The death of Eliza Swift

For the song comp based on how to save a life. This is about how Eliza swift ends up dying. Hopefully in under 3000 words!


4. Chapter 4

"And exactly how do you plan on killing me?" I asked. I was scared, but not as much as I probably should be. I suppose it was because some little part of me still remembered wanting to jump. Robby lifted up a knife he had brought with. "Ok then, next question." I paused for a moment, then asked. "Why?" I already had a good idea though. As to why that is. "Her?" I asked, but it was more of a statement. He nodded them buried his face on his hands. "What did she do?" I enquired. We were talking about the most popular girl in the school. She had an obvious crush on Robby, but as he had told me on countless occasions, he didn't like her at all. "Blackmail. She said she would kill my family if... If... If I didn't," He pause for a moment as a sob escaped him. "She said she would kill them if I didn't kill y y you." He told me. I nodded to show that I understood. Basically the girl wanted me dead. "Do you have any paper? And a pen? And can you read English?" I questioned. He nodded twice then shook his head. I guessed that he didn't feel up to speaking.  "Give me the paper and pen then." I requested. I had an idea. But I couldn't tell him. I doubted that he would agree to me sacrificing myself for him and the school. 

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