A summerflirt? (1D)

Charlie Rowe moved from Sweden with her mum to Holmes Chapel in England to start a new life after her fathers death. She didn't think that she would meet the famous Harry Styles. Could this be the beginning to a new lovestory or is it just a summerflirt?


5. Chapter 5

Hi guys, I'm just writing a short chapter today before I'm going to bed. Hope you like it anyway:)

"Are you sure that you don't want to come with me?" mum asks for the fourth time and just as I have done the other times I simply say "No". "Well, okay then" she says and finally go back to the car.

When mum has left I take a long, hot shower. I stand there for at least 20 minutes before I decide it's enough and step out to wrap a towel around my body. I go back in to my room and look for some clothes to wear. I find an oversized shirt, jogging pants and some cosy socks and I pull my wet hair up in a messy bun. When I'm about to leave my room to walk downstairs my phone get a textmessage. 

It's from Harry. "Hi Love, something's wrong? <3" It says. I think for a moment and then write back. "Like hell it is!! you have a girlfriend and you kissed me!!". I walk down the stairs and into the living room and crawl down in the sofa. Just a minute later my phone rings. I don't have to look at it to tell it's Harry. I turn off the phone and throw it away in the sofa and turn on the tv. I sigh when the first thing I see when the TV starts is Harry, they are sending some documentary about One Direction. I zap past it. At last I find a film I recognize, 'The notebook'. I make it comfortable on the cough and begin to watch. 

At 9.20 pm the doorbell rings and I drag myself to the door. Without thinking I open the door and I'm surprised to see who it is. On the other side, HE stands. Harry... 


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