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Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


5. Approval

“You must be kidding me!” Carmen almost shouted when I told her Liam had invited me to come over. “I can’t believe it myself either.” I barely slept that night, thinking about the awesome things we could do together. I already made six different ‘scripts’ in my head. ‘Scripts’, that’s how I called imaginary scenarios I made in my head. They were perfectly worked out in detail, but I never wrote them down. Like when I met Liam, Louis and Niall, I had also made three scripts in my head, but the real thing turned out as script number 4. Real life never went like I planned in my scripts. Mostly, because I was too shy to follow the script, if I even got to play one.


“Have you heard anything from Niall?” I asked Carmen. Carmen’s wide smile and twinkling eyes were replaced by a disappointed look at the ground. “No, nothing. I could’ve expected this. I mean, he’s got my phone number, but I can’t contact him ‘cause I haven’t got his’. Ah well, it was a fun day right?” Carmen gave a small smile. It was a genuine smile though, really appreciating the day we went to One Direction’s concert. Carmen is much more realistic in that perspective than I am. “Yes, it surely was. Do you…” I started to ask a question I’ve been asking myself a couple of times the night before, with a different answer every time I thought about it. I doubted for a second if I should really ask this question, but if someone could give me good advice about this, it sure would be Carmen.


“Do you think it’s weird Liam invited me to come over? Because, he only knows me for seven weeks now.” Carmen remained quiet for two seconds before she answered with: “I understand your doubts. But let’s look at the situation from his point of view. He met you because you wanted to take a picture with him. Then he invited you backstage; He apparently thought you looked like a nice girl. He played football with you and he had a really good time.” “How do you know that, maybe he would’ve liked it better if he played with Louis and Niall only.” I interrupted and Carmen grabbed her phone immediately and showed me some pictures fans made from our football match. I had to give her a point there, Liam looked very happy. “He even told us: ‘Thanks for playing with, it was really fun.’ So shut up and let me finish my story. Okay, where was I? Right, he liked playing football with you.  After sound check, he wanted you to come after him, because he liked your presence. He talked to you on twitter, because he liked chatting with you. He spent some time talking with you on Skype, because he wanted to see you again.” She paused for a few seconds giving me time to let sink in what she just said.


“He invited you over, because he likes to be with you. And he got to know you really well last weeks. So actually, he is just inviting a friend to come over.” “I am the friend right?” She nods with a proud smile. “Wow, I’m a friend of Liam Payne. Hmmm I feel kind of friendzoned now, but I think I have to be happy about that.” “Does he know you talk to Liam?” Carmen asked concerned. “Of course not. Liam doesn’t know about him either.” Oh sorry, I totally forgot to tell you about him, we’ll come to that later. The school bell rung and we had to make our way to different classrooms. “Thanks, for helping me out Car.” “You’re welcome. Good luck in class.” “You too, see you later.”


The next day I met Judith at dance class. I asked her the same about Niall, but she hadn’t spoken to him either. When I told her about going to Liam, her reaction was indescribable. That’s what I’ve always loved about her so much, her priceless reactions. I could’ve also texted or called her earlier, but I liked to speak with people in real life better, especially when it came down to getting a reaction from Juud.


Now I had told my best(directioner)friends, I realised I still had to ask my parents if I was even allowed to go. So after dinner I let the dog out, as usual, and then I went to sit across my parents in the living room. Always when I was really excited about something, I couldn’t contain a wide smile with giggles escaping from my lips. My father noticed and turned his attention from his phone to me “What is it?” he asked. “Well, I wanted to ask you something.” My mother looked up from her book and I started my rehearsed speech “Okay, so what if Liam Payne had invited me to come over to his apartment in London for four days. I would have an own bedroom. I would pay my own plane tickets and he would pick me up at the airport. Would you be okay with that?” My parents started to laugh at first, thinking this was just another one of my crazy fantasies.


“Would Liam ask us that?” My mother asked. “Well, if he would, would you be okay with that?” “If we know it’s really Liam and not some old creepy guy…” My mother didn’t finish her sentence. “Alright, I will let him call you. Or maybe you can see him on Skype, so you know it’s really him.” My parents looked at me confused, still thinking this wasn’t a real situation. I hadn’t told them about my contact with Liam before, so I understood this was a bit out of the blue for them. “So this is actually really happening?”  Father asked. “Yes. But I..” “When?” He interrupted. “Yes, about that. So I’m going Thursday ‘till Sunday in three weeks. That’s two days during school, but I was wondering if you could call school saying I’m ill or something?” I asked careful.  “No,” My mother started “I’m not going to call your school. You can arrange something with school yourself.” I was quite relieved they still allowed me to go, sort of, so I was okay with that. My school was easy with that kind of things anyway.

I sent Liam a DM, asking if he could come on Skype soon. The next evening he was online and Skyped with my parents. I’m not going to bore you with the whole conversation, but it came down to an approval from my parents.


I only had to buy some plane tickets to Heathrow. I searched on the internet and it was actually cheaper than I expected. I bought two tickets, one to Heathrow arriving at 1 pm, and one to my local airport leaving at 9 pm. Maybe you think Liam needed to pay for my tickets ‘cause he had enough money anyway, but even if he would’ve suggested it, I wouldn’t have accepted the gesture. I mean, I didn’t want to be friends with him because of his money. Besides, I could afford it myself, so why would I let someone else pay. I did thought about whether to pay for my own food or not, but I decided to just await the situations. As everything was settled for my trip to Liam, I had to wait 2 more weeks, which seemed to last forever. But I still got to chat with Liam now and then, causing the time to go a little faster.



I literally asked my parents if they would allow me to go if Liam invited me to come over ;)

And I also searched for plane tickets ‘cause I had no idea what to expect since I only been on a plane once. Oh, and because nobody reads this anyway I’m going to stop writing these shitty stories at the end of each chapter. Hope you like this story and please comment, like and favourite!


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