found love

Stephine is a 17 teen yearold girl who got abused by her father ever since her my died what happens when Harry styles saves her will they fall in love


1. run

I was running as fast as my legs could carry me but then I heard a bang I fell to the ground in pain I can't belive it my own dad shot me he came running up to me and was about to punch me when I heard a shout from behind us. There was a man well he was about my age 17or older yelling at my dad my dad went up to him and said "you got a problem mate" "yeah dick you were about to hit her and what then fuck you shot her" the boy yelled running passes him up to me my dad turned around to the boy and grabbed him " Fuck off dude or I call cops" the boy screamed at him My dad suddenly dropped him and ran. after he did that the boy came up to me and picked me up I yelled in pain he said sorry and that he was taking me to hospial
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