She's all that.

16 year old, Emily and Louise are two ordinary girls who live together in an apartment in London, England. They've been best friends since ever.

First day of school, today Louise would come back from her holiday in America,
unfortunately Emily couldn't come with her because of family problems.
What happens when Louise tells Emily about the concert she's been to, back in America.
And what happens when a tanned, black-haired boy texts Louise to go on a date with her.

A bright future is waiting for them, untill........ Read to find out. ;)


3. Oh, I'm sorry, this must be the wrong house.

Emily's Pov:


After our little imagination we figured it was time for us to text Zayn back.

Zayn texted Louise earlier saying:

Hi, it's me Zayn, just wanted to ask you if you want to eat some dinner with me tonight,I thought you looked adorable at the signing. xx

Louise replied back, saying:

Hey, I was hoping you would text me ;)

Dinner sounds good to me, what time?



'OMG OMG!' I totally freaked out at that exact moment, I mean, Zayn freakin Malik wants to eat dinner with my best friend kjaijfiasjfjasj........ I'm kinda jealous, but hey, I'm also really happy for her, she never dated any guys but her ex before and I'm glad she can get her mind of him by dating another guy, and what a guy, it's Zayn Malik she's going out with, dude.

Do I need to say more, don't think so either. ;D


Zayn almost instantly texted back saying:

Great! I'll pick you up at 7, wear something fancy.

See ya later, babe ;) xx

Louise giggled when she read the message.

'Well, I think I'm getting ready to change into something ''fancy'' then.' She told me before walking out the room.

I was sitting in the living room, eating pizza, when I heard Louise comming down the stairs.

I stood up and walked towards her, she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress, it was short, purple and had a little white bow around the waist.


'How do I look?' Louise asked me, unsure.

'Girl you look gorgeous, Zayn will get blown away when he sees you.' I told her.

'Thanks.' Louise giggled.


Right then the doorbell rang.

'That must be Zayn!' I whisper/yelled to Louise, who was standing there nervously.

'You will be fine, babe.' I reassured her.

'I hope so.' She murmured, more like a whisper.


I went to open the door, and saw Zayn standing there awkwardly when he saw me.

'Oh, I'm sorry, this must be the wrong house.' He apologised, with a little embarresment in his voice.

'No, this is the right house, Lou is waiting for you inside.' I giggled at his awkwardness.

'Oh, well it's nice to meet you, I'm Zayn.' He offered me his hand, which I happily shook.

'I'm Emily Johnson, Louise's best friend, we live together in this house. I told him.


At that exact moment, Louise came, standing next to me in the doorway.

Zayn's mouth dropped open when he saw her.

'Wow!.....ehhh Louise, you look beautiful.' He said, not really being able to find the right words.

'Thanks, Zayn.' Louise said shyly.


'Sooooo......' I said, trying to break the silence.

'Have fun you two, but not too much fun, if you know what I mean.' I joked.

'BYEEEEE EMILYYY!!!' Louise said, annoyed, as a sign for me to shut up.

After that, they left and I had the whole place for myself.

'Zayn and Louise will be fine.' I thought to myself.

'Now I need to make myself comfortable.'

'Let's go to the kitchen, to make myself some food!!' I yelled through the house.

And with that, my home-alone evening began.











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