She's all that.

16 year old, Emily and Louise are two ordinary girls who live together in an apartment in London, England. They've been best friends since ever.

First day of school, today Louise would come back from her holiday in America,
unfortunately Emily couldn't come with her because of family problems.
What happens when Louise tells Emily about the concert she's been to, back in America.
And what happens when a tanned, black-haired boy texts Louise to go on a date with her.

A bright future is waiting for them, untill........ Read to find out. ;)


2. checking twitter.

*skip to the end of the day.*

Emily's POV:

Louise and I were goofing around in my room, after a great first day at school.

'I'm hungry, go get me some food!!!!' Louise practically yelled at me.

'Okay Okay calm down Lou!' I smirked and walked down the stairs into the kitchen.

I came back into my room with two bags of crisps and some drinks.

'YEAHHHH!!! that's what I'm talking about!' Louise grabbed the two bags of crisps and started eating.

'Hey, safe something for your best friend too!' I yelled and grasped one of the bags and started eating, eventually choaking the crisps at her.

We ended up in a food fight and didn't eat much of the crisps after all.

Yep, that's us, we are weird :p


After we cleaned up the mess we made, I started asking Louise about the concert.

'But you need to tell me about the concert, how was it?'

'It was Amazayn! (A/N see what I did there ;) ) I love the boys soooooo freakin much!'

Hahaha Louise and her fangirl moments, i't's amusing really.

'And did zayn noticed you in the crowd?' I asked her, already knowing the answer would be no.

'Well, that was what I wanted to tell you earlier..... he actually did asked me for my twitter at the signing after the concert.' Louise said calmly, like it was nothing, which caused me to almost choke on my drink.


Louise burst out laughing when I said that.

'Why did I have to wait till the end of the day to hear this?' I asked her, getting a bit pissed now.

'Because I knew you would yell at me like that and then the whole school would have known.' Louise stated simply.

'Yeahhh I guess you're right' I admitted to her.

'Did he send you a DM already?' I asked her, really curious now.

'I haven't checked my twitter yet.' Louise told me honestly.

'YOU WHORE, GO AND CHECK IT NOW!' we are used to calling eachother things like whore, slut, bitch, cunt etc. It's our thing, so that you know. ;)

'Okay, calm down, girl.' Louise giggled.

Louise logged in on her twitter and we were both shocked when we saw that she had recieved a new text message.

We went to read the text message and I couldn't contain myself from screaming.

'OMG OMG OMG!!' I yelled.

Louise was sitting on my bed, shocked too, A huge grin spread accros her face.

'OMG! Em, this is going to be the best school year ever.' Louise said to me.

'Yes Lou, I'm a 100% sure of that!' I giggled.

We stayed like this for the rest of the day, imagining how it would be if Louise turned out to be Zayn's new girlfriend.












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