A summerflirt? (1D)

Charlie Rowe moved from Sweden with her mum to Holmes Chapel in England to start a new life after her fathers death. She didn't think that she would meet the famous Harry Styles. Could this be the beginning to a new lovestory or is it just a summerflirt?


1. Chapter 1

"Mum!"  I yell from my new room on the second floor. "Yes, what is it, honey?" she yells back and begins to walk up the staircase. "Have you seen my sandals? I'm sure that I packed them down" I say when my mother comes in to my room.

Me and my mother just moved from Gothenburg in Sweden to Holmes Chapel in England. After my father died, my mother wanted to start a new life, back in her hometown.

"Well you can look in the box that says "shoes". It's downstairs. By the way, my old friend Anne said that the local bakery is looking for new workers, her son used to work there" she says and look at me. "Ok, thanks, love you mum" I say and kiss her on the cheek before I walk down again. Just as my mum said there was a box that says "shoes" in the hallway. I run towards it and open it up. I sigh in relief. There, on top, was my new sandals I bought before we moved.

*The next day*

"Charlie?" my mum asks. "I'm in the kitchen" I answer and take a bite of my sandwich. "Oh, there you are" she says when she walks in. "I'm going to my new job and I thought that you maybe wanted to check in the town?" she asks and looks at me. "Well, sure, I just need to change my clothes" I say and eat up my sandwich. I go up to my room and search through the boxes with my clothes in and decides to take a blouse with flower prints and black skinny jeans. Then I brush through my long, brown, wavy hair and let my bangs slip forward to it's place. As I walk out the room I grab my handbag and go down, out the door.


Hey guys, decided to make a new Movella..I really hope that you will love it, because I already have write the next chapter:) I maybe continue to write at the other one sometime, but for now on it's this that I will update on..


Love ya <3 

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