once. I thought the girl next to me was going to pass out, but luckily she didn’t.


When we came home, we couldn’t sleep. We talked about this awesome day all night long, knowing that this was the best day of our life. 

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