A summerflirt? (1D)

Charlie Rowe moved from Sweden with her mum to Holmes Chapel in England to start a new life after her fathers death. She didn't think that she would meet the famous Harry Styles. Could this be the beginning to a new lovestory or is it just a summerflirt?


2. Chapter 2

Mum pulls in to the driveway so I can get out. "Charlie?". "Yes?". I say. "Be here in 2 hours, we're going to visit Anne, ok?". "Fine" I say and get out. "Love you" I call, before I close the door and my mum drives away. 'Okay, where to first?' I think and look around. I find the bakery my mum talked about a few streets away. 'Well, let's get this done' I think and begins to walk.

A bell rings as I walk through the door to the shop. The lady behind the disc looks up. "Hello" she says with a very British accent. "Hi" I answer and walk towards her. "I heard that you look for new workers?" I say. "Oh, well, yes we do. I guess that you're Charlie?" she asks. When she say my name a guy with hat and sunglasses look our way. I look back at him, he looks familiar.. I slowly nod as I turn my head back. "Well, I'm Ruby" she says and we shake hands.

"So, Charlie, you wanted a job?" Ruby asks me. I nod, "yes". "How old are you?" she asks. "16, I'll turn 17 in some weeks" I say. "Ok, have you worked before?" Ruby says. "Yes, actually I worked in the evenings at a cloth shop during the last semester in school" I say and smile. "Thinking of college in the autumn?". "Maybe, I don't have decided yet, we'll see I guess" I say. "Ok, be here at 8.30 am on Monday" she says and I fill in some papers. When I'm done I wish her a good day and walks out. 'Great, I have a job' I think and look at my phone 'and one and a half more hours to spend'. I sigh, unsure what to do. "You're new here, right?" I hear a voice say. I spin around and see the guy from the bakery standing behind me. I nod slowly."Well I'm Harry" he says "you're Charlie, huh?". "Yes" I say. He then take his sunglasses off. Now I know why he looks so familiar. He's in some band, a very wellknown band, but I can't remember what it's called. "Harry" I mumble, "Styles, right?" I say a bit louder. He nods. "From One Direction" Harry says. I feel my cheeks heat. How silly I am, how could I forget that?


There will be a new chapter tomorrow, hope you enjoy it :)

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