A summerflirt? (1D)

Charlie Rowe moved from Sweden with her mum to Holmes Chapel in England to start a new life after her fathers death. She didn't think that she would meet the famous Harry Styles. Could this be the beginning to a new lovestory or is it just a summerflirt?


9. Chapter 8

The warm air hits me like a wall when I open the door and walk outside. Who thought that it could be this warm in the UK? I think when I go down the few steps from the house and begin to run. 

I run through the centrum of town into the forest. The air gets colder under the trees and I sigh of relief.

When I get home again the sweat runs down my face and back and I walk straight to my bathroom and the shower. Mum's in the livingroom and looks up from the book she's reading as I walk by. "Tough run, honey?" mum asks. I nod and continue to walk upstairs. "There is coffee and some new bread in the kitchen when you're done" she calls before I close the door to the bathroom. I open it again a little to answer before I finally get into the shower. 

I let the cold water run down my body for a while before I use the shampoo and showergel. When I get out from the bathroom the clock is only 5 past 10 which means I got like three hours before Harry gets here. I check my phone before i get clothed. I got one new text from Harry. // Hi babe, get your swimming suits with you today, see you soon <3 xx//. I answer him and open my wardrobe to pick some clothes for the day. Some minutes later I have decided to go for my yellow bikini with alterneck and a short white dress without shoulderbands. Then I brush through my hair and let it selfdry as I walk down the stairs into the kitchen for some breakfast. 

As I eat my breakfast mum walks into the kitchen. "I guess you have plans for the day, huh?" she says with a smile. I nod. "I have a date with Harry at 1, but I have no idea where he is taking me" I tell and smile back. "Well I'm sure you will have fun" mum says while she puts down a cop to get some coffee. It gets quite for a moment before I get up from the table and walk upstairs to get ready.

My hair has dried so I but it up in a ponytail and spin some of the hair around to cover the elastic band. Then I put on some makeup, Eyeliner and mascara, and finishing with my favorite lipgloss. Just as I am about to put down my towel in the bag it knocks on the door. Some seconds later I hear mum open the door. Shit, I curse and get my sandals and sunglasses from the bed. Then I pick up the bag and sprint down the stairs. "I'm sorry" I say as I reach the last step "I forgot the time". I'm put my shoes on and put the bag over my shoulder. When I finally look up I see that Harry is starring at me. "Is it that bad?" I ask nervously. "No, you're beautiful" he says and lean in to kiss me. Well, he's quite beautiful too, with his shirt, swimmingshorts and hat. "Are you ready?" Harry asks when we finish the kiss, I nod. We walk out the door. "See you later mum!" I call before I close the door. "So, where are we going?" I ask when I get back up to Harry. "You'll see" is all he says before he puts on his sunglasses and lead us to his car.



Sorry the last chapter was so short, it was meant to be longer, but I clicked on the wrong button haha :) Well I hope that this was a little better and that you like it. Thanks for reading, love you all <3 

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