She's all that.

16 year old, Emily and Louise are two ordinary girls who live together in an apartment in London, England. They've been best friends since ever.

First day of school, today Louise would come back from her holiday in America,
unfortunately Emily couldn't come with her because of family problems.
What happens when Louise tells Emily about the concert she's been to, back in America.
And what happens when a tanned, black-haired boy texts Louise to go on a date with her.

A bright future is waiting for them, untill........ Read to find out. ;)


1. Time for school.


'kjdfkfiasmkv Stupid alarm clock' I murmured from under the covers of my bed.

'Well time for school.' I got out of bed and went to get ready.

'Bye sweetie.' My mum called when I got out the door.

'Bye mum, I love you.' I responded and headed to school.


Once at school, I went straight to my locker and trew my books in it.

'Well you're not in a good mood.' My best friend Louise said, grinning.

'LOUISEEEEE!!!' I yelled, and went to give her a huge teddy bear hug.

'Did you have a nice holliday back in America?' I asked her.

'Yes!!! It was amazing!'

'And guess what.'

'What?' I asked Louise.

'I went to an One direction concert in New York City!!!' She told me excitedly.

My mouth hung open, 'You're kidding me right?'

'No, I really did go, and Zayn is sooo beautiful.'

'You don't need to tell me'. I joked.

We talked for a couple more minutes untill the school bell rang.

*BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ* 'Time for claaaassss! Louise sang.

'Ugghhhhh.' I groaned.

'How can you be so happy on the first day of school?'

'I'll tell you after school okay.' Louise said to me.

'Uhhhmmmm..., okay.' I said, a bit confused about what she just said.

I mean, what was so important that I had to wait till the end of the day?

I just shrugged it off and went to see my new class, with my best friend by my side.






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