A summerflirt? (1D)

Charlie Rowe moved from Sweden with her mum to Holmes Chapel in England to start a new life after her fathers death. She didn't think that she would meet the famous Harry Styles. Could this be the beginning to a new lovestory or is it just a summerflirt?


6. Chapter 6

I'm about to close the door in his face, but he puts his foot between before I get the chance. "What do you want Harry?!" I yell at him with tears in my eyes. He put his hand on the door to open it more so he can get in. I take a few steps back in the hallway. "Can you please let me explain? It's not as you think Charlie" he then says. "Oh, not as I think, huh? It's always the same excuse!" I yell back and glare at him while I let the tears stream down my cheeks. "Please Charlie" Harry pleads "just let me explain and if you don't want to see me again after that, then I will disappear from your life, please Charlie". "You disappears completely from my life, huh?" I say without yelling now, but keep staring at him with hate in my eyes. Harry nods slowly "I'll disappear". "Fine" I say "explain". "Uhm, can I come in?" Harry asks and looks around. "Do you have to?" I say coldly. He looks at me, clearly hurted by my tone. "Fine!" I say even if I would like him to stand there, outside in the night. 

I walk back in to the living room and turn to face him. Harry walks in a few seconds later and stops a few steps away from me. "Charlie, look" he begins. I give him a look to keep going. "I admit, I have been dating Taylor, but it's over. We broke up two three days ago". Harry explains. "But why does everyone think you still are together then?" I ask, unsure what to believe. "Well, before we broke up Taylor met someone new, but they don't want to make it official to the world before they got to know each other" he continues. "Wow" I whisper "that's tough and you didn't tell anyone?". "No, I mean Taylor begged me to keep my mouth shut just a couple of days until they announced that they are together and tell everyone that we broke up" he stops talking for a minute while I taking it all in. "And that's all?" I ask. "Actually, I talked to Taylor earlier, when you leaved". He says. I look at him, confused. "Well, the guy she met is actually living here in town, but anyway I asked her to tell everyone now or I would do it and well, check twitter I guess" He finish, looking hopefully at me. 

I walk over to the sofa to pick my phone up and turn it back on. A minute later I'm logged in to twitter. I search on Taylor Swift's account and read the latest tweet. "@taylorswift13: It's now officially, I'm dating Aaron from Holmes Chapel. Sorry for everything @Harry_styles xoxo".

I read through it 2 more times, just to be sure I didn't miss anything. But no, they are no longer together! I feel two warm arms from behind and Harry's deep voice whispering in my ear; "so you believe me?". I nod "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have judge you so fast" I say. "It's okay, I would probably have done the same" he says and smile. Harry then turn me to face him. "So, I can call you my girlfriend now?" he asks and pull me towards him. I put my arms around his neck "yes" I say and he kiss me.


Hey guys, I tried to make it as long as I could, but I didn't have focus to write any more right now. But I hope you like it and I also want to say that I am really happy to see that so many of you have added it to your favorites, it inspires me to keep writing. Love ya <3

PS: the tweets I write in the story doesn't actually exists, I just use their usernames to make it more real. I hope you got that cause I don't now what I'm writing right now..:/  


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