The death of Eliza Swift

For the song comp based on how to save a life. This is about how Eliza swift ends up dying. Hopefully in under 3000 words!


2. chapter 2

I felt much better after talking to someone, just letting it all out. It was a relief. He just sat and listened to me tell him about my life. However I didn’t know that at the time the mans son had been coming down the stairs and was sitting on the bottom step and listening to me. Once I had finished, the boy came in and sat next to me. “Nice to meet you Eliza, I'm Bruce. I heard what you just told my dad, and I wish I could help you.” As he spoke his dad winked at me and walked away. I smiled at that. Which was weird, as it has been some time since I last smiled. “Yay! You smiled, meaning you must be happy!” Bruce exclaimed joyously. I burst out laughing at that. I was actually enjoying myself. For a while we just talked about random stuff, then we got onto the subject of his dad. “Well my dad stays up here. Sometimes people come up here and are lost, or sometimes they want to jump. My dad helps everyone, such as you. It’s a bit like a job, and the building pays him a little for it. He enjoys doing it though, and he doesn’t want the money. He puts it all away for me when I grow up, which shows you what he thinks.” He told me. I had already decided that his dad was a nice man, and what Bruce had just told me confirmed that suspicion. I looked down at my watch, it was late. “I had better go home now, they might be wondering where I am.2 I told him, stressing the might. We both laughed for a minute, then I headed off. I was in a good mood as I got home. However I wasn’t prepared for the news I was given. I was moving.

New school, new friends. A second chance? Maybe. Or maybe not.


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